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Zuo Jiansheng

“Which peak are these three disciples from? How come I’ve never seen them before?”

“They’re from Qingyun Peak. The one at the front is Peak Lord Ye. I’ve seen him several times during the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony, so I can’t be wrong!”

“Qingyun Peak? Heh, I wouldn’t have been able to remember if you hadn’t mentioned it. I heard that this peak only has three people, and they’re all misfits in the cultivation world. They have never even participated in the Holy Land’s activities. It’s really strange that they’ve chosen now to be involved.”

“Qingyun Peak might not have been the best in Xuantian Holy Land back then, they were still among the top twenty peaks. Who would have thought they had fallen this much.”

“I heard Qingyun Peak encountered a great calamity related to Blood Demon Cult. Perhaps it’s because this that they’ve to go all out for this mission. Moreover, one must not underestimate the Qingyun Peak disciples. Do you know the white-clothed youth behind Peak Lord Ye?”

“No, I don’t. Who is he?”

“Li Qingzhou!”

“He is Li Qingzhou? I heard that he possesses a Supreme Sword Bone and has transformed his physique into a Sword King Body. He even rejected the Black Sword Peak Lord’s invitation to join their peak. Even the Xuantian Holy Son challenged Li Qingzhou. And this guy’s from Qingyun Peak?”

“A few years ago, Liao Wuhen had challenged the Qingyun Peak Lord but Li Qingzhou fought on behalf of his master, eventually killing off Liao Wuhen and revealing the Outer Realm Sky Demon buried in Liao Wuhen’s heart with one strike of the sword. I think Qingyun Peak disciples are hard-working cultivators. If there hadn’t been a challenge, I don’t think Li Qingzhou’s potential would have been revealed.”

“But still, Qingyun Peak has declined over the years since they only have Li Qingzhou to uphold their status. Everyone knows that Peak Lord Ye’s talent is average while the other disciple has an Innate Crippled Body.”

“Well, I think that although Qingyun Peak is not very well-known, the people there are all brave, especially to have decided to join us on our mission against the Blood Demon Cult branch. They deserve our respect!”

The people on the square of Xuantian Main Peak were from the various peaks in Xuantian Holy Land, each possessing different puzzle pieces of information on Qingyun Peak’s past, present, and potential future.

Ye Chen walked through the crowd with Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou as those around them whispered. They heard what everyone was saying but none of that bothered the trio.

Thankfully, Zi Menghan had put away her Immortal Phoenix, or the attention they received would be much higher!

“Peak Lord Ye, are you personally taking part in this mission?” asked Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei as she welcomed them.

Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei was extremely curious about Ye Chen’s cultivation as well. The divine energy fluctuating around Ye Chen’s body was not that extraordinary. It was as if he had just entered the Wave Realm.

But she knew that if he was able to guide a disciple like Li Qingzhou and dared to participate in this mission, then there was something he was hiding from them.

Perhaps, Ye Chen had some kind of secret treasure that could conceal his aura!

Ye Chen had the cultivation resources of the entire Qingyun Peak after all. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to possess such a secret treasure.

When Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei first learned of Ye Chen, she simply knew that he had only been in Xuantian Holy Land for more than ten years and barely had any cultivation.

Even if he had been cultivating earnestly with all the resources available on Qingyun Peak, he would at most only be in Vision Realm and was not worth paying that much attention to.

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Since it involves Blood Demon Cult, I will try my best.”

Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei also knew of the grudges between Qingyun Peak and Blood Demon Cult. Thus, she knew why the trio had to be present.

Suddenly, a young man in a blue robe approached and spoke with a voice as clear as jade but as aggressive as a wild boar. “Li Qingzhou, you are finally willing to leave the mountain!”

Li Qingzhou raised his eyebrows slightly as he looked at the stranger. Then, he frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

“Zuo Jiansheng from Black Sword Peak!” The young man in blue proudly revealed his identity.


Ye Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered that Black Sword Peak Lord Gu Lingyun speaking of this disciple angrily when the Peak Lord had wanted to take Li Qingzhou as his disciple.

‘Why, I did not expect to see him here!’

Ye Chen gave a closer look at Zuo Jiansheng’s identity and cultivation.

Late Stage of Vision Realm?

Ye Chen shook his head mentally. This person only had a normal physique and did not have any great Sword Path methods, skills, or secret arts. Even though his cultivation was slightly higher than Li Qingzhou’s, he was not Li Qingzhou’s opponent.

Li Qingzhou’s facial expression revealed that he finally recognized this stranger as he smiled and cupped his fists. “So it’s Senior Brother Zuo! When I first entered Xuantian Holy Land, I had met Senior Brother Zuo once. It’s no wonder I thought you looked so familiar!”

When Li Qingzhou mentioned the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony, Zuo Jiansheng became even more furious. He gritted his teeth and said, “Li Qingzhou, thanks to you, I was locked up by my master for two years. I had just come out not too long ago! I had once challenged you from the foot of Qingyun Peak but you ignored me!”

Li Qingzhou rubbed his nose and frowned. “OK... But what do you want with me?”

Zuo Jiansheng’s breathing stopped slightly at Li Qingzhou’s question. He did not know how to explain himself.

‘How was it my fault that a crippled Sword Spirit Body like you would be able to regain his Supreme Sword Bone? Master was furious at me all thanks to you!’

The focus of everyone at the square was now on Li Qingzhou and Zuo Jiansheng, they were interested in what happened between them.

Zuo Jiansheng took a deep breath before coldly saying, “Cut the crap. I want to challenge you now! Do you dare accept the challenge?”

Li Qingzhou looked at the Holy Maiden and awkwardly said, “But, we are here to help annihilate the Blood Demon Cult’s branch. How can I fight with you now?”

When Holy Maiden Xue Wei saw that the two of them were arguing and one even wanted to challenge the other right then, she shook her head and said, “Junior Brothers, now is not the time to argue. We should wait until we destroy Blood Demon Cult’s branch.”

Zuo Jiansheng snorted as he proudly turned back to Li Qingzhou and said, “You better accept my challenge!”

“We are going to destroy the Blood Demon Cult’s branch, not sightsee. Let’s continue this discussion after we come back alive!” Li Qingzhou was not interested in Zuo Jiansheng’s challenge.

He had been staying at Qingyun Peak for a long time and hadn’t had much action since the battle with Liao Wuhen.

Now that they had the chance to have a proper battle with the enemy, it was better for Li Qingzhou to conserve his energy for now. Who knew how many powerful individuals and methods Blood Demon Cult had hidden among their ranks?

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