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261 Ye chen is going to cut his Dao and undergo tribulation in the barren fire sect!

The barren fire divine sect was located in the southern region of the ancient barren Central State. It occupied an area of tens of thousands of miles.

The great desolation immortal refining furnace hung high in the sky above the entire barren fire divine sect, and the great emperor pressure that fell down was like a curtain in the sky, shrouding the nearly 1000-foot high mountains below.

Red flames as large as mountains danced among the many high mountains and deep valleys. The rhythm of the fire curled up, deep and vast. These were all formed from the boundless luck accumulated by the barren fire divine sect. They were the source of power for the thousands of disciples of the barren fire divine sect. They were filled with a wild and ancient aura.

The barren fire divine sect was a true great emperor orthodoxy. It had stood for a million years without falling, and its Foundation was unfathomable.

In the air outside the sect of barren fire, Yu Ling looked at the majestic great emperor orthodoxy in front of her and felt a little uncertain. She said in a low voice,”Master, the barren fire divine sect is a true great Emperor’s orthodoxy, with the monarch weapon, the great desolate immortal refining furnace, and many monarch-level arrays protecting it. I’m afraid it will bring great trouble to master if you go head to head with such a great Emperor’s orthodoxy! I can wait for the day of my revenge!”

Ye Chen’s puppet waved his hand indifferently and smiled, ” “I have my own ways to deal with the barren fire divine sect. Even if I can’t exterminate them, it’s enough to teach them a profound lesson! There’s no need to have any concerns, master will take care of everything!”

Yu Ling’s eyes were filled with shock. She asked in confusion, ” “Master, won’t this be too unstable?”

Ye chen gave Yu Ling a deep look and praised, ” “It’s very good that you’re always thinking about doing things steadily! But don’t worry, I’ve already made full preparations. Even if we can’t exterminate the barren fire sect, we can still retreat unscathed!”

Ye chen had helped Yu Ling destroy six great saint lands. If he stopped at the barren fire sect, it would give people the illusion that Kunlun was afraid of the Emperor orthodoxy. In the future, there might be more Emperor-based immortal sects who couldn’t help but try to steal Yu Ling’s innate Dao fruit. It would be better to solve the problem of the barren fire sect in one go!

Killing the chicken to warn the monkeys!

For ye chen, with the blessings of the heavens, the master and disciple had long been standing in an invincible place.

If things went south, the hollow Willow could also take them away instantly. No one in the world could predict ye Chen’s origin, so there was no need to worry about anything!

Hearing ye Chen’s words, Yu Ling suddenly felt very confident. Her figure appeared in the air, not hiding her aura at all. Her whole body had merged with the great Dao in the world, and her cold voice spread out, ” “Yu Ling of the Yu family of the divine Dao, I’m here for justice!”

For a moment, heaven and earth trembled, and all DAOs merged as if the entire heaven and earth were uttering sound.

The great desolation immortal refining furnace trembled slightly, and a vast Emperor’s might scattered down, emitting an immortal light.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

One powerful figure after another flew into the sky from various parts of the barren fire divine sect. Their auras connected with each other, forming a vast flame that covered ten thousand miles of the void above the barren fire divine sect. It faintly resonated with the tens of thousands of flames within the barren fire divine sect, and the aura of the wild and ancient times churned unceasingly.

There was even a Saint path aura shaking in the depths of the barren fire divine sect.

Under normal circumstances, the cultivation displayed by the feather spirit wouldn’t be enough to alarm a Saint.

However, just as sacred king Huangtu was killed, the great desolation celestial furnace automatically flew back to the sect. The revived Saints of the sect were gathered together to discuss the aftermath of sacred king Huangtu’s death. Suddenly hearing Yu Ling’s provocation outside the sect, they were all shocked and furious.

Since when could the barren fire divine sect be bullied by a puny Dao master?

However, just now, sacred king Huangtu and the great desolate immortal refining furnace were killed by Daoist Lu ya. They were all extremely afraid of Yu Ling, the successor of Daoist Lu ya. They were prepared to see the situation before making a decision.


A tall and sturdy middle-aged man suddenly appeared above the great desolation immortal refining furnace. He had red eyebrows, a straight nose, and a wide mouth. His body was surrounded by mysterious fire patterns, and the pressure he emitted was comparable to that of a Saint. He looked at Yu Ling with his lamp-like eyes and shouted,”Yu family’s remnant, Lu ya killed our sect’s Holy King Huangtu. This hatred is absolutely irreconcilable! You still dare to come to my barren fire sect to seek justice? do you really think that my barren fire sect is easy to bully?”

This person was the current Hierarch of the barren fire divine sect!

Yu Ling stood in the air. Her expression didn’t change at all. She said indifferently, ” “A debt of blood must be repaid with blood! The reason why sacred king Huangtu died was because he deserved to die! Hand over the star flame venerable and his people who attacked the Yu family, as well as the thousand feather blade, and this matter will be over! Otherwise, don’t blame me, Kun Lun, for being impolite!”

