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Chapter 69: Sword-named Supreme

Translator: 549690339

Ye chen gestured to the thousand treasure oven and said, ” leave a drop of your own blood essence in your sword way Supreme bone, then throw the sword way Supreme bone and the lifeless sword into the thousand treasure oven. Next, you will understand what to do.

“Yes, master!”

Li Qingzhou agreed and strode to the thousand treasure oven. He left a drop of his own blood essence in the Supreme bone of sword principle, took out his Supreme bone of sword principle and the lifeless sword, and threw them into the thousand treasure oven.


The fire engulfed everything, and in the blink of an eye, the lifeless sword was melted, turning into a vast ocean of treasure essence sword Yuan, which was far richer and more abundant than the treasure essence Qi Ye chen had left inside the thousand treasure furnace.

If it weren’t for li Qingzhou’s blood essence in the Supreme bone of sword Dao, it would have been melted by him!

At this moment, li Qingzhou felt that he could control the essence of the sword in the thousand treasure oven and shape any divine weapon he wanted. He could shape any weapon he wanted, including knives, Spears, swords, halberds, cauldrons, and mirrors.

Moreover, the effects and power of the various divine weapons he had created were clearly displayed in his mind, and he could choose at will.

Under li Qingzhou’s control, the sword essence in the thousand treasures oven turned into a huge scroll with thousands of sword shadows. Each sword shadow seemed to be changing at all times, as if it contained endless sword principles.

Immediately after, the sword picture collapsed and turned into an ancient nine-story glazed Pagoda. The pagoda was made of tiny swords that were barely visible. There were swords hanging down from the eaves of the pagoda. It was like a natural Pagoda-shaped sword formation, which was extremely mysterious.

The glazed Pagoda dissipated and turned back into the divine Bell, the mirror, the sword Lotus, the sword umbrella, and other objects. They were able to understand the mysteries of the various treasures.

Li Qingzhou tried again, and in the end, he controlled a huge amount of treasure essence and sword origin to merge with the sword way Supreme bone. The sword way Supreme bone was crystal clear, and the pressure it emitted became stronger and stronger. The connection between it and Li Qingzhou became closer and closer.

Under li Qingzhou’s control, the sword way Supreme bone turned into a three-foot-long divine sword. It was so sharp that it seemed to be able to cut open the heavens and suppress the ancient times.

“Boom boom boom!”

The Thunder tribulation was born in the thousand treasure oven. The divine Thunder of divine punishment fell on the divine sword one after another, and the sword origin treasure essence was completely injected into the sword Dao Supreme bone. It integrated with li Qingzhou’s blood essence and became one.

The thousand treasure oven simulated the heavenly Tribulation and used the power of the heavenly Tribulation to forge li Qingzhou’s Natal weapon, but li Qingzhou didn’t feel any discomfort at all.


At a certain moment, there seemed to be a mysterious spirit in the sword Dao Supreme Being bone. It was a God born from the divine sword. It was shapeless and formless, and it was blurry and hazy, but it truly existed.

With the birth of a God, this divine sword finally transformed into li Qingzhou’s Natal divine weapon.


The thousand treasure oven was opened, and the godly sword flashed out and fell into li Qingzhou’s hand. It trembled and hummed at li Qingzhou, full of spirituality.

Li Qingzhou and the godly sword were connected spiritually. They were like a part of his body. If he was in danger, he didn’t need to activate the godly sword. The godly sword could take the initiative to defend against the enemy.

“The sword’s name is Supreme!”

Li Qingzhou decided on a name for his Natal weapon.

The main body of this Natal weapon was li Qingzhou’s sword Dao Supreme bone, which was combined with the endless sword Yuan of the lifeless sword and the huge amount of spirit treasure essence that ye chen had left in the thousand treasure oven. It was already a brand new weapon, and Li Qingzhou had given it a new name.

The Paragon sword trembled and let out a clear cry. It surrounded li Qingzhou and cheered in joy, as if it was happy that it had obtained a name.


