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Myriad Dao and the Auspicious Pill Cauldron

Qi Hanxing rushed towards the pavilion halfway up the mountain. His figure flickered at high frequency.

An hour later, Qi Hanxing stopped, looked around him, and frowned slightly. “Why am I still at the foot of the mountain? Did Qingyun Peak always have such a complex array?”

He continued moving forward at an extremely high speed. Logically speaking, he should have made a round trip around Qingyun Peak by now. So, why was he still at the foot of the mountain? And he could not sense anything amiss either as he was moving through the mountain, which was eventually what made him realize that the array of the peak was not that simple.

Qi Hanxing’s eyes darted around a few times before he suddenly cupped his hands towards the top of the peak and said, “Peak Lord?Ye, I am Qi Hanxing, a disciple of Ice Heart Peak. Under my master’s orders, I have come to invite you to discuss something important!”

“No!” Ye Chen’s voice returned a response loudly and firmly.


Qi Hanxing was shocked. Ye Chen’s answer was completely unexpected.

Qi Hanxing tried his best to carefully sense Ye Chen’s presence and location. But alas, he could not. Then, he patiently said, “This is an important matter. Please show yourself, Peak Lord?Ye!”


Suddenly, a bright sword light appeared out of nowhere and headed straight for Qi Hanxing’s neck.

The Extreme Realm Sword Slash!

Qi Hanxing immediately felt a sense of impending death. He no longer hid his identity and a blood-red demonic sword appeared above his head that released a brutal and bloodthirsty aura as it quickly welcomed the incoming sword attack.

There was an ear-splitting explosion and the bloodthirsty demonic sword shattered while the resplendent sword light continued to slice through the air towards Qi Hanxing.

Qi Hanxing spat out a large mouthful of blood and a blood-colored iceberg that seemed to be both real yet illusory appeared behind him. The iceberg was crawling with ferocious demons donning green faces and sharp fangs. Right now, Qi Hanxing’s entire person appeared abnormally evil.

This was his vision, the Ice Mountain Demon Prison!

However, the sword light simply collapsed the Ice Mountain Demon Prison as soon as the latter took shape.

Qi Hanxing was scared out of his wits. He crazily accessed the blood essence in his body and became instantly covered with countless blood vessels, turning him into a blood-colored shadow. Within an instant, he appeared a thousand feet away, narrowly avoiding that sword attack, but his face was abnormally pale.

Blood Shadow Escape!

Qi Hanxing was completely panicking. His previous intel simply told him that Ye Chen was a useless Peak Lord who had just entered Wave Realm. He was the only one left at Qingyun Peak and had taken in a disciple with an Innate Crippled Body not too long ago. So how was the Ye Chen he just encountered so powerful?

Moreover, Ye Chen had attacked him without any explanation, forcing him to reveal his demonic aura. Qi Hanxing had been on the receiving end the entire time.

“Ye, since you have forced me to reveal my identity, I will definitely grind your bones and scatter your ashes to vent the hatred in my heart in the future!” Qi Hanxing fiercely proclaimed as his divine energy enveloped his entire body, transforming him into a streak of light that rushed out of Qingyun Peak.

Since his demonic aura had already been exposed, it was very likely that the other experts from Xuantian Holy Land had already sensed him. He could care less about Blood Demon Cult’s mission. He only wanted to escape from Xuantian Holy Land as soon as possible.

But then, another resplendent sword light flashed as it sliced through the air towards Qi Hanxing once more.

Puppet Number One still held two puppets on it, and each could utilize the Extreme Realm Sword Slash.

And since each puppet had been engraved with three Spirit Gathering Arrays, once the third puppet activated its Extreme Realm Sword Slash, the first puppet would be fully charged again. The trio was connected and harmonized perfectly.

Qi Hanxing took out a shield-shaped magic treasure and activated his blood essence again to use Blood Shadow Escape to flee a thousand feet away.


