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263 This is just a puppet incarnation of daolord Lu ya?

“Desolate firmament heavenly Emperor’s frontal bone!” A Saint exclaimed in anger.

The expression of the wildfire sect leader was particularly grave. He said in a deep voice,”It’s too difficult to get it back from immortal Luya! Luya’s Heavenly Tribulation is coming. Let’s use the myriad star teleportation formation left behind by the desolate pan sovereign ancestor!”

“The ten thousand stars teleportation formation is a teleportation Emperor-to-be formation! Was the sect leader preparing to move the sect’s treasure house and elite disciples? Don’t you want the ancestral land of the divine sect?” A Saint asked the wildfire sect leader.

The barren fire sect master shook his head and said coldly,”How can I give up the ancestral land? He was using the ten thousand stars teleportation formation to move Luya away! As long as he leaves this place, the crisis of the heavenly Tribulation will naturally be resolved!”

“This method is feasible!” The eyes of the Saints lit up.


In the next quarter of an hour, a huge formation with supreme law circulating around it appeared out of thin air below ye chen. Inside the formation, there were tens of thousands of stars that seemed both real and illusionary. It was filled with a vast ocean-like spatial power, as if it could teleport people to any star at any time.

star-shifting formation, open! The barren fire sect master stood on top of the great desolate immortal refining furnace and shouted.


A deafening sound suddenly rang out in the heavens and earth. An extremely terrifying spatial fluctuation swept through the heavens and earth, as if it wanted to move the mountains and rivers to another world. Even the vast void trembled uncontrollably.

However, when this terrifying spatial fluctuation approached the auspicious cloud, it did not cause any ripples. The auspicious cloud seemed to be in another space and time, and no matter how the myriad star shifting formation exploded, it could not affect it at all.

“Even an Emperor-to-be teleportation formation is useless? The defense of the auspicious cloud is truly terrifying!” Someone in the distance exclaimed.

If it could be said that the immortal Flying Dagger had made a name for itself when Yu Ling was undergoing her tribulation, then this time, daolord Lu ya and his disciples had shaken the barren fire divine sect and made the clouds in the sky shine!

The power of heaven was vast, and countless heavenly tribulations could fall at any time. The Emperor-to-be level great teleportation formation had not played any role, so many ancestors of the barren fire divine sect were particularly heavy-hearted.

“We don’t have much time! The defense of the auspicious cloud is simply unreasonable, even if we want to fight with our lives, we can’t do anything! Is there any other way?” One of the Saints roared in anger.

The barren fire sect master stood on top of the great barren immortal refining furnace and said coldly, ” since there’s no other way, then whoever started the trouble will solve it!

Everyone’s hearts stirred. They naturally understood what the barren fire sect master meant.

The trouble was caused by venerable star flame, who naturally didn’t have the ability to deal with daolord Lu ya. In that case, he would just have to ask venerable star flame to step in and solve the problem if he couldn’t!

Perhaps daolord Lu ya’s anger could only be appeased if venerable star flame died! 𝑖𝓃𝓃𝘳𝖊𝑎d.𝒄𝗼m

Their divine thoughts simultaneously swept across the entire barren Fire Church, and soon locked onto venerable star flame, who was hiding near an Emperor-to-be level defense formation in the depths of the barren Fire Church.

Venerable starry flame was wearing a golden robe with fire patterns. He was hiding well when he suddenly felt the voice transmission of several Saint patriarchs. His face instantly turned gloomy.

A moment later, the light in venerable starry flame’s eyes dimmed. He knew in his heart that the Saint ancestors of the demonic sect were ready to give up on him.

A deep sense of powerlessness rose in venerable star flame’s heart. The barren fire divine sect had been passed down for millions of years. They had a deep foundation and their prestige was well-known. When had they fallen to this state?


