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Chapter 85: Chapter 85 shooting the monster

Translator: 549690339

Who was the evil king Shi Zhixuan?

The Saint-level figures and the several dozen Almighties on the mountain peak all looked at each other, but none of them had heard of this name.

“Who is Shi Zhixuan? Never heard of it! You can’t possess such a treasure. Hand it over!” Zi Mingxuan’s eyes shot out two rays of cold light. His black hair danced in the wind and he looked domineering.

He was from the Zi Wei Empire, and he had shown a monstrous talent since he was a child. He had cultivated an invincible mentality. Even though ye Chen’s battle record was particularly dazzling, he was not afraid, and it did not affect his Dao heart too much.

Zi Mingxuan believed that the reason why ye chen could achieve such a result was because of the ten thousand falling bow.

If the ten thousand falling bow was in his hands, he would be able to do the same, or even better!

Moreover, to pull the ten thousand falling bow, one needed divine power as vast as the ocean. The mighty figure in the middle stage of the Almighty realm had used up all his divine power just by pulling the bow once. Ye chen had already shot more than twenty arrows, and he didn’t think he could shoot more.

After a moment of rest, the divine Art in his body circulated and his divine power surged. All the energy that he had just consumed was recovered and he was back at his peak.

It was because of this that the others had temporarily given up, but Zi Mingxuan was still determined to get the myriad falling bow!

Facing Zi Mingxuan’s scolding, ye chen was too lazy to respond. He simply pulled out his ten thousand falling bow and pulled it to a full moon. A golden light arrow quickly formed, emitting a light that was as bright as the sun, accompanied by the sound of wind and thunder.


The golden light arrow left the bowstring and devoured the surrounding spiritual Qi. It pierced through the void and the world lost its color. It arrived in front of Zi Mingxuan in an instant.

Zi Mingxuan’s Black hair danced in the air as the power of his purple whip was activated. It brought with it a dazzling purple light as it struck the golden light arrow, shattering it on the spot. It then turned into a purple stream of light and shot towards ye chen, moving as fast as lightning.

Ye chen once again pulled open the bow, and the second golden light arrow was formed. It shot out at a high speed, directly aiming at Zi Mingxuan’s forehead, shaking the entire sky.

Every acupoint on Zi Mingxuan’s body emitted a brilliant purple light. It was extremely noble and formed a purple world around him. His entire body was hidden in that purple world as if he had erased all traces of this world.


The second golden light arrow shot through the purple world where Zi Mingxuan was. It shot into the distance as if it had passed through a void and didn’t cause any effect.

As soon as the golden light arrow passed, Zi Mingxuan’s figure reappeared from the void, and he continued to attack ye chen.

“Purple Extreme void realm!”

it’s said that this is an unparalleled divine power passed down by a Saint of the Ziwei Empire. It can turn one into nothingness and avoid all attacks!

“I can’t believe that Zi Mingxuan has even mastered such a sacred art! No wonder you still haven’t given up!”


The people around them were all shocked and subconsciously distanced themselves from the two to prevent themselves from being affected by the battle.


All of a sudden, a White Tiger with a silver body rushed out of ye Chen’s sea of chakras. It let out a ferocious roar and pounced toward Zi Mingxuan.

Zi Mingxuan’s eyes flashed with lightning and his palm was like a blade. A brilliant purple blade of light left his hand and slashed at The White Tiger.

“Boom boom boom!”

A series of explosions rang out in the void as violent energy fluctuations swept out, causing the surrounding formations to fluctuate violently and flash continuously.

Zi Mingxuan had just defeated The White Tiger in the void when he felt a huge sense of danger coming from behind.


Zi Mingxuan didn’t have time to attack ye chen, so he turned into a beam of light and dodged away. He then found a golden light arrow suddenly appearing behind him, shooting through the void and brushing past his body.

Realization dawned on Zi Mingxuan. The ten thousand falling bow’s attack locked onto the target’s Qi movement. As long as the target was not dead, it would continue to lock onto the target and attack. Even if the target dodged it temporarily, it would be useless. The danger could only be resolved if the energy in the Golden Arrow of Light was destroyed.

