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Innate Crippled Body?

Zi Menghan took a deep breath, stepped forward, and placed her hand on the aptitude test tablet.

The gazes of Holy Maiden Xue Wei and the other peak representatives focused on Zi Menghan. Now was the time for the various peaks to compete for the genius disciple, Zi Menghan since she was the first to reach the top.

After one breath, the aptitude test tablet didn’t respond, but the various peak representatives’ eyes were still filled with anticipation.

After two breaths, the aptitude test tablet still had no response, and many were starting to have doubts.

Three breaths later, there was still no response from the aptitude test tablet. The peak representatives were now looking at each other in dismay.

Some were suspecting that there was a problem with the aptitude test tablet, while others thought differently. Regardless, their gazes towards Zi Menghan were no longer as warm as before.

Holy Maiden Xue Wei’s clear voice suddenly came about. “The aptitude test tablet did not respond. But we’re not able to tell if it’s because of the tablet itself or Zi Menghan. Candidate, please step aside so we can try with the next person.”

Zi Menghan gave a slight nod before walking to the side dejectedly.

“Next, Lin Feiyang!” Holy Maiden Xue Wei called forth the next candidate, a young man with sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. He walked over excitedly and reached out to place his hand on the aptitude test tablet.

A faint sword hum came from the aptitude test tablet before an illusory sword shadow appeared above it. The sword shadow gradually solidified and exuded a sharp aura.

The representatives of each peak looked on with slightly puzzled expressions, not because of Lin Feiyang’s aptitude evaluation by the tablet – the illusory sword shadow appearing on the aptitude test tablet proved that his aptitude in the Sword Path was not bad – but because it had been revealed that the tablet was not damaged. It simply did not react to Zi Menghan, which meant that her aptitude must be extremely poor.

“This person’s aptitude in the Sword Path is not bad. Black Sword Peak wants him!” A cold-looking youth with many illusory sword shadows floating around him proclaimed as he stood on the auspicious cloud before anyone else could. He raised his hand, formed a sword seal, and thousands upon thousands of illusory sword shadows flew out from his back. A Sword Path formed from the endless stream of sword shadows that extended from his feet to the top of Heart Refining Peak.

Lin Feiyang was full of joy as he stepped onto the Sword Path.

As the Sword Path withdrew, Lin Feiyang gradually arrived next to the cold and stern youth. The former quickly cupped his hands and bowed, “Thank you, Senior, for your favor!”

The cold and stern youth nodded casually and said, “Stand behind me!”

“Yes, Senior!” Lin Feiyang responded enthusiastically and stood behind the cold and stern youth.

The aptitude test tablet had shown that Lin Feiyang had an aptitude in the Sword Path, but his potential was only considered mediocre. It wasn’t outstanding enough for other representatives of the main peaks in the Sword Path to compete over.

“Next, Jiang Chuxue!” Holy Maiden Xue Wei wasted no time in calling forth the next successful candidate.

A cold-looking girl dressed in white walked over and stretched out her hand to be placed on the aptitude test tablet.


A layer of frost suddenly condensed on the aptitude test tablet before immediately spreading into the surroundings. The frost shot out into a seemingly real yet illusory ice river that circled around Jiang Chuxue and danced.

“The Ice River Spirit Body!” Holy Maiden Xue Wei blurted out as her clear eyes revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

The representatives of the peaks also jumped on the opportunity.

“Pure Moon Peak wants this disciple!”

“How rare it is to meet such a rare spirit body at the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony. Do you think the candidate will come to you just because you say so? Junior Sister Jiang, Ice Heart Peak is the most suitable for you because we have the most complete and authentic ice-type cultivation skills in Xuantian Holy Land! Moreover, if you join us, you will immediately become the personal disciple of the Peak Lord?and your status will be equivalent to that of a core disciple of Xuantian Holy Land!”

“Junior Sister Jiang, if you join Danding Peak, you can also become the personal disciple of our Peak Lord, and all the medicinal pills will be yours to use, in addition to the few ice-type cultivation methods. With the combination of our resources, we can ensure that you can cultivate to Primordial Realm without any worries.”

