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260 The destruction of the six great Holy Lands

The ten thousand Flower Valley was destroyed, and daolord Lu ya and his disciple disappeared. Only then did the experts hiding in the distant void dare to reveal themselves.

Looking at the vast and boundless ruins in front of them, they all sighed with emotion.

the ten thousand Flower Valley has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years. I didn’t expect that it would be destroyed by Daoist Lu ya. Such a glorious Holy Land has ended up in such a miserable state. It’s really sad and lamentable!

“If you want to blame someone, blame them for provoking the wrong person! Kun Lun’s Daoist Lu ya even killed the Saint Kings of the Dragon race, primordial Peng race, and ancient Chi family without any hesitation. What does the ten thousand Flower Valley have to fight Daoist Lu ya?”

“The reason why the ten thousand Flower Valley provoked daolord Lu ya was because of their innate Dao embryo! Back then, the ten thousand Flower Valley destroyed the Yu family of the divine Dao, which had the innate Dao fetus. This is a great enmity. The ten thousand Flower Valley only has themselves to blame for their current state!”

“Speaking of the extermination of the whole Yu family, the ten thousand Flower Valley was not the only force that attacked the Yu family!”

“Hiss! In this case, the destruction of the ten thousand Flower Valley was only the beginning! The other sacred lands and divine families will probably be annihilated as well!”

“Which Holy Land will be next?”


While the experts were talking, ye Chen’s puppet had already brought Yu Ling to another Holy Land millions of miles away, the thousand Jade Palace.

The thousand Jade Palace was located on a majestic divine mountain that was tens of thousands of feet tall. Under the shade of red flowers and green trees, there were thousands of heavenly palaces lined up from the foot of the divine mountain to the peak, layer by layer. Auspicious clouds floated outside the heavenly palaces and palaces, giving off a majestic atmosphere.

Ye chen gestured to Yu Ling and said casually, ” “You go. If someone bullies you, I will protect you.”

“Thank you for your help, master. I’ll be off now!”

Yu Ling saluted ye chen and appeared in the air. She waved her hand, and the formation-breaking divine plate flew out of her hand. It split into six parts, then sixty-six parts. In the blink of an eye, it was embedded in all the key positions of the thousand Jade Palace’s great mountain-protecting formation.

“Boom boom boom!”

With an earth-shattering boom, the thousand Jade Palace’s Mountain-protecting formation collapsed.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

One figure after another flew out of the thousand Jade Palace, all of them looking out into the void in shock.

“Who dares to act so atrociously outside my thousand Jade Palace?” i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

An old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion stood in the sky above the thousand Jade Palace. He was wearing a moon-white robe and holding a 33-story glazed Pagoda in his hand. He was shouting angrily at Yu Ling, who was in the void, with undisguised killing intent in his eyes.

This person was the palace Master of the thousand Jade Palace, whose cultivation had reached the Dao severing realm.

The palace Master didn’t act rashly. After all, the man had broken the palace’s Mountain-protecting Holy array with a single hand, which was enough for him to treat him seriously. He was going to figure out the man’s background before making any plans.

“Yu Ling of the Yu family of the divine Dao is here for revenge!” Yu Ling’s ethereal and indifferent voice reverberated throughout the entire thousand Jade Palace.

“What? The surviving members of the Yu family?”

“Is she the legendary innate Dao fetus? The Yu family has already been destroyed, so what right does she have to come to my thousand Jade Palace and cause trouble?”

“You’re not well-informed! Back then, when the barren fire divine sect joined forces with the six sacred grounds to besiege the Yu family of the divine Dao, the innate Dao fetus managed to escape. Later on, she became the disciple of daolord Lu ya of Kunlun. Daolord Lu ya once killed three Saint Kings and nine saints when the innate Dao fetus was going through the Tribulation, making a name for himself! Now, the innate Dao fetus is here for revenge!”

“How is that possible? Even three Saint Kings had died? What kind of power is Kun Lun?”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of power Kunlun is. Since she dared to come to the thousand Jade Palace for revenge, daolord Lu ya must be with her! I’m afraid the thousand treasures Palace can’t survive this disaster. If you don’t want to die, run!”


All the elders and disciples of the thousand Jade Palace were in a panic, and many of them even fled in all directions.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

All of a sudden, strange flowers bloomed in the void. In the blink of an eye, they formed a formation made of countless strange flowers of different colors. Each flower was flowing with the power of rules of saintly way, covering the void within thousands of miles. Their saintly might was endless.

Ten thousand flower God slaughtering formation!


“Help! Master, save me!”

“I don’t want to die!”

The moment the fleeing thousand Jade Palace disciples touched the God-slaughtering flowers array, their essence, Qi, and spirit were uncontrollably drained. They screamed and turned into skeletons that fell from the blue sky.

Yu Ling was here for revenge. She didn’t want to let any of these thousand Qiong Palace disciples go!

The dead members of the Yu family were all watching from the ground. When the enemies of the thousand Jade Palace attacked the Yu family, they were not merciful at all. She was not qualified to forgive the enemies for her family. Only the blood of the enemies could be used to pay tribute to the dead souls of the thousands of Yu family members!

A blood debt must be paid with blood!

Holy array?! The pupils of many experts from the thousand treasures Palace suddenly shrank.

“Ka ka ka ka ka!”

