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264 Ye Chen’s Dao severing tribulation

Ye Chen’s main body was naturally nearby.

However, with ye Chen’s steadiness, as long as his real body did not show up, no one would be able to find out where his real body was.

What the world saw was his puppet incarnation!

If his true body were to appear, no one in the world would be able to see through his roots!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Thunder rumbled unceasingly, and thousands of lightning bolts trembled. The ocean of lightning poured down, enveloping ye chen within. The destructive energy churned, and the void was constantly collapsing. The terrifying heaven’s might made the many saints watching the battle from afar feel their hearts palpitate.

If these Saints were to resist this Heavenly Tribulation, no one would be able to survive!


The great desolation immortal refining furnace burst out with a surging great sovereign pressure, as if a true great sovereign had awakened. It scattered down an infinite amount of sovereign pressure, protecting the entire barren fire divine sect within it. No matter how the lightning tribulation raged, it could not hurt it at all.

However, the price was that the flames of fortune that covered the sky in the wilderness fire divine sect were burning wildly. In just an instant, they had burned the thousand years of fortune of the entire wilderness fire divine sect!

The sect leader’s expression changed as he quickly retracted most of the power of the great desolate immortal refining furnace. He only used it to protect the treasure vault, Sutra Pavilion, and the main peaks of the sect. As for the rest, he could only leave it to fate.

Ye Chen’s Heavenly Tribulation was too terrifying. Even if the barren fire sect had a lot of luck, they couldn’t handle the consumption of the great desolate deity refining furnace!

“Boom boom boom!”

The divine tribulation fell, and the defensive formations of the barren fire divine sect all bloomed with dazzling light of different colors. All kinds of rules of saintly way and Supreme rules circulated, constantly colliding with the divine tribulation. Muffled rumbles resounded in the world.

However, the people of the barren fire divine sect mistakenly thought that the Lu ya daolord had died, and the defensive formation was mostly removed. A large part of the area was exposed to the heavenly Tribulation, and it was drowned by the rumbling Heavenly Tribulation, collapsing on the spot.

“Ah, Yingluo.”

The screams from within the church of barren fire continued without end, turning the place into a living hell. Countless people were turned into ashes as soon as they came into contact with the lightning tribulation. There was glazed scorched earth everywhere, smoke, fire, and dust all over the sky.

Ye Chen’s Dao severing tribulation was something that even Saints would not dare to face head-on. How could these ordinary elders and disciples withstand it?

It was only the first wave of the heavenly Tribulation’s attack, but all the elders and disciples outside the defensive formations had died!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The heaven and earth rumbled unceasingly, and a great Dao chain of varying sizes appeared in the sea of Thunder, locking down ye Chen’s essence, Qi, and spirit.

Ye Chen’s entire body was covered in a layer of tribulation runes. Each of them was extremely tiny, and even Saints could not see them clearly. They could only see the dreamy light that bloomed around ye Chen’s body as he stood in the boundless Thunder sea.

When the destruction power of the lightning touched ye chen, it quickly turned into a part of the disaster runes, unable to cause any damage to him. However, ye Chen’s aura was crazily rising every second.

Even the great Dao shackles formed by the lightning tribulation were unable to lock ye chen within. Even the great Dao shackles were uncontrollably transformed into a part of ye Chen’s tribulation runes.

The others could only see that the dreamy light around ye chen was getting brighter and brighter, but they could not get any more information.

As time went by, the ocean of Thunder tribulation in the world became more and more intense. Even the Saints could no longer see ye Chen’s figure clearly. They could only see a vague figure flashing by.

But the barren fire divine sect suffered. The elders and disciples outside the defensive array all died. Even the elders and disciples inside the defensive array looked terrified.

There were indeed Emperor-to-be and Emperor-level defensive formations in the clan, but these formations were also guarding many important positions in the clan. Most of the areas were set up with sacred formations, and some of the weaker main peaks didn’t even have a sacred formation, only some ordinary formations that couldn’t even be considered sacred formations.

Ye Chen’s Heavenly Tribulation had the shackles of the great Dao. These ordinary formations were sealed as soon as they touched the shackles. Under the attack of the destructive power of the heavenly Tribulation, they crumbled in the blink of an eye, and none of the elders and disciples inside were spared.

The shackles of the great Dao landed on the Saint arrays of the barren fire sect. Even if those Saint arrays had the power of Saint Dao, they were flickering at this moment. The operation of the Saint arrays was severely slowed, and they could collapse at any time under ye Chen’s Heavenly Tribulation.

The thousands of elders and disciples under the protection of the Holy array were all on tenterhooks, afraid that they would die tragically under the heavenly Tribulation in the next fifteen minutes.

Only the area under the protection of the great desolation immortal refining furnace, Emperor-level formation, and Emperor-to-be formation seemed to be fine. However, the resources consumed by those formations were unimaginable and they were constantly being consumed!