The third dazzling sword light appeared, and this time, Qi Hanxing’s eyes started to show despair. He had already used Blood Shadow Escape twice, and the blood essence in his body was almost completely depleted. He could not dodge this impending sword light no matter what he did.


A sword light arrived in between Qi Hanxing’s eyebrows, and that was the end of him.

Ye Chen flicked out a fireball, burning Qi Hanxing’s body into ashes. He then activated the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array to extract the vital Qi of Qi Hanxing’s magic treasures to be fused into Qingyun Peak.

The various secret methods of the Demonic Path were hard to guard against and one of Qi Hanxing’s magic treasures might contain the divine consciousness of a Demonic Path expert. Ye Chen didn’t want to take such risks.

Ever since he saw Qi Hanxing, Ye Chen had been filled with killing intent and he had already decided that his first move would be to kill without giving Qi Hanxing any chances.

Ye Chen had never thought of getting any information from Qi Hanxing because he didn’t think he could believe anything Qi Hanxing said.

“Master, this person’s aura was so evil. Is he from a demonic sect?” Zi Menghan had heard the commotion earlier and flown over – though not with the multicolored light like the others – with a face filled with curiosity.

Ye Chen was not in a hurry to answer. Instead, he asked with surprise, “You can fly now?”

Zi Menghan nodded and happily said, “Yes, Master! I can fly now! I have opened my Sea of Consciousness and am visualizing all kinds of true spirits of the Great Dao.

“The first thing I visualized was an Immortal Phoenix which was created from the Dao rhythm that Master had exuded during your training. Each time I visualized it, my mental strength would become even more powerful.

“Now, I can easily move a fifty-kilogram object, and if I encompass my whole body with my mental strength, I can fly.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, “Good work. You have improved a lot, but don’t be complacent. That person just now was from Blood Demon Cult and the disciple of Demon King Qingli.

“The disaster that Qingyun Peak encountered a few years ago is related to Demon King Qingli and this person had come here to investigate the whereabouts of the Demon King.

“I surmised that there must be something that Blood Demon Cult was determined to obtain in Xuantian Holy Land. Blood Demon Cult would never give up just like that.

“Only by working hard to improve our cultivation can we deal with all kinds of troubles that we can’t avoid.”

“I will work hard to cultivate!” Zi Menghan nodded solemnly.

Qi Hanxing had sneaked into Qingyun Peak so his disappearance didn’t cause too much of a stir. Moreover, no one would have suspected Ye Chen to be the culprit behind Qi Hanxing’s disappearance. Thus, Ye Chen and Zi Menghan once again began their closed-door cultivation.

Time flew by like a flowing river. In a blink of an eye, three years had passed. During that time, Ye Chen had gotten in touch with the energy of the surroundings and broken through to Vision Realm.

The moment he did, his vision appeared: the Sun, Moon, and stars were aligned and shining brightly; the five elements surged ragingly; and the dragon, phoenix, and Qilin were faintly discernible. All sorts of visions spread throughout the Heavens and Earth of the multiverse.

With the combination of the Primordial Dao Body and the Creation Dao Scripture, Ye Chen could now create any kind of visions in the world!

[Congratulations! You have broken through to Vision Realm and awakened the vision, Myriad Dao.]

[Congratulations! You have broken through to Vision Realm and obtained the Auspicious Pill Cauldron.]

[Myriad Dao: Able to create all kinds of visions in the multiverse.]

[Auspicious Pill Cauldron: A precious treasure that can be used to create pills. It records all the pill formulas available in the multiverse. If you place the corresponding medicinal ingredients in it, you can immediately produce the corresponding pills. The quantity and quality of the pills are always of the highest, and there will be no waste of the materials.]

Ye Chen was pleasantly surprised. With the Myriad Dao, he could evolve all the visions and become more well-balanced.

And with this Auspicious Pill Cauldron, he wouldn’t have to worry about having to procure the medicinal pills he needed for cultivation. From now on, his cultivation speed would increase by a large margin!

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