After killing the six great Holy Lands, the hatred in Yu Ling’s heart had been washed away.

After all, the barren fire divine sect was a great emperor orthodoxy. Yu Ling didn’t want to bring too much burden to her master. If she could kill the lineage of venerable star flame who attacked the Yu family and take back the thousand feather blade, she would have avenged the Yu family. She didn’t have to cut off the lineage of the barren fire divine sect.

Just as Yu Ling and the barren fire sect master were confronting each other, what had happened here had already spread. Many big shots of the ancient barren Central State had rushed over at the first moment, watching from the depths of the void.

Hearing the feather Spirit’s request, they were all speechless.

They had never heard of a Dao Lord realm cultivator threatening a great Emperor’s orthodoxy!

“Ridiculous! How could my barren fire sect be threatened by a puny Dao master like you? Impolite? Let’s see how impolite you are!” The barren fire sect master berated angrily.

Yu Ling’s request was a slap to the face of the church of the barren fire. As an Emperor, the church of the barren fire would definitely not agree to it!

In his view, the barren fire divine cult had stood for a million years without falling, and had experienced many storms and waves!

Even though the death of sacred king Huang tu was a huge blow to the barren fire sect, this was the base camp of the sect. With the great desolate immortal refining furnace and monarch level array protecting it, even an Emperor-to-be would have to think twice before attacking the sect!

The Saints deep within the wilderness fire sect all agreed. To them, even if they had to give up their lives, they would not allow the wilderness fire sect to suffer such a great humiliation!

“Then there’s nothing to talk about?”

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, Daoist Lu ya, appeared from the depths of the void, shaking his head and sighing.

The pupils of the barren fire sect master suddenly contracted. He had long heard of daolord Lu ya’s fierce reputation. Seeing the real daolord Lu ya appear, his heart was filled with fear.


The sect master activated the great desolation immortal refining furnace and spewed out a ball of flame containing Emperor pressure to protect himself. He forced himself to calm down and shouted,”Lu ya, others may be afraid of you, but my barren fire divine sect is not! My barren fire divine sect is right here, show me what you got!”

With the heritage of the barren fire sect that had been around for millions of years, the sect master of the barren fire sect was still full of confidence even in the face of the infamous daolord Lu ya. He believed that daolord Lu ya simply had no right to challenge the barren fire sect!

“The ignorant are truly fearless, hehe.”

Ye chen shook his head slightly and looked up into the sky. In his eyes, there were countless worlds that were constantly changing. The sun and moon rotated, and the seas changed. All the changes in the world were within.

Immediately after, a vast heavenly might appeared out of thin air.

This heaven’s might was unimaginably powerful. Even the great sovereign’s pressure released by the great desolation immortal refining furnace was far from comparable to it. It was like a real great thousand world pressing on everyone’s heart, making everyone involuntarily feel that they could not resist it.

The wind was blowing, and the clouds were gathering. In just a blink of an eye, a vast tribulation cloud, hundreds of thousands of miles in radius, had been formed in the void. It covered the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, with tens of thousands of lightning bolts flashing in it, containing the power of the Tribulation that could destroy the world. The invisible heavenly might was pressing down on the great Dao of the entire ancient barren Central Plains, making it rumble.

“Heavenly Tribulation? How is this possible?” The wildfire sect leader blurted out, his eyes flashing with disbelief.

Since the opening of the golden age, he had seen countless heavenly tribulations, but even the sage tribulations could not be compared to the heavenly Tribulation in front of him!

Yu Ling saw the boundless tribulation cloud that appeared between heaven and earth. A look of realization flashed across her clear eyes, and the corners of her mouth unconsciously rose.”It turns out that master is going to undergo his tribulation! He really didn’t expect that his master’s main body would actually be here! I wonder if master’s tribulation this time will be a great saint tribulation or a quasi-Emperor tribulation?”

Yu Ling only knew that her master’s cultivation was unfathomable, but she didn’t know that her master had yet to sever his Dao!

In her opinion, her master was at least an invincible Saint King, or even a Supreme Saint!

Otherwise, how could his master dare to offend so many great emperors at the same time?

Otherwise, why would her master dare to bring her here to attack the barren fire sect?

Ye chen had been stuck at the peak of the Dao Lord realm for many years. As long as he wanted to, he could cross the Tribulation and cut his Dao at any time.

With the all heaven auspicious cloud and hollow Willow, ye chen was already in an invincible position. Just as he was worrying about where to go for his tribulation, Saint King Huang tu of the barren fire sect came to kill him with his Emperor weapon, pointing him in the right direction.

It was impolite not to return the favor. Ye chen had confirmed the location of the Tribulation, it was the barren fire sect!

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