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Chapter 81: Working together to break the formation

Translator: 549690339

Hearing uncle Fu’s question, Zi Mingxuan took in a deep breath and scanned his surroundings. He then said in a clear voice, ” “Everyone, I am the 13th Prince of the Ziwei Empire, Zi Mingxuan!”

we all know that there are precious treasures inside the tomb. Two superior-grade numinous treasures have been found. There might be Supreme-grade numinous treasures or even half-Saint weapons!

“However, the higher the value of the treasure, the stronger the surrounding formation! If you want to break it, you’ll need several days, or even dozens of days!”

“If we wait for too long, I’m afraid that a Holy Lord will come! At that time, the situation will be out of our control!”

For Zi Mingxuan to be one of the best among the many princes of the Ziwei Empire, he naturally wasn’t just a tyrant. At this moment, he wanted to gather everyone’s strength to break the formation and obtain the treasure.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Zi Mingxuan, knowing that he was telling the truth.

If one didn’t come here personally, one would never know the hidden value of this giant mountain!

If they delayed for too long, there would definitely be more powerful existences coming, and the situation would be out of their control.

“Thirteenth Prince, what do you think we should do?” Someone asked.

Zi Mingxuan’s expression was full of confidence as he continued, ” “More than a hundred mighty figures have gathered on this mountain peak, and there are even more primordial soul realm cultivators. If we work together to break the formation, I believe we can break the formation and take the treasure very quickly!”

“How will the treasures be distributed after the formation is broken?”

An old voice rang out, but it was unknown who it came from.

Zi Mingxuan replied domineeringly,”what’s there to distribute?” We’ll fight for it with our own abilities!”

heh, no matter what, most of us primordial soul realm cultivators don’t stand a chance. I’m sorry I can’t keep you company! A middle-aged man in the middle primordial soul realm sneered and quickly retreated from the top of the mountain, no longer getting involved in the matters on the top of the mountain.

A few dozen more primordial soul realm cultivators sensed the danger and did not want to stay here any longer. They hurried to other areas of the mountain to search for treasures.

Many of the mighty figures were hesitating, as they had yet to decide if they should join forces with Zi Mingxuan and the others to break the formation.

Zi Mingxuan did not care about the departure of the primordial soul realm cultivators. His cold gaze swept across the crowd and he said in a deep voice, ” “If you all join hands to break the formation, after the formation is broken, you will naturally fight for the treasure with your own abilities! However, if someone doesn’t do anything to break the formation and still dares to steal the treasure, I’ll kill that person first even if I have to risk my life to steal the treasure! All of you, take care!”

Zi Mingxuan’s threats were still effective. There were also cultivators who wanted to wait and see before retreating. The remaining people were basically those who insisted on attacking.

Ye chen was also among them.

The inner part of the formation contained the laws of heaven and earth, which was far from what the outer formation could compare with. Even if ye chen wanted to break the formation, he would need time.

At this moment, Zi Mingxuan was about to jump out, so ye chen was happy to be free and let him do his work.

“Good! We’ll do as the thirteenth Prince says!” The nine firmament Saint, Nangong liuyun, nodded with a smile.

The experts on the mountain peak nodded in agreement with Zi Mingxuan’s statement.

“Uncle Fu!”

The thirteenth Prince shouted.

Uncle Fu raised his hand and shot out array flags that emitted profound energy fluctuations. They landed on the various regions of the great array in front of him.


The entire super compound array let out a faint buzzing sound, and a sea of fire swept out from the array, covering the sky and the earth.

“Do it!”

Zi Mingxuan shouted. A huge star appeared above his head, emitting a purple Starlight and a terrifying aura. It crashed into the sea of fire, causing it to shake violently.

Zi Mingxuan wasn’t stupid. At this moment, he didn’t continue to use the top rank spiritual treasure, the mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron.

Nangong liuyun shot out a floating cloud, the Zifu saintess shot out a purple Qi that contained the rhythm of the great Dao, Xiao Yixian shot out a divine spear that was emitting Starlight, and the heaven Yan Saint son took out an ancient green jade Pagoda. They all attacked the sea of fire fiercely.

It wasn’t just them. Everyone who remained on the mountain peak made their move.

For a moment, all kinds of divine powers and spirit treasures were thrown at the sea of fire, turning the void into a vacuum.

The vast sea of fire was extinguished without a sound.

Even if they had not used their full strength, there were too many of them. Even the path master would find it difficult to withstand such an attack, let alone the attack that was formed by the spiritual treasure inside the array.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s confidence increased greatly.

Working together to break the formation was indeed fast!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Several tens of array flags appeared in uncle Fu’s hand once again, sealing off another layer.


Giant trees rose into the sky and wrapped around the cultivators around them, devouring their blood essence and souls.

This time, without Zi Mingxuan’s reminder, everyone began to attack.

In just one move, this man-devouring forest was destroyed.

Then, yellow soil, countless sharp blades, black water, and other things gushed out of the formation. In the end, even the power of the five elements came out together, but they were all destroyed by the joint efforts of the people. The speed of breaking the formation was extremely fast.


Suddenly, the formation outside the ancient Hall disappeared.


Someone shouted, and all the cultivators who were still on the mountain peak rushed into the ancient Hall.

Uncle Fu’s speed was the fastest. He was originally a super expert at the peak of the Almighty realm. He had been controlling the formation the whole time, so he naturally had the advantage. The moment the formation disappeared, he was the first to rush in.


A vast and unparalleled energy of the five elements suddenly gushed out from the hall. They complemented each other and rapidly grew in size like a rolling snowball, heading straight for uncle Fu’s head.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Not only that, the many powerful beings and primordial soul realm paragons behind him also made their moves and greeted uncle Fu in unison.

Uncle Fu’s expression changed drastically. He didn’t dare to get caught in the middle of these two attacks and quickly dodged to the side.

“Boom boom boom!”

A deafening sound rang out as everyone’s attacks shattered the five elements energy in the air.

From a distance, he could see a five-colored light flying out of the ancient Hall.

From its aura, it could be inferred that the five-colored light was a rare superior-grade numinous treasure!

“Where do you think you’re going!”

Zi Mingxuan shouted. The mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron rushed out of the chakra sea and emitted a terrifying force of attraction, trying to suck back the five-colored light.


The clouds around Nangong liuyun turned into a rope and flew toward the five-colored light.

A deep starry sky appeared around the mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian. The Zifu saintess waved her hand, and purple Qi rose. The heaven amplification Saint son’s Pagoda bloomed with spiritual light, greeting the five-colored light.

Their attacks affected each other. The cloud and mist rope swept toward the demon-suppressing mountain river cauldron. The starry sky was shrouded in clouds and mist. Purple clouds rose and shook the starry sky. The pagoda shone brightly. Everyone’s attacks were quickly weakened.

At this moment, a skeleton suddenly appeared in the void and grabbed the five-colored light. It quickly disappeared into the depths of the inner area and sent out a spiritual wave.”How dare you disturb my master’s sleep! You will all die!”

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