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Chapter 71: Chapter 71-impending storm

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Ye chen raised his hand and pointed at fa Kong. A beam of light landed between fa Kong’s eyebrows as he said indifferently, ” “I’ll teach you the hundred refinements of the divine soul and imminent skyline. If you can master the fourth level and complete the soul tempering thrice, I’ll allow you to leave the mountain.”

One would encounter countless opportunities in one’s life. Ye chen had never objected to his disciples leaving the mountain, but if they wanted to leave, they would need to have enough life-saving cards.

With fa Kong’s current cultivation, if he could temper his soul three times, his divine soul would be stronger than an ordinary mighty person’s. The danger of going out to train would be greatly reduced.

“Yes, master!” Fa Kong saluted ye chen, feeling the extra information in his mind. He was extremely shocked.

The divine soul hundred refining was a secret technique to temper the divine soul, while the imminent skyline was a rare footwork divine ability. It was one of the top inheritances in all the major forces!

Although the Natal weapon was more precious, the treasures needed to refine the Natal weapon were as many as mountains and seas. Even if he went down the mountain to Rob a few Holy Sons and holy virgins, he would not be able to collect so many treasures in a short time.

Fa Kong naturally understood that his master had taught him these two secret techniques for his own safety.

“There are some pills here, you should be able to use them.” Ye chen flicked his finger, and a small white jade cauldron floated toward fa Kong.

Fa Kong took the small cauldron and scanned it with his spiritual will. His breathing immediately quickened.

There were cultivation pills, healing pills, vitality replenishing pills, mind tempering pills, and so on. There were many of them. Most of them were for primordial soul realm cultivators, while some were for Almighties. Every single one of them was worth a fortune!

Master was indeed rich and overbearing!

“Many thanks, master!” Fa Kong was extremely excited.

Finally, I can also eat medicinal pills like candy!

“Go back and cultivate.”

Ye chen waved his hand, and Li Qingzhou and fa Kong left.

Ye Chen’s eyes looked at Zi Menghan’s direction and lightly shook his head.

Initially, he had wanted to help Zi Menghan forge a Natal weapon. However, he did not have enough treasures and could only think of another way in the future.

Zi Menghan was still cultivating. This time, she seemed to have fallen into a special state of enlightenment, and ye chen did not wake her up.

Ye chen sent back all the information he had gotten from the puppets and collected information from all over the East continent, trying to understand what had happened in the past few days.

Within the profound heavenly sacred land.

The peak Master of myriad array peak, Yuan Hongde, had left the canyon that sealed the crack of the demonic abyss eight months ago. His array Dao had improved even more, and he had led his disciples into the ancient array secret realm. They had broken through 18 ancient arrays in a row and obtained many treasures from it, making the peak Masters of the main peaks envious.

The profound sky sacred land’s disciples were all very passionate about cultivation, and their combat abilities were greatly improved. The profound sky sacred land’s disciples were all very strong, and they were all very powerful.

Half a year ago, the dark sky sacred Lord had opened the spirit accumulation secret realm for outer disciples, and the number of ten thousand laws realm disciples had doubled.

The ten thousand laws realm was the standard for the profound sky sacred land to become an inner sect disciple. The more ten thousand laws realm disciples there were, the more phenomenon realm, primordial soul realm, and even mighty figures would be born in the future.


Divine light shot into the sky from the depths of the Xuanwu mountain range. Legend had it that a Daoist master’s tomb had appeared, attracting countless powerful cultivators to investigate. Just the outermost array formation caused many phenomenon realm cultivators to bleed, and some primordial soul realm cultivators had also died.

Was it really just a tomb of a Daoist master?

Ye chen frowned. He had left a lot of puppets in the Xuanwu mountain range.

The formation in that place was indeed an ancient formation. Just the outer formation was definitely not something that an ordinary Dao master could set up. The inner formation was even more profound and mystical. The formation that was revealed could only be considered the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the area was isolated by the great Dao laws, and the spirit sense that ye chen had placed on the puppet could not penetrate it. It could not sense the possible corpses in the tomb, and could not get more information.

Now that ye Chen’s treasure hunting talent had awakened, he mobilized his puppet incarnation and rushed to that area. From a hundred li away, he could see the sea-like treasure light in that area, which was almost comparable to the treasure vault of the mysterious heavenly Holy Land.

One of them was even brighter than the black Heaven Bell.

There were treasures in the Xuanwu mountain range!


The disciples of the taixuan Holy Land had found a branch of the blood demon sect in the blood desolate mountain range. The taixuan Saint had come out of seclusion and led his men to the blood desolate mountain range to encircle and annihilate the blood demon sect. He had been ambushed and suffered heavy casualties. Only the taixuan Saint had escaped with heavy injuries.

The higher-ups of the taixuan Holy Land were furious. The Holy Lord came out personally and gathered several mighty people and many primordial soul realm elders to attack the blood demon sect’s branch in the blood desolate mountain range.

During the gathering, the taixuan Saint son was in seclusion to comprehend a great divine power, so he didn’t attend.

But this time, he almost died in the blood desolate mountain range.

Speaking of which, the gathering held by the myriad Sword Saint son had been too rushed. The news had only spread half a month in advance. Those who had attended were all the talents who had been training in the nearby area. Most of the talents from the East barren didn’t make it.

Some were in seclusion, some were comprehending Dao, some were searching for treasures in ancient ruins, some simply didn’t want to go because they were too far away, and so on.

The Tai Xuan Holy Son did not participate in the gathering of the geniuses, but he was definitely not weak. His cultivation in the later stage of the primordial soul realm could be considered one of the top existences among the younger generation.

The fact that he was attacked in the blood desolate mountain range meant that the blood demon church was much more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.


Demonic cultivators frequently appeared in all parts of the eastern barren territory. Not only were they from the bloody demon church, but they were also from the demonic yang sect, the netherworld sect, the venomous evil sect, and other major sects. 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

Although these great demonic sects were not as glorious as the blood demon sect, they had all produced Dao severing demon lords and left behind ancient inheritances.

They had massacred villages and destroyed towns, committed heinous crimes, and hunted the disciples of various sacred grounds and great sects. Many people had already been killed by them.

The devil cultivators were becoming more and more rampant.


The other information was not worth paying attention to.

For example, an outstanding disciple of a large sect was hunted down and fell off a cliff. He had a fortuitous encounter, made consecutive breakthroughs, and killed the enemy.

For example, a core disciple of a Holy Land had won a precious pill that could increase the probability of breaking through from an auction, but he had been killed on the way, and the pill had gone missing.

For example, the descendant of a certain aristocratic family was arrogant and domineering, and provoked a powerful person who was playing around in the human world. As a result, his family was exterminated.

Such things were happening all over the eastern barren territory. However, ye chen did not pay much attention to this information, as it did not mean much to him.

Ye chen organized the information.

The bloody demon church had a branch in the Xuanwu mountain range, and they also had a branch in the blood desolate mountain range. The frequent appearance of demonic cultivators in the East barren showed that these major demonic sects had the confidence to establish themselves in the East barren.

Since the blood demon sect dared to exterminate the Tai Xuan Holy Son and his group in the blood desolate mountain range, they were not afraid of the revenge of the Tai Xuan Holy Land!

A storm was coming!

Ye chen filtered out the other information and looked at the Black Tortoise mountain range.

Only by strengthening his own strength as much as possible could he deal with the coming storm.

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