Star flame Knight Rose into the air, holding a feather-shaped strange weapon that emitted a sharp Saint aura. He pointed at Dao Lord Lu ya, who was ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, and shouted, ” “Lu ya! I’m the star flame venerable, and the thousand feather blade of the Yu family is in my hands. If you want revenge, come at me! Why drag the barren fire sect into this?”

He knew that he could no longer hide, so he simply rushed out.

Since he couldn’t escape death no matter what, he might as well die in a grand way.

“It seems that the barren fire divine sect has abandoned you!”

Ye chen said with a faint smile, then turned to Yu Ling and said, ” “There’s still about ten breaths before the heavenly Tribulation descends. It should be enough for you to finish off this enemy.”

“Many thanks, master!”

thank you! Yu Ling thanked ye chen, then looked at star flame Knight. Her hands quickly formed all kinds of complicated seals.


All of a sudden, the thousand feather blade in star flame venerable’s hand bloomed with thousands of rays of light, exuding an extremely terrifying pressure of the saintly way. It instantly broke free from star flame venerable’s control and flashed past his neck, beheading him on the spot.

Even though they were in the middle of the barren fire sect, the barren fire sect leader and the few surviving Saints all chose to watch from the side. No one moved to stop them!


The thousand feather blade pierced through the void and fell into Yu Ling’s hand, which was put away.

After taking back the thousand feather blade, Yu Ling felt that her Dao heart had become clearer.

Although she had not completely gotten rid of the star flame venerable’s bloodline, it had already calmed the hatred in her heart.

Daoist Lu ya, the star flame venerable is dead. Our grudges have been settled. Why are you still not stopping?! The wildfire sect leader’s voice, suppressing his anger, came from the distance.

For the barren fire divine sect, sending venerable star flame out to die was a way of lowering their status and giving Daoist Lu ya a way out. As long as Daoist Lu ya did not want to fight to the death with them, it was time for him to stop.

However, would ye chen listen to them?

I’ve given you a choice. Since you’ve chosen to fight, then let’s see how much the great desolation immortal refining furnace can resist for you! Ye chen responded indifferently.

“Lu ya! In the future, I will destroy your Kun Lun lineage!”

The barren fire sect master roared in anger and immediately ordered sternly,”Activate all the defensive formations! The most powerful defense! Regardless of the cost!”

At this time, the wildfire sect master finally gave up on other methods and prepared to receive the baptism of the heavenly Tribulation.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ...”

There was a huge buzzing sound inside the barren fire divine sect. Defensive formations were activated one after another. Seven-colored light flickered, and the saintly way pressure churned. Supreme laws appeared faintly, and the void was strengthened countless times. It was an eye-opener for many experts who were watching from afar.

Ye chen turned a blind eye to the reaction of the barren Fire Church and turned to Yu Ling, ” “The heavenly Tribulation is about to arrive. Take the auspicious clouds to the distance and watch the Tribulation. Your master’s tribulation is not something you can interfere with.”

Ye chen had brought Yu Ling with him before the heavenly Tribulation so that she could gain more knowledge. Whether it was the boundless heaven’s might contained in the heavenly Tribulation or the hidden threat of the barren fire sect, both could greatly enrich her knowledge.

However, if Yu Ling was placed in ye Chen’s Heavenly Tribulation, even if she had an innate Dao embryo, she would still die!

It was better to send her out before the heavenly Tribulation descended.

“Master, why didn’t you leave behind the heavenly clouds to protect yourself?” Yu Ling quickly asked.

“If you don’t undergo the Tribulation, you won’t be able to establish a Supreme Dao Foundation. Although the auspicious cloud’s defense was strong, he couldn’t rely on it! In addition, I can still deal with this kind of Heavenly Tribulation!”

Ye chen shook his head with a smile and gently waved his hand. The heavenly clouds wrapped around Yu Ling and instantly brought her out of the heavenly Tribulation’s range.

When the feather spirit arrived at a safe position, ye chen suddenly released all of his Qi.


