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The Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinements and Another Break Through for Zi Menghan

Not many people knew that Liao Wuhen had challenged Qingyun Peak Lord, Ye Chen. Apart from the Xuantian Holy Son and the others who were present at the battle that day, only the Peak Lords knew. 𝖎𝓷𝔫r𝗲𝖆𝙙.𝘤𝗼𝑚

However, the Peak Lords didn’t care much about it, which explained their absence during the battle.

Only the Black Sword Peak Lord was there but it was only after the battle had happened.

After all, a battle that should have happened and ended quietly occurred in quite the opposite manner. Who would have thought that an Outer Realm Sky Demon and a Sword King Body would appear and kick the battle stakes up a notch?

And when Li Qingzhou made his move, his sword intent that soared into the sky was soul-stirring. Not only did the Peak Lord of Black Sword Peak sense it, but so did the other disciples who had comprehended sword intent and had special physiques. That day, many people’s battle intent was stimulated.

While the battle did not have much of an attendance, the presence of those who witnessed the battle was enough to spread the news of what happened.

Li Qingzhou’s name gradually spread throughout the Xuantian Holy Land.

Though the challenge the Qingyun Peak Lord had received had come to an end, the aftermath did not stop.

A few days after the battle, disciples of Black Sword Peak came to challenge Li Qingzhou. They had heard of how this guy had rejected their Peak Lord and indignantly wanted to teach Li Qingzhou a lesson. Unfortunately, they did not receive any response.

Soon, more outstanding disciples from the other peaks came to challenge Li Qingzhou, but they received no response either.

Those who were a bit more hot-headed or impatient decided to barge into Qingyun Peak but were quickly trapped in the reversal array. They were only released after a month.

After a few more people got trapped, others eventually believed that there was something amiss with the array and did not dare to barge in anymore.

Eventually, Li Qingzhou became known as a coward thanks to the people who got upset over his refusal to accept their challenges. And with time, Li Qingzhou’s performance in the battle was turned into fiction and Qingyun Peak once again returned to its usual calm.

Eight months later,?Ye Chen was woken up by the system notification.

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has broken through to the third realm of the Visualization Cultivation System, Ten Thousand Spirit Realm. As her master, you have obtained a secret art, Divine Soul Hundred Refinements.]

Zi Menghan had broken through again!

The Visualization Cultivation System that she had created was different from the usual divine energy cultivation system. When she reached the second realm, her battle power was already comparable to that of someone in Vision Realm, which was already the third realm of the divine energy cultivation system.

Now that she had broken through to?Ten Thousand Spirit Realm, her battle power was probably comparable to that of someone in Primordial Realm!

Ye Chen decided to examine the Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinements that he had just received.

[Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinements: Refine your divine consciousness using the world as your furnace. Each time you complete a round of refinement, your divine consciousness will double in size and there is no upper limit. The stronger your divine consciousness, the longer it will take to complete a round of refinement.]

Then, the necessary information to fully comprehend the Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinement entered his mind.

“I got a secret art to strengthen my divine consciousness this time. Not bad at all!” A slight smile appeared at the edge of his mouth.

The stronger his divine consciousness, the wider the range of his divine consciousness, and the more powerful and numerous the dead he could control with the Death Spirit Seal.

Besides, having stronger divine consciousness would also have more advantages in terms of scouting, setting up arrays, puppets, and killing enemies.

Still, the Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinements could not increase divine consciousness by a hundred times in one go. Instead, it would require one to complete multiple rounds of refinements to advance the art. And with each round of refinement, the divine consciousness would be twice as powerful as before with no upper limit!

If one continued to refine it for a long time, one’s divine consciousness would be unimaginably powerful!

Ye Chen checked up on Li Qingzhou and found that this kid’s cultivation had also improved. He had reached the Mid Stage of Vision Realm, which was not too bad.

However, Ye Chen only received a notification and reward only when a disciple had broken through to the next realm.

[Name: Ye Chen]

[Identity: Peak Lord of Xuantian Holy Land’s Qingyun Peak]

[Aptitude: Primordial Dao Body – the most powerful constitution of the multiverse, augmented with boundless luck]

[Talent: Divine Concealment – able to conceal one’s own constitution and cultivation from others]

[Cultivation: Mid Stage of Primordial Realm- the cultivation realms (from the lowest to the highest) are Wave, Law, Vision, Primordial, Might, Dao, Dao Lord, Slash, Saint, Sage, Great Sage, Quasi-Emperor, and Emperor. Each realm can be divided into Early, Mid, Late, and Peak Stage]

[Cultivation method: Creation Dao Scripture – the most powerful cultivation method among all worlds that allows one to be able to clearly understand the origins and mysteries of Heaven’s creation, seize it, and form a Supreme Dao Foundation]

[Vision: Myriad Dao]

[Skills: Extreme Realm Sword Slash, Imminent Skyline]

[Secret method: Ten Thousand Puppet Art, Divine Consciousness Hundred Refinements]

[Array method: Principles of Arrays, Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array]

[Treasure: Auspicious Pill Cauldron (Supreme Treasure), Death Spirit Seal (Supreme Treasure), Mortal Transformation Sword (Supreme-Grade Attack Spirit Treasure), Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe (Supreme-Grade Defense Spirit Treasure)]

[Heaven and Earth Spirit Essence: Time Spirit Spring]


Ye Chen’s cultivation had also improved and he had broken through to the Mid Stage of Primordial Realm.

One had to admit that the higher one’s cultivation was, the greater the amount of energy needed to break through.

Ye Chen already had the Time Spirit Spring to speed up the maturation of herb plants, as well as the Auspicious Pill Cauldron to provide unlimited amounts of medicinal pills. Unfortunately, the amount of power devoured by cultivating the Creation Dao Scripture was like a whale swallowing the sea, preventing his cultivation speed from increasing as quickly as he wanted.

There was no other reason. The Primordial Dao Body’s constitution was too heaven-defying!

The amount of energy required to break through each minor realm was beyond imagination!

But Ye Chen’s battle power was already far beyond others. Forget ordinary cultivators of the same realm, even those in the same realm would be nothing in Ye Chen’s eyes!

“You two, come to Aquamarine Lakeside.” Ye Chen used his divine consciousness to send a message to Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou.

Zi Menghan had just broken through so the joy on her face had not faded away. “Since I received my master’s message right after I broke through, could my master sense whenever I do so?”

Zi Menghan shook her head, then pushed the door open and jumped into the sky.

In the next moment, a beautiful Immortal Phoenix appeared under her feet. Each of its feathers was sharp and its body was filled with a mysterious flame aura. Its eyes were extremely bright and its body seemed to have a dormant energy as vast as the sea that emitted a soul-stirring pressure. It looked like a real Immortal Phoenix.

Obviously, after breaking through to the Ten Thousand Spirit Realm, Zi Menghan’s visualization ability had improved quite a bit.

If she cultivated to the extreme, perhaps she could visualize a real Immortal Phoenix that could do some damage to immortals and gods!

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