The Supreme Sword turned into the shape of the sword way Supreme bone and returned to li Qingzhou’s sternum. It looked no different from the sword way Supreme bone, but its power was no longer the same.

“This disciple thanks master!” Thank you, master.

Li Qingzhou naturally knew how precious a Natal weapon was, and was filled with gratitude towards ye chen.

“How’s the power of your Natal weapon now?” ye chen asked.

“Killing mighty figures is like slaughtering dogs!” Li Qingzhou responded. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

Ye chen slightly nodded. Li Qingzhou was able to display the full power of the Supreme Sword, and his mind was connected with his. It was far from being comparable to when he used the sword Dao Supreme bone as a sword. Perhaps even a peak Almighty realm expert might not be able to withstand his peak sword attack.

“Try to attack me with your full strength.” Ye chen said with great interest.

Li Qingzhou was slightly stunned and said, ” “Master, I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Ye chen waved his hand and laughed. don’t worry. Just use your full power. You can use the extreme realm sword attack.

The cloud pattern immortal robe on ye Chen’s body was a Supreme grade defensive spirit treasure. Even peak-stage demon masters would find it hard to break through his defense. This was why he dared to test li Qingzhou’s confidence.

Moreover, ye chen felt that li Qingzhou should not be able to touch his cloud pattern immortal robe yet.

“Be careful, master!”

Li Qingzhou’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. All of his essence, Qi, and spirit were integrated into the Paragon sword, and even the primordial soul Dao sword was integrated into it.

The Paragon sword emitted an infinite amount of sword light, and a torrential sword intent soared into the sky, sweeping through the wilderness. The void at the tip of the sword was shattered, turning into a vacuum.

Ye Chen’s cave was filled with dense array runes and restrictions, which blocked li Qingzhou’s sword intent. Otherwise, he would have torn down the cave.


The Paragon sword slashed out, causing the winds and clouds to change. The heavens and earth trembled, and the surrounding world seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Ye Chen’s chakra ocean trembled as the sun, moon, and stars appeared. Dragons, phoenixes, and Qilins danced in the air while the earth, water, fire, and wind churned. All kinds of strange phenomena appeared at the same time, attacking toward the Supreme Sword in unison.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the sun and moon shattered, the stars crumbled, Dragons and phoenixes bled, Qilins were decapitated, and earth, water, fire, and wind dispersed. The vast phenomena were quickly disintegrated by the Paragon sword, but the radiance on the Paragon sword had also dimmed.


The transcendent mortal sword rushed out of ye Chen’s body and touched the tip of the Supreme Sword.

The power of the Supreme Sword was completely retracted, and the God inside seemed to have disappeared. Losing li Qingzhou’s senses, it seemed to have become an ordinary sword, falling down and being caught by ye chen.

The transcendent mortal sword was a Supreme-grade numinous treasure. However, it possessed a special ability. Once it struck its target, it could turn the mystical into ordinary.

Even a peak demon master would instantly become a mortal if he was hit.

Although the Paragon sword was li Qingzhou’s Natal weapon, it was limited by li Qingzhou’s cultivation. At most, it could only exert the power of a Supreme-grade numinous treasure. It was also restrained by the transcendent mortal sword. The moment it touched the sword, all its power was sealed.

how is this possible?! Li Qingzhou exclaimed.

In that instant, he had completely lost the Paragon sword’s connection to him. His body had been affected, and nearly half of his energy had been sealed, leaving him with less than ten percent of his strength.

Li Qingzhou had seen ye Chen’s puppet clone attack a few times before, but it was basically an instant kill. He had never been able to see the uniqueness of the transcendent mortal sword, and only now did he truly understand how terrifying it was.

Li Qingzhou’s sword attack was the most powerful sword attack he had ever performed in his life. He was confident that he could even hurt or kill a Super Master at the peak of the Almighty realm!

However, such a domineering sword could not even touch the corner of his master’s clothes!

What level had his master reached in his cultivation?

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