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262 Who are you looking down on, the celestial cloud?

“What a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation! How many years has it been since I’ve seen such a Heavenly Tribulation?”

“This old man was fortunate enough to witness a Saint King tribulation, but it was far inferior to this Heavenly Tribulation! What is daolord Lu ya’s level of cultivation?”

“No wonder Daoist Lu ya dared to challenge the great Emperor’s orthodoxy. His Heavenly Tribulation is so terrifying, I really don’t know if the barren fire divine sect can withstand it?”

“How many years has it been since such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation has appeared? Daoist Luya’s tribulation in the barren fire divine sect will definitely cause them to suffer heavy losses, but the sect will definitely not sit by and do nothing. If the barren fire divine sect uses the power they have at their disposal, the risk of Daoist Luya’s tribulation will definitely go out of control!”

“Daolord Lu ya is not a hotheaded youth who knows nothing. He must have a clear understanding of what you’ve said! Since he dared to undergo tribulation in the barren fire divine sect, he must have a way to deal with it! For example, that defensive auspicious cloud, even the barren fire divine sect might not be able to break through its defense!”

“Heh, the heritage of the barren fire divine sect can’t be underestimated. Even if Daoist Lu ya has a defensive auspicious cloud, don’t forget that he still has to deal with the heavenly Tribulation! The way I see it, daolord Lu ya is in deep trouble this time!”


The experts who were watching the battle from a distance away from the church of the barren fire were all conversing with each other. Although they were all intimidated by the might of daolord Lu ya’s Heavenly Tribulation, many of them were not optimistic about daolord Lu ya’s chances of transcending it.

Heaven’s might was vast and mighty. The hundreds of thousands of elders and disciples in the barren fire divine sect felt it the most. Even with the great desolate immortal refining furnace and the mountain protecting formation isolating them, they could still feel the destructive heaven’s might, as if the entire barren fire divine sect would be buried under the heavenly Tribulation in the next moment.

This was a feeling they had never felt since joining the barren fire divine sect!

In the depths of the barren fire divine sect, there were flames of fortune that blotted out the sky and flickered endlessly. An angry voice that contained a saint’s might came from the depths of the barren fire divine sect, ” “Lu ya, you dare to undergo tribulation in my barren fire divine sect, this is cutting off the heritage of my barren fire divine sect! Do you want to fight to the death with my barren fire sect?”

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation’s eyes seemed to be able to pierce through the void, indifferently looking into the depths of the barren fire sect. He said indifferently, ” “There’s still the time it takes for an incense stick to burn before the heavenly Tribulation strikes. If you don’t want to die, then get lost! Of course, not a single one of venerable star flame’s lineage can leave!”

What an overbearing daolord Lu ya!

Everyone inside and outside of the church of barren fire could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Even in the face of a great emperor orthodoxy like the barren fire divine sect, he still had no scruples. He only gave them the time it takes an incense stick to burn to escape, not caring about the threat of the barren fire divine sect at all.

“What an arrogant daolord Lu ya! Your tribulation is powerful, but if you think you can make my barren fire sect lower its head just by relying on it, that’s wishful thinking! As long as you were killed before the heavenly Tribulation descended, even the most powerful Heavenly Tribulation would collapse on its own! Today, I’ll let you experience a portion of the heritage of my barren fire sect over a million years!” A cold and harsh voice came from the depths of the barren fire divine sect.

Immediately after, a vast and endless power of time emerged from within the barren fire sacred sect. Nine heaven-covering flames of Providence rose into the air and entered the great barren immortal refining furnace in the sky.


All of a sudden, an unprecedented Emperor pressure burst out of the great desolation immortal refining furnace, spraying out Scarlet flames containing Emperor divine pressure. It burned down the nine layers of void and evaporated the rivers, covering the sky and the earth as it rushed toward ye chen.

Right now, the great desolation immortal refining furnace was activated by the fate of the barren fire divine sect. The power that erupted from it was many times more terrifying than when sacred king Huangtu activated it with all his might. It was like the resurrection of a true great emperor, causing the myriad DAOs in the heavens to tremble.

When the experts in the void outside the sect of barren fire saw this, they subconsciously held their breaths, afraid that they would be affected by the great desolate immortal refining furnace.

Ye chen calmly looked at the incoming great desolation immortal refining furnace. A cloud silently appeared under his feet, covering both him and the feather spirit.

The sun, moon, and stars shone in the auspicious cloud, with five-colored lights flashing and eight notes of celestial music chiming. There were also golden lamps, precious lotuses, and other treasures falling from the sky. It was the auspicious cloud of heaven!

“Boom boom boom!”

The great desolation immortal refining furnace smashed through the void and instantly arrived in front of ye chen, tearing open a huge pitch-black crack that was thousands of miles long. All kinds of heaven and earth laws were annihilated, and the Emperor might was boundless.

