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Chapter 84: Evil king, Shi Zhixuan!

Translator: 549690339

“Boom boom boom!”

Deafening rumbles resounded through the sky, and they were continuous.

Ye chen had used his profound knowledge of arrays to connect with all the arrays on the peak, forming a super array that covered the entire peak. Even if someone wanted to leave, they would not be able to do so.

The light of all colors collided and bloomed with an even more dazzling light. It caused the nearby formation to tremble violently and many ancient halls to collapse.

One formation after another was activated. Squalls, lightning, seas of fire, sandstorms, and other energies were created out of thin air, launching indiscriminate attacks at everyone on the summit.

some were snatching treasures, some were resisting the attacks of the formation, some were ambushing others, and some were joining forces to resist the enemy. the entire mountain peak was in an abnormal state of chaos.

the appearance of a supreme-grade numinous treasure divine bow caused the tomb palace to explode.

All kinds of superior-grade and Supreme-grade numinous treasures were used. The titles of Holy Sons and princes were no longer useful. Instead, they became the primary targets of many Almighty experts.

All kinds of magical powers and spirit treasures were overwhelming Zi Mingxuan, Xiao Yixian, Chu Feiyang and the others, forcing them to temporarily withdraw their spirit treasures to protect themselves.

Even if they were not weak, even if they had superior-grade or Supreme-grade numinous treasures to protect themselves, they could only avoid the attacks of hundreds of Almighties at the same time.


An old man with a red face suddenly appeared near the Golden bow. A void-teleport charm was burning on his body.

The red-faced old man was a cultivator at the middle stage of the Almighty realm. He took advantage of the chaotic battle and used a precious void-teleport talisman to teleport to the side of the Golden bow.

The powerful beings who dared to fight for treasures in the inner area all had their own trump cards, and none of them could be underestimated.

The red-faced old man grabbed the Golden bow and laughed wildly,”Hahaha, ten thousand falling bow! Good bow! I’m an elder of the daochu Holy Land, and the ten thousand falling bow is already in my hands. Fellow Daoists, please stop!”

“You think you’re worthy of a Supreme-grade numinous treasure?”

Zi Mingxuan shouted coldly. The divine light in his eyes was terrifying. His purple whip turned into a purple dragon, exuding a terrifying pressure as it quickly rushed toward the red-faced elder.

The red-faced old man’s expression changed slightly. With a cold snort, he pulled the divine bow and madly poured his energy into the myriad fall bow. A Golden Arrow of Light appeared on the bowstring and was quickly pulled into a full moon.


The Golden Arrow shot out with a light as bright as the sun. It collided with the purple dragon and produced an earth-shaking boom. Vast energy waves slammed into the formation like a storm.

The purple dragon’s attack was blocked and it turned back into a purple whip, returning to Zi Mingxuan’s head.

However, the red-faced old man’s aura quickly withered, and his face revealed a look of fear.

This attack had used up all the divine power in his body!

“You can have the ten thousand falling bow! I don’t want it anymore!” The red-faced old man raised his hand and threw the ten thousand falling bow towards Zi Mingxuan. His figure retreated rapidly and he was unusually decisive.


A flying sword flew out of nowhere and cut off the red-faced elder’s head. His primordial spirit was shattered by the sword Qi as soon as it appeared. His headless corpse fell on a fire array and turned into ashes in an instant.

Even though he had given up on the ten thousand falling bow, someone did not plan to let him go. They took advantage of the moment when his divine power was exhausted to kill him on the spot.


Five figures executed a secret technique and appeared near the ten thousand falling bow, raising their hands to grab it.

“Boom boom boom!”

Divine arts and skills that blotted out the sky and covered the earth bombarded towards them. Three of them were turned into ashes on the spot, while the other two used defensive spirit treasures to protect their bodies. They retreated with heavy injuries and did not dare to touch the ten thousand falling bow again.

The current ten thousand falling bow was a hot potato. Whoever dared to touch it would become the target of public criticism!

“The divine bow can only belong to me!”

Zi Mingxuan shouted coldly. He turned into a purple light and appeared near the WAN Luo bow. He reached out to grab the bow.

Many spiritual treasures were thrown at him, but they were all blocked by the light from the mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron above his head. Zi Mingxuan’s blood was in turmoil, but he managed to resist them.

Just as Zi Mingxuan was about to grab the ten thousand falling bow, another bronze palm suddenly appeared, grabbed the bow, and smashed it on Zi Mingxuan’s body.


