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Chapter 86: The power of a half-Saint weapon

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On the entire peak, other than the main tomb at the center, all the formations in the ancient palace were broken. All the treasures were revealed, which was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Three of the treasures emitted a light that was even more intense than the ten thousand falling bow. One was Scarlet, one was silver, and one was pitch black. They flew in three different directions.

These three treasures were all half-holy weapons!

In addition to these half-Saint weapons, there were also four upper-grade spirit treasures, and more mid-grade and lower-grade spirit treasures. As the formation disappeared, they all flew up and fled in different directions.

“Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish”

Ye chen pulled the godly bow and shot out nine golden light arrows in a row, blocking the path of the silver treasure that was closest to him. The true appearance of the silver treasure was revealed. It was a silver-white ancient Bell.

The silver-white ancient Bell was engraved with all kinds of mysterious and ancient runes. Each rune was like a miniature version of a Swimming Dragon. They swam quickly outside the silver-white ancient Bell, emitting a dazzling silver-white light.

Facing these half-Saint weapons, ye chen didn’t have the time to care about Zi Mingxuan anymore. How could it be more important than snatching the half-Saint weapon?

Clang! Clang!

Under ye Chen’s control, the silver bell let out a world-shaking sound, and the whole world began to shake violently. Huge cracks appeared in the void like broken glass, and dozens of ancient palaces collapsed on the spot.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the entire mountain was enveloped by the special power of the laws of heaven and earth, the entire mountain would have been shattered into dust!

The nine golden light arrows surrounding the silver bell collapsed without a sound. The power of a half-Saint weapon was beyond imagination. The ten thousand falling bow could only slow down the silver Bell’s escape, but couldn’t directly trap it.


All of a sudden, a skeleton appeared in the sky. It was wearing a five-colored armor, and the armor was surrounded by a gray-white aura of death. A bronze furnace burning with gray-white flames was floating above its head.

This skeleton was the Dao Lord skeleton that had just stolen the superior-grade numinous treasure. The five-colored battle armor was the superior-grade numinous treasure that it had stolen.

With the removal of the formation, the Dao master skeleton reappeared.

The power of a half-Saint weapon was too powerful. To be safe, ye chen secretly took out The Burning Sky divine furnace and let the Dao master skeleton control it. This Burning Sky divine furnace originally belonged to the Dao master skeleton, so it could display its greatest power in its hands.


The brass furnace trembled slightly, and gray-white flames burst out, turning into a sea of gray-white flames that enveloped the silver bell.

The silver bell shook violently, trying to make another sound, but it was firmly sealed by the grayish-white flames. The entire sea of grayish-white flames shook violently, but it also temporarily blocked the way of the silver bell, entering a stalemate.

Ye chen continued to draw the ten thousand falling bow, and one golden light arrow after another fell into the sea of grey-white fire.

From an outsider’s point of view, ye chen seemed to be attacking the Dao master skeleton. In fact, each of his arrows had locked onto the silver bell and was attacking it, forcing it to fight back time and time again.

The moment the arrays were broken, ye Chen’s spirit sense covered the entire Palace. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any other skeletons. It seemed that the skeleton in the outer area was the only exception.

If they could find a few more skeletons with strong cultivation, they could probably move the entire Treasure Mountain back!

The appearance of the skeleton of the Dao master had surprised everyone.

Wasn’t this skeleton an inanimate object from the giant peak?

Why were they also fighting for treasures?

Could it really be a skeleton puppet made by someone using the secret corpse-refining technique?

Some clever people thought of this point, but they didn’t have time to think too much about it. Because there were too many treasures rushing out of the mountain peak, they might as well go and grab a few more treasures if they had the time!

“Damned skeleton!”

Zi Mingxuan gritted his teeth and cursed, but he didn’t have the time to care about the skeleton.

Although he was not happy that the skeleton had taken the five elements armor, he knew how powerful the skeleton was. He knew that he had little chance of winning the half-Saint weapon from the skeleton, so he gave up on the treasure the skeleton had chosen. His purple whip turned into a purple dragon and blocked the red treasure.

The red treasure sensed the threat and transformed into its true form. It was a Red Dragon-shaped flying sword.


The Scarlet flying sword released a red sword radiance, cutting through the void and colliding with the purple dragon transformed from the purple whip.


The purple dragon was attacked and turned into a purple whip on the spot. Its light dimmed a lot. It was obvious that it had been badly injured in the collision just now.

Although they were both Supreme grade spirit treasures, Zi Mingxuan’s control of the purple whip was far inferior to ye Chen’s puppet’s control of the ten thousand falling bow. The power it could unleash was also much weaker. The moment it clashed with the half-Saint weapon, the power of the purple whip was greatly reduced.

the heaven amplification saint son chu feiyang and the zifu saintess lu yao, who were the closest to the scarlet flying sword, also attacked at the same time.


The purple Mirror released a brilliant purple light that seemed to be able to make people fly in the sky. It landed on the side of the Scarlet flying sword’s blade, knocking the Scarlet flying sword off course.

The hexagonal token had a sealing power. It transformed into six dark golden pillars of light that sealed the surroundings and temporarily trapped the Scarlet flying sword within.


In the next moment, the six dark golden light pillars collapsed on the spot, and the hexagonal token lost its luster.


The mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron descended from the sky and pressed down on the Crimson flying sword. The collision produced a blinding light.

There were also five or six super experts at the late or peak stage of Almighties who took out their respective spirit treasures and used all kinds of unrivaled magical powers to participate in the interception, barely slowing down the speed of the Scarlet flying sword.

The power of a half-Saint weapon was beyond everyone’s imagination!

Most of them had never seen a half-Saint weapon in their lives, so they had no idea how powerful it was!

Even without the divine power and the formation to provide them with endless energy, the power of the half-Saint weapon itself was enough to make it difficult for them to stop it.

At the same time, the Saint of the nine firmament sect, Nangong liuyun, attacked the pitch-black treasure. The cloud image covered the sky and blocked out the sun.


&Nbsp; the pitch-black treasure released a black light that exuded a terrifying destructive aura. It left a huge crack in the air and directly pierced a hole in the cloud image as it shot into the distance.

Everyone could vaguely see the true body of the black treasure. It was a pitch-black spear with black and red blood flowing on it. It seemed to be stained with the blood of a God, and it exuded a terrifying aura that could destroy all things.

As soon as he touched it, the cloud image of a superior-grade numinous treasure was penetrated!

Nangong liuyun’s heart ached as he took back the cloud image. He no longer cared about the pitch-black divine spear and turned around to pursue another superior-grade spiritual treasure.

The profound sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, was shocked. He had planned to use the replica of the profound sky Bell to cover the pitch-black divine spear. However, he changed his plan after seeing the situation.

Clang! Clang!

The xuantian Bell trembled and let out a chiming sound. Sound waves enveloped the pitch-black divine spear, slowing down its speed. It didn’t dare to block it.

A Black Hatchet and a huge golden seal smashed against the pitch-black divine spear from different directions. However, they only managed to slow down the speed of the divine spear slightly. The divine spear continued to charge into the distance as fast as lightning.

“Shua shua shua” 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

Suddenly, a series of wheel-spinning sounds resounded through the sky. In the distance, a black treasure wheel covered with monstrous evil Qi was approaching quickly. The blood-colored runes on it were all jumping in joy, and a strong bloody smell could be smelled from far away.

Wherever the black wheel passed, the void was cut open, leaving a huge black crack that was hundreds of feet long. It met the black divine spear head-on.

This Black Wheel was also a half-holy weapon!

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