In the distance, many experts who were using various secret techniques to investigate this place could not help but gasp. Although they had guessed that Daoist Lu ya’s Heavenly Tribulation would cause a huge commotion, they did not expect it to be so powerful!

“The shackles of the great Dao? Was this the Dao-severing tribulation? How is that possible?”

“Hiss! This Heavenly Tribulation is even more terrifying than the Saint King tribulation I faced in the past! Just what kind of heaven’s favorite could attract such a Great Tribulation?”

“Even young emperors will die if they encounter this kind of Dao-severing tribulation, right?”

“This is just daolord Lu ya’s Dao-severing tribulation? In that case, daolord Lu ya was only a Daoist master? The great emperor orthodoxy of the barren fire sect has been forced to such a state by a Dao master?”

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would have thought that the divine barren fire sect had fallen to its lowest point, that’s why they were beaten so badly by a Dao master! Monarch weapons, Saints offering the Dao bone of Emperor-to-be, Emperor-to-be killing formation, and all kinds of means. Even a great sage would be resentful. This is the first time I’ve seen such a terrifying Dao master!”

“This Dao master is too terrifying! Even I, a Saint, am like an ant in front of this person! It’s really embarrassing!”

“This person has so many treasures and is extremely powerful, but he still attracted such a Great Tribulation. It’s too incredible! I seriously suspect that this person is a heaven’s favorite from the upper realm! Perhaps he’s not even from the lower realm!”


Many experts were deeply shocked by the heavenly Tribulation before their eyes. They used all kinds of mysterious eye-bloodline techniques, secret scouting techniques, divine mirror ancient treasures, and other methods to find ye Chen’s information. However, they found nothing, and many of them even suffered severe backlashes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Heaven and earth rumbled as the hundred thousand miles around the clan of barren fire were covered by a sea of lightning. The entire place was filled with destructive energy. Divine mountains collapsed, rivers evaporated, and countless living beings turned to dust. It was like the end of the world.

“What’s that?” A Saint exclaimed.

From a distance, one could see a heaven-covering Dao diagram of chaos in the Tribulation clouds. The Dao diagram contained boundless destiny, the birth of ten thousand spirits, and the changes of time.

The Dao diagram was like a huge world that slowly pressed down on ye chen. As it did so, the vast sea of lightning around ye chen went out of control. The Dao might of the heavenly Tribulation increased drastically, turning the space around ye chen into a chaotic vacuum filled with destruction power.

Ye Chen’s body bloomed with the light of myriad tribulations, turning the violent power of the heavenly Tribulation into his own power. Even if the outside world was collapsing, it would still be unable to do anything to him.

However, the insurrection of the heavenly Tribulation caused the pressure on the barren fire divine sect to increase.

“Boom boom boom!”

There was a loud explosion inside the sect. One of the defensive Saint formations could no longer withstand the power of the heavenly Tribulation and exploded. Destructive lightning poured down on the broken Saint formation.

“Ah, Yingluo.”

Screams rang out from the broken Holy array. One by one, the heaven’s favorites and old experts were buried under the heavenly Tribulation, not even leaving a trace.

The other sacred formations of the barren fire sect were also shaking. The power of the rules of saintly way shrouding them flickered, as if they could collapse at any moment.


Along with a heaven-and-earth buzzing sound, endless chaotic Qi surged from the Dao diagram that was falling from the sky, turning into a sky-covering chaotic great Dao chain. It quickly shrank, and in the blink of an eye, it shrank to the size of an ordinary person, covering ye Chen’s body and putting on an indestructible great Dao chain.

“A chaos Dao tribulation!”

it’s said that this kind of Dao tribulation is one of the most terrifying Dao-severing tribulations in history. The origin of chaos creates shackles of the great Dao that can seal the sky and lock the earth. Even those invincible heaven’s favorites who have the battle strength of a Sage at the Dao master realm can’t survive this kind of Dao tribulation!

Daoist Lu ya could kill Saints as if he was slaughtering dogs at the Daoist Lord realm. It’s not rare for him to encounter such a tribulation. Let’s see how he can resist it!

“Something’s wrong! This was not just the chaos heaven sealing Dao tribulation! A new Dao tribulation has been formed in the Tribulation clouds!”


Some of the old fogeys who were watching the battle from afar recognized the Dao tribulation represented by the Dao diagram of chaos, but there were also experts who noticed the changes in the Tribulation clouds. Everyone’s eyes turned to the mountain-like tribulation clouds in the sky.

Under everyone’s gazes, a black and a white huge fish appeared in the Tribulation cloud. The black fish contained the extreme Yin power, while the white fish contained the extreme yang power. The two powers were completely opposite, but they seemed to be unified in a special state. They pressed down on ye chen with a vast heavenly might.