However, when the terrifying celestial phenomenon created by the great desolation immortal refining furnace approached the auspicious clouds, it weakened uncontrollably and disappeared without a trace.

The heaven and earth where the auspicious cloud was located seemed to be in another time and space, completely unaffected by the great desolation immortal refining furnace.

Even the great desolation immortal refining furnace slid to the side uncontrollably when it touched the cloud. It couldn’t hurt ye chen and Yu Ling at all!

Seeing this, many of the old powerhouses who were watching the battle from the void in the distance could not help but gasp.

“What a powerful defense! Even the monarch weapon’s attack can’t break through its defense. May I ask, what is the name of this cloud?” An old voice came from the void in the distance. The voice contained the aura of the saintly way. Finally, someone couldn’t help but ask for the name of the treasure.

“Heavenly clouds!” Ye chen replied.

“What a good” all heavens celebration cloud “! If even a sovereign weapon could do nothing to it, it must be an immortal artifact! Fellow Daoist, you’re so blessed!” Another Saint spoke, his tone filled with jealousy.

A celestial artifact?

Ha, who are you looking down on!

Ye chen chuckled and did not continue to respond. His eyes looked indifferently into the depths, and he pointed at the increasingly thick tribulation clouds above him, saying calmly, ” “There’s still half an incense stick left!”

The few Saints in the depths of the barren fire divine sect fell silent. They felt that it was extremely troublesome to use the Fortune of the divine sect to activate the monarch weapon.

The barren fire sect master looked at the Saints and frowned. “Patriarchs, even the monarch weapons can’t do anything to him, so it’s probably useless even if the monarch formation is restored! This child’s Heavenly Tribulation will arrive in at most half an incense stick’s time. How can we deal with such a powerful enemy?”

“If there’s only half an incense stick left, why haven’t the rules of saintly way gathered in this kid’s Heavenly Tribulation? As for the Supreme rule, there was nothing at all! However, this heaven’s might can’t be fake. How can there be such a strange heaven’s tribulation in this world?” One of the Saints asked.

The other Saints all sensed it and confirmed that there were no rules of saintly way or Supreme rules in the Tribulation cloud. They couldn’t help but be confused.

The barren fire sect master seemed to have suddenly thought of something. His pupils suddenly contracted, and he said in shock,”Is there another possibility? perhaps this Heavenly Tribulation is just daolord Lu ya’s Dao-severing tribulation?”

The other Saints couldn’t help but hold their breaths. This kind of thinking was too crazy!

Several Saint Kings had died at Daoist Lu ya’s hands. Even the myriad flower Grand Sage from the ten thousand Flower Valley had died at his hands. If Daoist Lu ya had not severed his Dao, what kind of monster was he?

The scenes of Daoist Lu ya killing his enemies flashed through their minds, and the horror in their eyes became more and more intense.

This was because they realized that daolord Lu ya had killed so many enemies, but he had never used the power of rules of saintly way!

What he relied on was nothing more than the heavenly clouds, the immortal flying blade, the purple gold Red gourd, and other powerful treasures, as well as some terrifying divine powers!

The few Saints from the barren fire sect looked at each other. One of them swallowed his saliva and guessed in shock,”Daoist Lu ya has never used the rules of saintly way, and his tribulation cloud didn’t even condense the rules of saintly way. This means that this Heavenly Tribulation isn’t even a divine tribulation, it’s at most a Dao-severing tribulation! In other words, daolord Lu ya was most likely just a Daoist master! How is this possible?”

Daoist Lu ya’s battle achievements were too brilliant and he had made a name for himself. In the eyes of others, Daoist Lu ya was at least an invincible Saint King, or even a Supreme Saint. No one thought of him as a Daoist master.

The Daoist master had killed a Saint King and even the myriad flower Grand Sage. Even a young Emperor couldn’t do that!

“Whether he’s a Dao master or an unparalleled sacred king, he’s not someone we can stop! When the Tribulation comes, even with the protection of the emperor’s formation, my barren fire divine sect will suffer an unprecedented destructive blow! Do we need to call for divine ancestor Huang Ling to come out?” The barren fire sect master said, his eyes filled with anxiety.

Another Saint immediately denied, ” “Divine ancestor Huang Ling is half a step into the Emperor-to-be realm. He sealed himself and went into a deep sleep. When his Dao art revives to the extreme, he will break through to the Emperor-to-be realm in one go! If she woke up now, the chances of her breaking through to Emperor-to-be would be too slim. It would be equivalent to cutting off her Dao vindication path! Why would a mere Dao master bother the old man?”

“If we can’t stop the heavenly Tribulation, divine ancestor Huang Ling will also be woken up! Now that the heavens are about to descend, we have to think of a way!” The barren fire sect master retorted.

