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The Principles of Arrays and the Arrival of Someone from the Demon Cult

Ye Chen made simple modifications to Puppet Number One by affixing all kinds of spirit talismans on it – the Space Escape Talisman for a quick escape, the Fog Concealment Talisman to form a huge fog and hide its tracks, the Divine Flame Talisman to self-immolate, and so on.

Why didn’t he just affix the arrays themselves?

Because Ye Chen didn’t know much about arrays!

The only array Ye Chen had any experience with was the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array which could be used easily. He didn’t know much about the Spirit Gathering Array, Teleportation Array, Self-Immolation Array, or any of the others!

If he were to study arrays just to improve the puppet, it would be a waste of time. He might as well focus on his cultivation. The puppet was just a support item anyway, and power was more important.

Thus, after improving his puppet, Ye Chen returned to focus on his cultivation while?Puppet Number One went to buy spirit medicine seeds at Danding Peak and the young of tasty beasts at Spirit Beast Peak. The puppet also grew flowers and fed the fish, making Qingyun Peak look livelier.

Three months later, a system notification popped up in Ye Chen’s mind.

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has opened her sea of consciousness and thus broken through to the first realm of the Visualization Cultivation System, Sea of Consciousness Realm! As her master, you are entitled to receive the Principles of Arrays.]

[Principles of Arrays: Records all the arrays in the world. Upon receipt, you will be able to set up any array as long as you have the corresponding materials. Would you like to receive the Principles of Arrays?]

A disciple breaking through to the next realm entitled their master to a reward?

And now he would be able to set up any arrays if he chose to accept it?

How terrifying!

“I accept!” Ye Chen murmured.

Suddenly, Ye Chen’s mind was flooded with information of all the arrays one could form, down to the very last detail.

The amount of information Ye Chen received was enough to shatter the divine consciousness of someone even in Emperor Realm. But Ye Chen absorbed it all without any complications. It was as if this information had existed in his mind since birth.

Ye Chen let out a sigh of relief as he opened his eyes that now flickered with a new light of wisdom.

From this moment forth, Ye Chen was the person with the highest knowledge of arrays in the world!

Among his collection were the Immortal Slaying Sword Array, Orbital Constellation Great Array, Chaotic Origin River Great Array, Twelve Capital Deity Killing Great Array, and the Nine Bend Yellow River Great Array.

One day, Ye Chen hoped that he would be able to form these arrays and put them to good use!

However, in order to set up powerful arrays, he needed the corresponding materials. Moreover, some of the more powerful arrays would also require him to be in a higher cultivation realm.

For example, the Orbital Constellation Great Array would require 365 great orbital star banners and 14,800 small orbital star banners to correspond to the positions of the stars in the sky. Once formed, the array would summon the power of the universe which would be enough to destroy everything!

A light flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes as a thought appeared in his mind. Combining the Ten Thousand Puppet Art with the Principles of Arrays would lead to an invincible existence.

If he pushed himself to the extreme, he might just be able to form the Orbital Constellation Great Array by himself!

Of course, Ye Chen could only look forward to it for now. Those legendary arrays were still unattainable at his current level.

Since he had absorbed all the information contained within the Principles of Arrays, Ye Chen started to feel that Qingyun Peak’s Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array was a bit lacking. Although it was extremely effective in obstructing the senses of and trapping the enemy, it was still not enough in terms of defense and offense.

Ye Chen gathered and fused the star cloud gold essence, thousand-year snow wood heart, cold-hearted ice soul, fire marrow liquid, and mystic-origins heavy earth – treasures with attributes of the five elements – in the array’s eye. Then, he adjusted some of the array’s layout, thus enhancing the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array into something more comprehensive and powerful.

However, Ye Chen was still not satisfied.

The treasures with the attributes of the five elements that he found were left behind by the senior of Qingyun Peak and weren’t that great in quality. If he could obtain better quality treasures with the attributes of the five elements, the power of the array would greatly increase!

But there was nothing more he could do to the array now. So, Ye Chen moved on to Puppet Number One. He proceeded to upgrade it by infusing three Spirit Gathering Arrays, three Concealment Arrays, three Teleportation Arrays, three Self-Immolation Great Arrays, an Illusion Array, a Killing Array, a Mustard Seed Array, and a few other arrays; as well as spirit swords, spirit talismans, and other spirit treasures. Ye Chen had equipped Puppet Number One to the teeth.

Although the current Puppet Number One was still far from being comparable to his original body, it was enough to deal with most emergencies.

Ye Chen refined two more substitute puppets that were exactly the same as Puppet Number One. By activating the Mustard Seed Array around each, the two new substitute puppets shrunk to the size of rice grains to be carried by Puppet Number One. This was so that if Puppet Number One met with misfortune, either of the substitutes could revert to its original size and take over at any time.

Next, Ye Chen refined four servant puppets that looked like children. They were in charge of planting medicinal herbs and raising spirit beasts, thus making Qingyun Peak a bit more lively.

After a few days of refining and assigning the puppets to their duties, he was about to return to his cultivation when he suddenly sensed that the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array had been triggered again.

Ye Chen’s mind stirred slightly as he hid his true body and activated Puppet Number One to investigate.

In the dense forest at the foot of the mountain, a young man wearing the uniform of a core disciple of Xuantian Holy Land was wandering around. His figure flickered as he hurried toward the mountainside of Qingyun Peak. His eyes darted around quickly – he seemed to be acting quite suspiciously.

[Name: Qi Hanxing]

[Identity: A core disciple of Xuantian Holy Land’s Ice Heart Peak (His real identity is a core disciple of Blood Demon Cult)]

[Cultivation: Late Stage of Vision Realm]

[Aptitude: Ice Demon Body]

[Character background: Qi Hanxing was born in a small mountain village at the edge of Blood Barren Mountain Range. When he was eight years old, he fought with other children and awakened the Ice Demon Body. After that, he slaughtered the entire village and was accepted as a disciple by the passing Demon King Qingli.

He was born with a savage and bloodthirsty nature as he cultivated the Demon Embryo Purgatory Art. In order to quickly increase his cultivation, he used human blood to nurture his Demon Embryo. He had slaughtered thirteen villages and was highly valued in Blood Demon Cult.

Several years ago, Demon King Qingli was sent by Blood Demon Cult Lord on a secret mission to infiltrate Xuantian Holy Land but mysteriously disappeared. Qi Hanxing has now been ordered to investigate the whereabouts of Demon King Qingli and eventually arrived at Qingyun Peak.]

Blood Demon Cult?

The disciple of Demon King Qingli?

Ye Chen instantly became alert. Demon King Qingli was the Demonic Path expert who had wiped out Qingyun Peak!

Demon King Qingli was a Peak-Stage Primordial Realm Demonic Path expert. Even then, it was impossible for him to have killed the entire population at Qingyun Peak. There must be some other reason behind this!

What kind of secret mission could make a Peak-Stage Primordial Realm Demonic Path expert take such a risk?

Qi Hanxing’s arrival triggered Ye Chen’s sense of danger.

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