Suddenly, the power of Yin in the black fish of Yin condensed to the extreme, and an extreme point filled with the power of yang was born in the eye of the fish. At the same time, the power of the sun in the White yang fish had also condensed to the extreme, and an extreme point filled with the power of the extreme Yin was born in the fish’s eye. There was yang in Yin, and Yin in yang.

All things had negative yin and yang, one Yin and one yang, that was the Dao!

Just as the extreme in the Yin Yang fish was born, this terrifying Dao tribulation turned into a great Dao shackle, shrunken and shrouding ye Chen’s body, forming a second layer of great Dao shackles outside the chaos Dao tribulation.

“The two elements tribulation!”

“This is a Dao-severing tribulation that is on par with the chaos Dao tribulation!”

“A single Dao tribulation has a slim chance of survival. How is daolord Lu ya able to trigger two Dao-severing tribulations of such terrifying scale?”

“These two terrifying Dao tribulations can easily kill sages! It’s really inconceivable that it was attracted by a Dao master!”

Daoist Lord Lu ya is such a monster. How can a terrifying Dao tribulation match his peerless immortal appearance? ”


Cries of alarm could be heard in the distant void. Even those Saint Kings who had lived for who knew how long could not help but be shaken at this time.

However, what shocked them was yet to come.

Not long after, a new Dao tribulation was formed in the thick tribulation clouds in the sky.

The heavenly Dao, earth Dao, and human Dao had perfectly fused together. The sun, moon, and stars were hidden within, explaining the ultimate truth of the origin of the world. Soon, it turned into the Tribulation of the three talents and sealed ye chen, forming the third layer of the shackles of the great Dao.

Then, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and black Tortoise, the Four Divine Beasts, appeared. Each of them was boundless, covering the entire sky of the ancient barren central continent. Finally, they turned into the four symbols Dao tribulation, covering ye chen with the fourth layer of the shackles of the great Dao.

Immediately after, the five elements, six directions, seven stars, Eight Trigrams, and nine palaces Dao tribulations condensed one after another, turning into layers of great Dao shackles that sealed ye Chen’s body. The world where ye chen was had turned into a cage completely made of great Dao shackles.

The power of the heavenly Tribulation was getting more and more terrifying. The sea of lightning within hundreds of thousands of miles had long become violent like a Heavenly Hell. One after another, the Saint formations collapsed because they couldn’t withstand the power of the heavenly Tribulation. Countless disciples and elders of the barren fire divine sect were turned into ashes under the heavenly Tribulation. The traces of the Tribulation were everywhere, and the whole place was in ruins.

However, the attention of the many saints and Saint Kings in the distance was not on this. Their eyes were focused on the mysterious figure that appeared from time to time in the depths of the lightning sea.

“I’ve never heard of such a terrifying Dao cutting tribulation with nine levels stacked together! Even a Saint King would not be able to break through such a Great Tribulation! No matter how heaven-defying daolord Lu ya is, I’m afraid he won’t be able to escape this!” ye chen! a Saint King shouted, deeply shocked by ye Chen’s Dao tribulation.


Accompanied by the clear sound of metal clashing, a brilliant light illuminated the universe, causing everyone to lose their sight temporarily.

At this moment, everyone could sense that some sort of shackle in the heavens and earth had been broken. The fluctuations of the Dao in the heavens and earth had become much clearer.

When their vision recovered, they saw that the nine layers of shackles around ye chen had completely shattered, turning into waves of the purest energy and entering ye Chen’s body. Even the sea of Thunder around ye chen had shattered, and the world had returned to its original state.

Ye Chen’s figure reappeared between heaven and earth, hazy and floating like a celestial being. An invincible aura swept across the world. Although there was no saintly way rule power, it still made many saints breathless.

congratulations to the host for breaking through to the Dao crusher realm and obtaining the Supreme magical power, ruins of end fate slash.

ruins of end destructive fate slash: by controlling the ultimate destructive power of the ruins of end, you can break the shackles of fate, cut the foundation of the great Dao, kill the chosen ones, and destroy the Fortune of the celestial gate.

Was this a Divine Art that was specifically targeted at fate?

“Thief, you destroyed my barren fire divine cult’s Mountain Gate and killed my divine cult’s thousands of disciples. You must be killed!”

All of a sudden, an extremely furious roar came from the depths of the ruins of the barren fire divine sect. A flame blossoming with nine-colored divine light burned through the void, suffusing with the boundless power of Saint Dao law. Faintly, there were also illusory Supreme laws appearing, as if they were going to burn down the entire great world. It instantly arrived in front of ye chen.

Half-step Emperor-to-be!

The heavenly Tribulation had just passed, and ye chen had yet to retrieve the heavenly clouds. Now that he had revealed his true body, the existence of the barren fire sect, who was half a step into the Emperor-to-be realm, seized this fleeting opportunity and wanted to kill ye chen in one strike!

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