The Golden Arrow of Light grazed past Zi Mingxuan and drew a perfect arc in the air before it shot towards him again.


Zi Mingxuan used his purple whip and turned it into a dreamy and magnificent purple dragon. The divine Dragon wagged its tail and ruthlessly whipped the Golden Arrow, shattering it on the spot.

“Shi Zhixuan, let’s see how many more arrows you can shoot!” Zi Mingxuan’s voice was cold. His eyes were cold as he stepped on the air and slashed towards ye chen.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Ye chen didn’t reply. The nine golden light arrows pierced through the void and arrived in front of Zi Mingxuan in an instant, trapping him in the nine palaces formation.

He could really shoot so many arrows?

Zi Mingxuan’s face turned green. He stretched out his hand and the purple whip landed in his hand. It cracked the void and shattered the golden light arrows. The terrifying energy fluctuations caused the surrounding formation to shake violently. The surrounding mighty figures all moved far away, not wanting to be affected by the residual waves of the two’s attacks.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation and Zi Mingxuan were not powerful beings, but they both had the power to kill ordinary powerful beings when they used Supreme grade spirit treasures. Therefore, most of the powerful beings did not dare to get close to them.

Zi Mingxuan’s body was surrounded by a vast Purple Star power, like a king who ruled over the stars. He took out his purple whip and swept it horizontally, shattering the golden light arrows in the void.

However, each of ye Chen’s arrows contained unparalleled power, which was far more powerful than the golden light arrow shot by the red-faced old man. It was comparable to the full power attack of a peak Almighty.

After Zi Mingxuan had destroyed eight golden light arrows in a row, the speed at which the divine power in his body was being generated could no longer keep up with the rate at which it was being consumed.


The ninth Golden Arrow hit Zi Mingxuan’s right arm, shattering it into pieces in mid-air and spraying blood all over the sky.

The purple light in Zi Mingxuan’s chakra sea brightened, and the qi and blood in his body surged like a tide. His broken right arm recovered in the blink of an eye, and his eyes became even colder.

Zi Mingxuan felt extremely aggrieved in this battle. He was forced back several times when he got close to ye chen. He had a lot of power, but he couldn’t use it.

In the distance, the mysterious sky Saint son, the nine firmament Saint son, the sky Yan Saint son, and the Zifu saintess all looked serious. The battle between the two Supreme talents put great pressure on them. They might not be able to take any of them.

As the 13th Prince of the Ziwei Empire, Zi Mingxuan was one of the best among the many princes in the Empire. He was one of the few who had reached the peak of the primordial soul realm. They had long expected that such a person would possess such combat power.

However, this so-called ‘evil king Shi Zhixuan’ had appeared out of thin air. He did not belong to any Holy Land or imperial family. With his cultivation in the later stage of the primordial soul realm, he had beaten a monster like Zi Mingxuan as if he was beating his grandson. This made everyone doubt their lives.

“Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish”

Dozens of golden light arrows were released from the bow. Each golden light arrow was like a falling meteor, piercing through the void and shattering the universe, completely submerging the void where Zi Mingxuan was.

“don’t hurt the thirteenth prince!”

Uncle Fu bellowed as he brought out a brass shield to block in front of Zi Mingxuan. However, it was instantly shattered by the arrows.

Zi Mingxuan’s expression changed. He didn’t dare to resist anymore and quickly moved to the edge of the array.

“Boom boom boom!”

The golden light arrows brushed past Zi Mingxuan and shot into the surrounding formation, causing a series of earth-shaking rumbles. It was like a series of muffled Thunder that rang out continuously. It was soul-stirring.

The surrounding formation had been under attack for a long time, and had also been affected by the battle between ye chen and Zi Mingxuan. It had already reached its limit.


All of a sudden, one of the formations was forcefully broken apart by the golden light arrow.

Immediately after, all the formations in the tomb and Palace suffered from a chain reaction, and they collapsed one after another.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Rays of colorful treasure light shot up into the sky and spread out in all directions. Three of the treasure lights were even more powerful than the ten thousand falling bow!

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