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Mobilizing the Entire Qingyun Peak

Two years later, Ye Chen’s cultivation had reached the Late Stage of Primordial Realm.

One day, the Jade Communication Talisman from the Xuantian Holy Lord suddenly trembled. Ye Chen walked over, opened it, and heard the Xuantian Holy Lord’s voice come through. “Junior Brother Ye, there are demon cultivators wreaking havoc at the edge of Xuantian Holy Land’s territory, and they are becoming more rampant by the day.

“Some of the demon cultivators practice demon techniques that had been passed down from Blood Demon Cult that disappeared a thousand years ago. Those demon cultivators might not be from Blood Demon Cult directly, but I have a feeling that a remnant of the cult is behind their movements.

“We have just located one of the demon cultivators’ strongholds and suspect that it might be a branch of Blood Demon Cult. Xuantian Holy Land will be sending people to encircle and annihilate them. The Holy Maiden will be leading the team while Junior Brother Shen, the Crimson Flame Peak Lord will hold the fort. Does Qingyun Peak have any disciples who would like to participate?”

Shen Beiwang was the Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak and a powerful expert.

If he had been assigned to hold the fort, Xuantian Holy Land must be treading cautiously as they execute their plan to besiege the Blood Demon Cult branch.

Ye Chen’s expression slightly changed as he nodded. “Qingyun Peak and Blood Demon Cult cannot both exist under the same sky. As such, Qingyun Peak will definitely participate in this effort. All of us from Qingyun Peak – Zi Menghan, Li Qingzhou, and I – will participate.”

The Xuantian Holy Lord was a little surprised by Ye Chen’s response. Though he did request their participation, he had no expectations from them. But when he remembered how the current state of Qingyun Peak had been caused by Blood Demon Cult, he could understand the reason behind Ye Chen’s actions. “Alright! Meet us at the square of Xuantian Main Peak!”

And with that, the Xuantian Holy Lord ended the transmission.

In the past two years, the demon cultivators at the edge of Xuantian Holy Land’s territory had become more and more rampant. Initially, they had been causing minor troubles such as attacking remote villages and small towns to occupy them for the demon technique training.

However, they eventually became bold enough to ambush some disciples of Xuantian Holy Land. In fact, some of those ambushed were the personal disciples of the Peak Lords and were eventually killed. This obviously infuriated the Peak Lords of Xuantian Holy Land. And that was how they had decided to execute the plan the Xuantian Holy Lord just relayed to Ye Chen.

This wasn’t the first time Qingyun Peak had been approached to assist in their efforts to deal with the demon cultivators. But previous times were only to deal with the small fry, which Ye Chen did not deem worth their time and effort.

Now that there was a high possibility that Blood Demon Cult was involved, how could Qingyun Peak sit idly by?!

The feud between Qingyun Peak and Blood Demon Cult went a long way back, especially thanks to Demon King Qingli.

They would be cowards to not join the rest of Xuantian Holy Land in dealing with potential Blood Demon Cult forces now.

But of course, Ye Chen would not go with his real physical body. He would send his newly refined puppet instead, which was equipped with many more shrunken puppets so that they would be able to handle any kinds of troubles.

For the sake of safety, Ye Chen had specifically ordered the puppet to bring the Supreme-Grade Mortal Transformation Sword and Death Spirit Seal.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, would remain on Qingyun Peak as usual. With the Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe and the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array, in addition to the Great Mountain Protection Array, he would be able to defend himself, Qingyun Peak, and Xuantian Holy Land. And with his Death Spirit Seal, even a Demon Slash Realm master would not be able to kill him immediately!

Ye Chen sent a telepathic message to Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou. “Xuantian Holy Land is planning to besiege a Blood Demon Cult branch and we of Qingyun Peak can not just stand by and watch. Get ready, the both of you. We will be gathering with the others at the square of Xuantian Main Peak soon.”

Upon receiving their master’s message, Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou immediately rushed out of their own courtyards with eyes shining bright. 𝒾𝓷𝐧r𝔢𝘢𝒅*c𝗼𝑚

They knew of Qingyun Peak’s history so they were eager to stand up for their peak.

Moreover, these two had been itching to go down the mountain to fight the demon cultivators ever since they had heard of them. However, since their master was such a cautious and prudent person, he did not let them go due to the amount of potential danger they would run into.

But this time was different. Lady Luck had come knocking on their door. How could they not answer her call?

Ye Chen’s figure slowly flew out as well. A glance over Li Qingzhou and he could tell that his disciple’s cultivation had reached the Late Stage of Vision Realm but was using a secret art to hide his true cultivation level, only revealing an aura similar to that of one in the Early Stage of Vision Realm.

“Master, this isn’t your real body either, is it?” asked Zi Menghan suspiciously.

“What do you think?” Ye Chen returned her question.

Was there a need to ask?

With the situation getting so dangerous, would master really go personally?

“OK. I got it.” A sly smile appeared on Zi Menghan’s face.

When Ye Chen looked at the Immortal Phoenix beneath Zi Menghan’s feet, he said, “This Immortal Phoenix already has a charm, and its blood and bones have basically fully formed. Its power is indeed not bad, but it’s too showy. If you show up with it, you will go against the most basic rule of our peak – to be prudent. If you don’t want to die too miserably, put it away.”

Li Qingzhou shook his head and laughed inwardly.

“Alright, Master. In that case, please let me ride along with you, and please don’t let me fall,” said Zi Menghan as she dismissed her Immortal Phoenix with a wave of her hand.

A beam of divine light appeared from Ye Chen’s fingertip, turning into a divine rainbow light that wrapped around Zi Menghan before rushing off to Xuantian Main Peak. Li Qingzhou followed closely behind on his sword light.

Soon, the group of three was already approaching the square of Xuantian Main Peak.

From afar, Ye Chen and the others saw that several hundred figures had already gathered, chatting in groups of three to five.

Apart from a dozen or so elders who were showing signs of aging, the rest were young disciples. The men were handsome and elegant, while the women were fair and beautiful. Very few of them were ugly. After all, once one had entered the Wave Realm, one’s divine vital Qi would grow and subtly refine one’s flesh and bones. Eventually, one would naturally become more handsome or beautiful.

The girl at the very front was the most eye-catching. Her black hair fell along her back like a waterfall and her facial features looked as if she had been sculpted. She had a slender figure, the shape occasionally revealed when her white robes fluttered in the wind.

She was Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei.

Since it was not the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony, she did not bother to produce her vision. Still, her body naturally exuded a holy and pure aura, which made people unconsciously admire her.

When Ye Chen looked over at her, he was surprised. Holy Maiden Xue Wei had broken through to Primordial Realm?

Although her cultivation speed wasn’t the same as his, it was not that much slower.

Xuantian Holy Maiden Xue Wei had also sensed the arrival of Ye Chen and his disciples. When she turned to look at them, she also looked a little surprised. She did not expect that Ye Chen and his band of misfits would actually decide to join in the attack against the Blood Demon Cult branch.

Xue Wei had seen Ye Chen a few times before, but the majority of the elders and disciples present had not. Thus, the whispers in the square grew louder as many of them started to ask one another about the identities of the newcomers.

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