Even with the protection of the mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron, Zi Mingxuan was still beaten until he spat out blood and fell back. His face was pale.

It was only then that he saw clearly that the one who had attacked him was a middle-aged man with an evil aura. His sword-like eyebrows were flying, his eyes were emitting an evil light, and his body exuded a domineering aura.

It was ye Chen’s puppet incarnation!

Ye chen was waiting for an opportunity. While everyone was attracted by Zi Mingxuan, he used his close, yet worlds apart technique to get close to the bow, taking it away before Zi Mingxuan did.

After ye chen grabbed the ten thousand falling bow, he pulled the godly bow without waiting for the others to react. The bow was pulled to a full moon, and a dazzling golden light arrow was quickly formed.


The Golden Arrow of Light arrived in front of Zi Mingxuan like a shooting star.

Zi Mingxuan originally wanted to continue snatching the ten thousand falling bow, but he couldn’t care too much about it now. His purple whip lashed out at the light arrow.

“BOOM!” 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

A deafening explosion was heard as the Golden Arrow shattered in the air. Zi Mingxuan’s face turned even paler.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Golden light arrows shot through the sky, locking onto the heaven amplification Saint son, nine firmament Saint son, Zifu saintess, profound sky Saint son, uncle Fu, and the rest of the powerful beings.

To strike first!

The myriad falling bow had already become the target of everyone. If ye chen did not make the first move, he would be surrounded by all the powerful beings in the next quarter of an hour.

Ye chen shot out nine arrows in a row, locking onto the nine people who posed the biggest threat, making them unable to attack him at all.

Even the profound sky Saint son Xiao Yixian was no exception. Ye chen had rewarded him with an arrow in advance, so that he would not cause more trouble later.

Ye chen did not want to face everyone’s attacks at the same time. As long as he could show enough power to intimidate the crowd, the threat he would face would be much smaller.

“How arrogant!”

The heaven amplification Saint son, Chu Feiyang, shouted. The dark golden hexagonal token emitted six dark golden rays of light, forming a cage that trapped the Golden Arrow in the void, quickly wearing down the energy in the Golden Arrow.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The profound sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, shook the replica of the profound sky Bell and let out a series of Bell chiming sounds. Waves of Bell waves greeted the Golden Arrow of Light. The two types of energy clashed and wore each other out in the void.


Lu Yao, the saintess of the Zifu, took out her Purple Mirror and reflected the Golden Arrow.

The Golden Arrow of Light that was reflected hit one of the white-haired mighty figures, and that mighty figure exploded on the spot. Blood stained the sky, and even his primordial spirit could not escape.

The nine firmament Saint son, Nangong liuyun, took out the cloud image and collected the Golden Arrow. He allowed the Golden Arrow to shuttle through the cloud image, using the countless clouds to wear down the Arrow’s energy.

“Boom boom boom!”

Uncle Fu and the remaining few peak-stage Almighty experts all used their techniques to block this light arrow. All kinds of colored lights flickered, and terrifying energy fluctuations swept across the wilderness.

Although these nine people couldn’t make a move for the time being, the others weren’t easy to deal with either. There were still twelve Almighty experts who took out their spirit treasures, covering the sky and earth as they attacked ye chen.

There was a nine-story tower above ye Chen’s head, and the light that was falling from it blocked the attack.

Immediately after, ye chen pulled the bow back into the shape of a full moon.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Golden light arrows were released from the bowstrings and shot towards the twelve people who had just attacked him.

The twelve Almighty experts ‘expressions changed drastically. It was already too late for them to recall their spirit treasures, so they had to use all of their trump cards. Some of them even used their spare spirit treasures as they retreated at the same time.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and twelve balls of dazzling light burst out from the formation.

One numinous treasure after another shattered!

The twelve Almighties had been annihilated!

This scene shocked everyone.

No one had expected that ye chen would strike first, shooting nine arrows in a row to distract the nine most threatening cultivators, and then shooting twelve arrows to kill twelve powerful cultivators who were attacking him!

Killing mighty figures was like slaughtering dogs!

More importantly, the red-faced old man had used up all of his divine power just to shoot one arrow, but ye chen had shot more than twenty arrows in a row and was still calm and composed. His divine power was beyond imagination!

For a moment, no one dared to attack.

“Who are you?” Zi Mingxuan asked.

This person actually dared to attack more than 20 Almighties at the same time. He was even more arrogant and overbearing than him!

“Evil king, Shi Zhixuan!” Ye Chen’s tone was cold and evil.

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