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Chapter 63: The most heartless imperial family

Translator: 549690339

“The Saint has ordered that you can not be allowed to live!”

die! the fiendish flame old monster shouted coldly. A golden furnace burning with black flames rushed out of the top of his head and floated in the air. It emitted a terrifyingly high temperature, burning the space until it distorted.

At the same time, the other two mighty figures also took out their own treasures. One of them had a gold and silver Jade Ruyi scepter above his head, while the other had a mountain seal above his head.

The three Almighty experts took out their spirit treasures at the same time, sealing off the entire space, preventing ye chen and the others from escaping.

“Just you guys?” Li Qingzhou looked at the sky with an unruly look.

Old monster fiend flame’s eyes were like lightning as he said, ” “The Holy Son has already told us that you’ve used sword devil Dugu Qiubai’s spiritual consciousness incarnation. That incarnation should have long since exhausted its energy and dissipated, right? Even if that spiritual sense incarnation is still here, it doesn’t matter. After all, an incarnation is just an incarnation. How much combat power can it exert?”

He was indeed afraid of li Qingzhou’s spiritual will incarnation, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Fa Kong’s eyes were filled with suspicion. He frowned and said, ” “The myriad swords Saint son’s men have already made a move, and they’ve hidden their identities. You keep calling him the Saint son. Is the myriad swords Saint son that stupid?”

moreover, none of you three use a sword. You’re so amateurish, yet you still have the face to pretend to be from the myriad sword Holy Land? ”

“So, who sent you?”

The eyes of the evil flame old monster slightly contracted, and he said in a dense voice, ” “Whether you believe it or not, you will die today!”

After saying that, a Black sea of fire gushed out from the Golden furnace above evil flame old monster’s head, shrouding towards ye chen and the others. The terrifyingly high temperature instantly evaporated a hundred Zhang wide lake below, turning it into a mist.


A clear immortal Gu’s cry pierced through the clouds and rocks, and a dreamy and magnificent immortal Gu appeared out of thin air. Its entire body seemed to be made up of fire origin, and it looked very lifelike. It opened its mouth and swallowed the sea of black fire, and the Scarlet feathers on its body became even brighter as divine multicolored light circulated.

Zi Menghan stepped on the air and landed on the back of the fairy carriage. She looked down at the evil flame old monster like a fairy from the nine Heavens and said in a cold voice, ” “Seventh elder sister’s people?”

Zi Menghan had some guesses about their origins, but she was unwilling to believe it. She wanted to hear it from them.

“There’s no need to ask them, you already know the answer.” Ye chen said calmly.

Zi Menghan let out a soft sigh. Although she had long guessed that such a day would come, she still felt very disappointed when it really happened.

“What seventh or Eighth Sister? Nonsense! Ignorant! There’s no need to talk nonsense with them, just kill them!” die! the evil flame old monster shouted. A Black sea of fire rushed out of the Golden furnace and rushed toward ye chen and the others again.

At the same time, the gold and silver transformed into a pair of gold and silver dragons that intertwined with each other. They shook their heads and wagged their tails, looking majestic and overbearing.

The mountain seal expanded in the wind and turned into a 10000-foot-tall divine mountain, pressing down with an immense force.

However, in the next moment, a storm of divine sense was set off in the divine seas of the three old monsters.


Hmph! the fiendish flame old monster groaned and his face instantly turned pale. His body swayed as the Black Sea of fire from the Golden furnace churned violently.

The other two were even more straightforward. They fell from the sky with a miserable cry. Although their physical bodies were intact, their primordial spirits had long been scattered. Their numinous treasures lost their power and fell.

Before the evil flame old monster could react, a sword light flashed and pierced through the space between his eyebrows. His body fell from the sky.

The corpse started to burn in a raging flame out of thin air, and in the blink of an eye, it was burned to ashes, scattering in the wind.

Ye chen looked at the depressed Zi Menghan and said in a low voice, ” “In life, there are always some things to experience, and there will be more in the future. At any time, master will always be your shield.”

“The imperial family is the most heartless. I knew this day would come. Master, don’t worry, I know what to do.” Zi Menghan calmed her complicated emotions and her eyes were as calm as an ancient well.

After this incident, Zi Menghan’s state of mind had undergone a baptism and was different from before.

Ye chen recalled the three supreme beings ‘spirit treasures and brought the four back to the sacred land. They did not encounter any more danger.

He passed through the heaven and earth five elements reversal formation and returned to the blue cloud Peak.

The blue cloud Peak was as quiet as ever. Apart from the four of them, there were only a few of ye Chen’s substitute puppets taking care of the herb garden and some spirit beasts. Under the cover of the formation, the spirit herbs in the herb garden all looked half-dead, not attracting any attention at all.

The young monk fa Kong touched his bald head and said with a face full of suspicion, ” “Master, where are the senior brothers of our blue cloud Peak? The blue cloud Peak is so big, are we the only ones here?”

“Third fatty, you’re right! For the time being, master only has three disciples!” Li Qingzhou said with a smile.

The little monk fa Kong said dejectedly, ” “AI, I originally wanted to find a fellow disciple to bully, but it seems that I can only be bullied in the future! He really hoped that his master would take in more disciples in the future! That way, it’ll be more lively!”

“The quality of the disciples is more important than the number. Alright, find an empty place to stay.” let’s go! ye chen said casually, and his body turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

The young monk fa Kong’s eyes widened and he said in shock, ” “The master who came with us is only a spiritual will incarnation?”

Li Qingzhou said,”that’s not master’s spiritual will incarnation. It’s a puppet made by master, but it’s almost the same.” Master is so steady, how could he go down the mountain in his original body?”

“I felt that master was already very stable in the great Cang divine city and on this journey. I didn’t expect that he would just be a puppet that master had created!”

“I’m going to cultivate,” Zi Menghan left behind these words and left.

The fact that the seventh Princess, Zi Mengxi, had sent a mighty realm death warrior to kill her made her feel a strong sense of danger.

When Zi Mengxi returned to the Zi Wei Empire, Zi Menghan’s abilities would be exposed. By then, it would not only be Zi Mengxi who wanted to deal with her, but all the princes and princesses would also want to deal with her secretly.

Many princes and princesses would be allocated a large amount of cultivation resources, and they could raise attendants and suicide soldiers. The Imperial dynasty would even send experts to protect them.

On the other hand, Zi Menghan had been born with a crippled body since she was young. She had not received any cultivation resources and had no experts to protect her. In terms of Foundation, she was much weaker than the other princes and princesses.

If he wanted to survive the brutal secret war of the royal family, he could only work harder in his cultivation.

The little monk fa Kong seemed to have suddenly thought of something. He turned towards the direction where ye chen had just disappeared and shouted, ” “Master, you haven’t taught me the cultivation method yet!”

Ye chen did not reply.

“Don’t shout. According to the tradition of our blue cloud Peak, you can comprehend it yourself! If you can’t figure it out, then roll down the mountain! Hahaha!”

Li Qingzhou’s expression was strange. He couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of the time when he joined the blue cloud Peak.


The little monk fa Kong’s bald head was full of question marks. He felt the same as li Qingzhou.

Comprehend it by himself?

Is he that wild?

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