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Chapter 90: True demon sacrifice, the black-hearted demonist who vomits blood!

Translator: 549690339

The Blackheart demonist’s Blood Divine spear hit the main tomb, shaking the power of the rules of heaven and earth outside the main tomb, revealing the tip of the iceberg of the saint’s tomb. The awe-inspiring Saint might coming from the tomb excited everyone.

Even if most people knew that they couldn’t get a Saint weapon, to be able to see an ownerless Saint weapon was already a great honor for them. It was enough for them to boast about for the rest of their lives.

The Blackheart demonist appeared outside the main tomb, his face turning gloomier.

After being a fiend master for so many years, he had never been ridiculed like this by a primordial soul realm trash!

However, ye chen had a lot of treasures. He had two half-Saint weapons, and the most important thing was that his boundless divine power could revive the power of his half-Saint weapons. It would be extremely difficult to kill him in a short time.

“Just this?”

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation stopped on the other side of the main tomb, provoking Blackheart demonist.

The saint’s tomb had already been exposed, but it would not be easy to break the array and enter the tomb. He could just enrage the Blackheart demonist and let him consume the power of the rules of heaven and earth around the saint’s tomb.

The black-hearted demon envoy was so angry that his face twitched. The blood-red light in his eyes shot out several feet as he shouted,”Do you really think you can be so arrogant just because you took two half-Saint weapons? There were some techniques that even a half-Saint weapon couldn’t defend against! I’ll kill you before I enter the Saint’s tomb!”

Before he finished his words, a hazy white bone altar suddenly appeared behind Blackheart demonist.

This white bone altar was made of either human or beast bones. From time to time, one or two ancient runes would flash, and all kinds of evil phantoms could be seen around it, giving off a strange and evil feeling.

“A true demon’s altar! He was going to carry out the true demon sacrifice! How could such an evil demonic secret art appear?”

“What’s a true demon’s altar?”

legend has it that the true demon altar can communicate with the power of a true demon and summon a true demon’s projection. As long as you know the opponent’s appearance and name, you can directly offer the opponent’s soul to the ancient true demon!

“As long as these two conditions are met, anyone can be sacrificed?”

“The higher the cultivation of the caster, the more powerful the projection of the ancient true demon summoned will be! Unless the person being sacrificed could resist the projection of the ancient true demon! Otherwise, anyone will be sacrificed!”


As the crowd was discussing, the White bones on the altar quickly built a human skeleton. The skeleton’s entire body was rolling with intense demonic Qi. The rolling demonic Qi turned from illusory to real and condensed into the appearance of ‘Shi Zhixuan’ in the void. His sword-like eyebrows were raised, and he had an awe-inspiring evil aura. He was very lively.


Then, the white bone altar emitted a mysterious aura. The highest point of the sky became illusory and hazy, as if it had connected with an indescribable world.

A strange and unfathomable energy seeped down from the sky, forming a huge face that covered the sky. It was hazy, making it impossible to see its true appearance, and it gave off a shocking sense of oppression.

The huge face in the sky opened its eyes, which were like two blood-red suns hanging in the sky. It looked at Blackheart demonist and sent out an ancient spiritual wave, ” “Summoner, who are you going to sacrifice?”

Blackheart demonic Messenger looked at ye chen with a cold gaze, as if he was looking at a dead man. He then shouted, ” “Evil king, Shi Zhixuan!”

“Shi Zhixuan, offer up your soul!”

The two Blood sun-like true demons in the sky looked at ye chen, and a mysterious rhythm circulated around the huge human face, the white bone altar, and ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, as if it wanted to extract people’s souls.

Zi Mingxuan and the others knew how terrifying this true demon sacrifice was, so they hid far away the moment the white bone altar appeared.

Seeing this, Zi Mingxuan and the others sighed in their hearts. Shi Zhixuan, a proud Son of Heaven, was about to fall here!

“Who Do You Think You Are?”

Ye Chen’s puppet looked up at the sky, emitting an evil Qi, as if it was not affected at all.

The appearance of this puppet incarnation was fake!

The name was fake!

Do you think I’m afraid of you?

“Hmph! Damn ants!”

The huge face grunted and sent out a furious mental pulse. It suddenly shattered in the air and the evil energy that enveloped the world disappeared without a trace. The blue sky seemed to have been washed.


The black-hearted demonist suffered a backlash and spat out a large mouthful of demonic blood. With a horrified look, he cried out, ” “How is that possible?”

The backlash this time was far beyond his imagination!

Shi Zhixuan’s essence, Qi, spirit, and form were all there. He would never have thought that this was just a puppet incarnation, and he would never have thought that even the name was fake!

Zi Mingxuan and the others, who were watching the battle from a distance, widened their eyes in shock. The formation that Blackheart demonic emissary had just summoned was so powerful that even a Dao master might not be able to resist it. How could it not hurt ye chen?


The Scarlet flying sword slashed out of the void, tearing the sky apart. The sword Qi was everywhere, and the power was vast. It directly attacked Blackheart demonist’s back.

It was ye chen!

He took the initiative to attack the Dao master!

This Scarlet flying sword was called the divine sword Scarlet blood, and it was made of the divine gold Scarlet blood of the nine Heavens. The sword was like a dragon, and it instantly reached Blackheart demonist’s back.

“Shua shua shua”

The Blackheart demonist didn’t turn around. The black wheel rushed out from his body and hit the divine sword Scarlet blood.

“Boom boom boom!”

Heaven and earth trembled, and huge cracks in the void extended into the distance. The place where the half-Saint weapons collided turned into a vacuum, and the energy was completely violent.

Although the sword didn’t hit the Blackheart demonist, the collision of the two half-Saint weapons was too close to him. In addition, he had just suffered the backlash from the true demon sacrifice. The demonic Qi in his body was churning, and his face was pale.

The black-hearted demonic envoy’s eyes shone with cold light, and his demonic power soared to the sky. The black wheel’s sharp teeth spun crazily, cutting through the void, and fiercely collided with the divine sword Scarlet blood.

“Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang!”

The divine sword Scarlet blood and the black wheel collided one after another, producing ear-piercing sounds that could pierce through metal and shatter stone. The void was cut into pieces.


At the same time, the Blackheart demonic emissary forcefully operated the blood drop God spear, which pierced through the void and directly attacked ye Chen’s back with a boundless destructive Qi.

This time, Blackheart demonist had learned his lesson and attacked ye chen from behind to prevent him from using the power of the sky shaking Bell to escape.

Clang! Clang!

The sky-shaking Bell rushed out with its mouth facing the blood drop divine spear. It let out a sky-shaking bell chime and a vast Bell wave swept toward the blood drop divine spear like a raging wave. The two energies collided in the air, causing large areas of the void to collapse.

The energy from the collision of the half-Saint weapons landed on the rules of heaven and earth outside the Saint tomb. It bloomed with thousands of brilliant lights, revealing the gorgeous light in the tomb.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

All of a sudden, a desolate and distant Bell rang in the world. It was completely different from the sound of the heaven shaking Bell. It could be heard clearly in every corner of the Xuanwu mountain range.

An ancient divine Bell descended from the sky, as if it was bringing an entire world down from the heavens. Its Holy might was vast and mighty.

The sky was suddenly filled with stars, each of which was surging with star power as vast as the sea. The endless stars smashed toward Blackheart demonist along with the bell waves.

“The black Heaven Bell! This is the Saint weapon of the profound heavenly sacred land!” Someone blurted out as he recognized the origin of the ancient Bell.

Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised slightly. The profound sky Saint Lord had arrived!

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