“Pure Moon Peak mainly cultivates the energy of the Grand Moon and has a very strong and deep foundation. We once had an unparalleled Slash Realm expert. Junior Sister Jiang, your Ice River Spirit Body is very suitable for cultivating the Grand Moon Cultivation Method. If you join us, you stand a chance of becoming Peak Lord?of Pure Moon Peak in the future!”

“Great Snow Peak needs a talent like you! If you join us, we can guarantee you the position of Peak Lord’s personal disciple, cultivation skills, medicinal pills, treasures, and anything else you desire!”

In just a short while, more than ten representatives of the main peaks had extended olive branches to Jiang Chuxue, making all kinds of promises to her. This only made many of the candidates who had not tested their aptitudes envious.

In the end, Jiang Chuxue chose to join Ice Heart Peak, which disappointed the representatives of the other peaks.

All except Ye Chen since he did not compete with them. For him, it did not matter whether the candidate had a spirit body or not. What he needed was the Qi anomaly!

It was time for Holy Maiden Xue Wei to call on the next candidate, but instead, she said, “Zi Menghan, you should try again.”

A hint of hope appeared in Zi Menghan’s eyes. She might not have gotten anything from the tablet the first time. But since now everyone knew that it wasn’t malfunctioning, she was not giving up even with the slightest possibility!

Zi Menghan walked towards the aptitude test tablet and placed her hand on it once more as everyone else looked on with anticipation.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths...

The representatives of the peaks started to feel more and more disappointed. It was obvious by now that Zi Menghan did not have an aptitude – she had not been recognized by Heaven and Earth to hold energy in her Dantian. She would never be able to even step into the Wave Realm!

This was the Innate Crippled Body that was hard to come by since ancient times!

After ten breaths, Holy Maiden Xue Wei sighed softly. “That’s enough. It’s confirmed that your constitution is Innate Crippled Body. Even if you join Xuantian Holy Land, it would still be extremely difficult for you to enter cultivation. However, if there is a peak that is willing to accept you, you can stay in Xuantian Holy Land. There might be a miracle that will allow you to break the curse of the Innate Crippled Body.”

Holy Maiden Xue Wei was actually quite puzzled. Logically speaking, it was impossible for someone with an Innate Crippled Body to pass the test. But not only did Zi Menghan pass the test, but she was also the first to reach the top of Heart Refining Peak. This was indeed a little strange.

When the representatives of the peaks heard Holy Maiden Xue Wei confirm that Zi Menghan had an Innate Crippled Body, they shook their heads and sighed. No one was willing to accept such a candidate on behalf of their respective peaks.

If they accepted an Innate Crippled Body, their respective peaks would become the laughing stock of Xuantian Holy Land. They wouldn’t be able to answer to their respective Peak Lords.

Seeing that no one had spoken up to claim her, the desolate look in Zi Menghan’s eyes grew deeper.

Was she going to be rejected again?

Just as Zi Menghan’s mood had sunk to the bottom, she heard a clear voice speak. “Are you willing to join Qingyun Peak?”

It was Ye Chen who had spoken!

Zi Menghan was slightly startled. Even she hadn’t expected someone to willingly accept her!

Even Holy Maiden Xue Wei and the other peak representatives were astonished. They became even more so because it was Ye Chen who spoke up.

Qingyun Peak was about to be banned and Ye Chen was the only one left to defend it. So why would he take on a disciple with an Innate Crippled Body?

After some consideration, Holy Maiden Xue Wei said, “Peak Lord?Ye, she has an Innate Crippled Body. Are you sure you have thought it through?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I am still sane enough to be able to make sound decisions on such a matter,” said Ye Chen with a smile. He turned back toward Zi Menghan and said, “Are you willing to take me as your master?”

With surprise, Zi Menghan said, “I am willing!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly as he glided over with his faint rainbow light to Zi Menghan’s side. He nodded slightly and said, “Alright. From today onwards, you will be the top disciple of Qingyun Peak!”

“Congratulations, Peak Lord?Ye!” Holy Maiden Xue Wei congratulated Ye Chen with a smile.

“Holy Maiden, please continue on with the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony. I will take her back to Qingyun Peak,” said Ye Chen before he used his divine energy to wrap around Zi Menghan. The pair glided back to Qingyun Peak with Ye Chen’s rainbow light quickly as everyone looked on strangely.

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