All of the heaven and earth spiritual Qi within a few million miles started to gather toward ye chen. It was like rivers running into the sea as they converged into the Tribulation cloud in the sky above ye chen. The Tribulation cloud quickly accumulated and became as thick as a mountain. Even a saint’s spirit sense couldn’t see through the cloud. The heaven’s might contained within was beyond imagination. Even a Saint had a feeling of fear, as if they would be buried under the heavenly Tribulation in the next quarter of an hour.

The heavenly Tribulation could descend at any time!

At this time, a shout suddenly came from the depths of the barren Fire Church,”Extreme Fire and Ice slash, killing array, activate!”

“Rumbling match!”

The earth rumbled and the void trembled. Several balls of fortune and fire from the barren fire divine sect gathered, rising from the ground to form a killing array burning with Scarlet flames. The flames clearly filled the sky, but it gave off an extremely cold and strange feeling. It was like the coldness born from the condensation of flames to the extreme, as if it could freeze people into pieces in the next moment!

“Lu ya! This formation was the Emperor-to-be killing formation left behind by the ultimate desolation Emperor ancestor. It could unleash a killing move comparable to an Emperor-to-be’s, killing gods and exterminating souls! Let’s see how you’re going to resist after losing the auspicious cloud!” A Saint with an aged face laughed wildly in the depths of the barren fire sect.


The sea of fire instantly condensed into a ferocious blade covered in red flames, exuding an extremely cold chill. It caused countless cracks to appear in the void, and the cracks formed the shape of flames. The auras of Ice and Fire intertwined perfectly, and there was a supreme law aura circulating.


Along with an ice-cold killing sound, the Ice and Fire blade suddenly disappeared from its original spot, instantly reappearing in the void near ye Chen’s puppet incarnation. It shattered ye Chen’s puppet incarnation into pieces on the spot, leaving behind thousands of miles of Ice and Fire flowers in the void.

Daolord Lu ya was killed just like that?

Everyone inside and outside the divine sect of the barren fire felt as if they were in an unreal dream. Daolord Lu ya had suppressed the entire divine sect of the barren fire so much that they could not even lift their heads, but now he was so easily beheaded?

This was not an illusion, right?

“Hahaha, Lu ya, you dare to be so arrogant in my barren fire sect, this is your end!” The Saint in the depths of the wilderness fire sect laughed madly.

Thunderous cheers erupted from the depths of the barren fire divine sect. Daolord Lu ya had given them too much pressure. Now that such a great enemy had been slain, everyone could not help but want to shout and vent their anger.

Many of the defensive arrays within the sect of barren fire had been destroyed once again. Since the enemy was already dead, why waste time activating the defensive arrays?

After all, activating a defensive formation above the Saint level would consume countless resources every quarter of an hour!

“Something’s wrong! Daolord Lu ya’s Heavenly Tribulation had yet to disappear. Instead, it had become even more terrifying! Don’t be in a hurry to withdraw the defensive formation!” The barren fire sect master sharply sensed that something was wrong and warned in a deep voice.

At this moment, an ethereal voice rang out between heaven and earth, ” using the Emperor-to-be killing formation to cut off one of my puppet incarnations. The barren fire sacred sect is worth watching!

In the next moment, the void that was filled with Ice and Fire for tens of thousands of miles turned into tribulation runes that contained the aura of catastrophe. In the void, they condensed into a figure that seemed both real and illusionary. It was as ethereal as a fairy.

Everyone used all sorts of secret techniques and eye-bloodline techniques to investigate, but all of them suffered from the backlash and vomited blood, their eyes filled with shock.

The figure, appearance, aura fluctuation, and background of this person who had just appeared could not be investigated!

Forcefully probing would definitely result in a backlash!

Could this be daolord Lu ya’s true body?

When the divine sect of barren fire took advantage of the absence of Daoist Lu ya’s heavenly clouds, they forcibly activated the Emperor-to-be killing formation to kill a puppet incarnation of Daoist Lu ya?

What kind of expert was daolord Lu ya?

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