An old Saint with a wrinkled face let out a long breath and said, ” if we don’t alert divine ancestor Huang Ling, we can only use the backup left behind by the Emperor-to-be patriarchs!

“Burning the essence of a Saint and using the Dao bone left behind by an Emperor-to-be ancestor to unleash a full-powered attack from an Emperor-to-be ancestor ... The price is too great!” Another Saint exclaimed. Are we really going to use this?”

“Time is of the essence. For the honor of the barren fire divine sect, this old man is willing to sacrifice his body to destroy the enemy! To die for the divine sect is my lifelong pursuit!” The old Saint laughed and raised his hand towards the Treasury in the depths of the barren fire divine sect. A piece of smooth Jade-like frontal bone flew out and directly entered his head.


The old saint’s entire body was burning with red flames. His essence, energy, and spirit were all burning wildly. His forehead bone emitted a brilliant light like the scorching sun, faintly communicating with the ancient power in the dark.

In the blink of an eye, the old Saint turned into a red flame filled with the aura of time, stretching into a long river of fire, covering the sky and earth as it attacked ye chen.

“Farewell, martial uncle!”

“Farewell, Grandmaster!”

“Farewell, senior brother!”


The remaining few Saints of the barren fire divine sect all simultaneously bowed towards the flame of time that the old Saint had transformed into.

“Time of the wildfire!”

A wild and ancient spiritual fluctuation reverberated between heaven and earth. In the river of flames, there were vague Supreme rules flashing, reflecting ancient pictures. There were ancestors covered in flame totem patterns cutting through thorns with a chopper, gods with long red hair scattering flames to subdue thousands of demons, and old men with Sage-like demeanor giving sermons on flame Lotus seats. There were many ancient pictures flowing out, and a wild and ancient aura hit one’s face.

When this sacred art was used, everyone inside and outside of the church of barren fire felt a strong sense of suffocation. Just a single glance was enough to make them lose themselves in that ancient scroll of time.

This sacred art was unleashed by a Sage by burning his essence, Qi, and spirit with the Dao bone of an Emperor-to-be, and it was comparable to the full-power attack of an Emperor-to-be!

It sealed the void and suppressed thousands of DAOs, making it impossible to escape!

If such an attack was directed at them, they would all die under this attack!

Could daolord Lu ya’s auspicious clouds block it?

Ye chen took Yu Ling and stood on the clouds, looking at the time flame calmly. His expression didn’t change at all, and a trace of interest even appeared on the corner of his mouth, as if he was enjoying the beauty of this time scroll.

Under everyone’s gazes, the time of wildfire crushed down on the world, as if it wanted to bring back ancient glory, but when it touched the auspicious clouds, it uncontrollably slipped past.

“Boom boom boom!”

The sky and earth rumbled, and thousands of DAOs collapsed. The void collapsed in large areas, and the mountains and rivers behind ye chen disappeared into thin air, turning into a bottomless abyss. Glass burned by high temperature was everywhere, and incomplete Supreme laws were wreaking havoc everywhere. Countless living beings had been affected and buried under this attack.

This was the ancestral land of the barren fire divine sect. The nearby mountains and rivers were nourished by the fate of the barren fire divine sect all year round. The power of the rules of saintly way of many sages had penetrated it over countless years. It was enough to withstand the destruction of a battle between Saints. However, under the attack of an Emperor-to-be, it was like paper. Tens of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers collapsed and disappeared.

If it was in any other area, the destructive power of an Emperor-to-be’s blow would be magnified thousands of times!

However, such an attack did not have any effect on ye chen.

The defense of the auspicious cloud was terrifying!

Everyone inside and outside of the church of wildfire was stunned. The blow of the Emperor-to-be had almost collapsed their Dao hearts, but the defense of the auspicious clouds was even more shocking!

There was such a defensive treasure in the world?

The barren fire sect leader and the few surviving Saints were all dumbfounded. The Saint ancestor had burned all of his essence, Qi, and spirit to use the quasi-Emperor Dao bone to unleash a full-powered attack from a quasi-Emperor, yet it was so easily dealt with by ye chen. The impact it had on them was unimaginable.

All of them could not help but feel a deep sense of despair. As a great emperor orthodoxy, the barren fire divine sect had never been bullied to this extent!

Ye chen waved his hand, and the dazzling light in the vast abyss disappeared, revealing the forebone of the Emperor-to-be at the center of the abyss.

The frontal bone was imprinted with complex Supreme patterns, and it was filled with the unique pressure of an Emperor-to-be, but the overall brilliance of the frontal bone was particularly dim.


Ye chen lightly waved his hand, and the forebone of the quasi Emperor disappeared into the hollow Willow.

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