The sound of coffins opening came from the depths of the mountain where the thousand Jade Palace was located. More than a dozen skinny figures with powerful auras emerged from the depths of the thousand Jade Palace. All of them had reached the Dao severing realm, and they all looked at the ten thousand flower God-slaughtering array with solemn expressions.

“Ten thousand Flower Valley’s ten thousand flower God slaughtering formation!” Someone recognized the formation.

The palace master’s heart was heavy. She knew that the awakened Dao severing realm Venerables would not be able to stop the innate Dao embryo’s revenge. She had to ask the Saint patriarchs to come out of seclusion!

a powerful enemy has invaded. We are unable to resist. Please come out of seclusion, ancestor Qian Qiong! The palace Master bowed to the palace.

“Boom boom boom!”

Muffled sounds came from the depths of the thousand treasures Palace. Thousands of great DAOs collapsed, and the void collapsed. A vast saintly way pressure emerged from the depths of the thousand treasures Palace, crushing the entire void.


A skinny figure that was only skin and bones suddenly appeared in the void. All the Dao in the world madly gathered towards this person. This person’s body began to fill up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a middle-aged man with an imposing appearance. His Saint might was vast and mighty, as if he was the master of the entire world.

He was a true Saint!

Patriarch thousand Jade’s eyes swept indifferently across the feather spirit in the air. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she said with interest, ” “An innate Dao embryo! An innate Dao embryo at the Dao Lord realm is enough for me to step into the Saint King realm! He didn’t expect her to come to him personally! The heavens really have eyes!”

This old man had been in a deep sleep for many years. He didn’t know about the bloody battle when Yu Ling transcended her tribulation, nor did he know how fierce Daoist Lu ya, who was behind the innate Dao fetus, was!

“Forefather, don’t be careless! This woman is the disciple of daolord Lu ya of Kunlun!” Palace Master thousand Jade hurriedly reminded her.

“What kind of power is Kun Lun? Who was daolord Lu ya? Hmph, no one can stop me from taking this innate Dao fruit! Even a puny Dao master is afraid of you. The thousand Jade Palace really has no successor to let you be the current Palace Master!” Forefather thousand Jade shook her head and looked at feather spirit.

Just as forefather qianqiong was about to make a move, she saw a purple and yellow gourd appear out of thin air in Yu Ling’s hand. It was surrounded by a purple and white light, which contained a monstrous killing intent.

“Immortal flying knife!” The palace Master cried out in alarm and retreated into the giant peak where the palace was located, for fear of being targeted by the immortal flying saber.

Isn’t this a gourd? What was the immortal flying knife?

The thousand Jade Palace’s patriarch was still confused when he saw Yu Ling gently open the lid of the gourd.


A beam of light shot out from the gourd. On it was a treasure that was seven inches long. It had a head, eyes, and wings. It instantly locked onto ancestor Qian Qiong.

Just as old ancestor Qian Qiong was wondering what kind of treasure it was, her soul was frozen by the immortal slaying saber. Her consciousness fell into a coma, and her body was motionless in midair.

“Please turn around, baby!” Yu Ling bowed.


The immortal flying knife appeared above ancestor Qian Qiong’s head in an instant. It circled her head three times, and her head flew out. Her headless body fell to the ground, and the power of rules of saintly way splashed everywhere. Hundreds of heavenly palaces and treasure halls were turned into ruins.

was patriarch Qian Qiong killed just like that? ”

All the elders and disciples of the thousand Jade Palace were dumbfounded and their minds went blank.

More than half of Yu Ling’s energy was consumed, and a sense of weakness rose from the bottom of her heart. But, her innate embryo of Dao connected with the heaven and earth, and the power of the great Dao gathered toward her. In the blink of an eye, she was back to her peak state.

Yu Ling was a Dao master, so it was indeed exhausting for her to use the immortal slaying saber to kill a Saint. However, she had an innate Dao embryo, so she could completely ignore the consumption!

“The ancestor is dead!”

“The thousand Jade Palace is going to be destroyed! Quickly run!”

the entire thousand Jade Palace has been sealed off. Where can we escape to? ”

“Let’s fight it out with her!”

even ancestor Qian Qiong is dead. What can we do to fight her? ”

“Have mercy! I’ve just joined the thousand treasures Palace, and I don’t know anything about the grudges between you and the thousand treasures Palace. Please spare me!”

I participated in the battle to exterminate the Yu family and killed more than 100 of your people. Come at me if you dare!


The elders and disciples of the thousand Jade Palace were running around like headless flies. Some wanted to fight for their lives, some were begging for mercy, and some were willing to die. There were all kinds of creatures.

The feather spirit was unmoved by the begging of the disciples of the thousand treasures Palace. She communicated with the DAOs of heaven and earth with her innate Dao embryo, and the endless DAOs turned into heavenly thunders, tribulation fire, icicles, wind blades, and other celestial phenomena, quickly harvesting lives.

The other cultivators of the ancient barren central continent had long guessed that Yu Ling would seek revenge from the other Holy Lands. When they sensed the movement here, they came here as soon as they could. Seeing this scene, they all knew that the thousand Jade Palace had been defeated this time.

These experts were all hiding in the distance and watching the show. No one dared to stop him.

An hour later, the giant peak where the thousand Jade Palace was located was in ruins. Blood flowed like a river and it had become a ruin. There was no sign of life at all. No one had escaped.

The thousand treasures Palace had been destroyed, leaving no one alive!

Yu Ling put away the spoils of war and disappeared from where she was, following ye chen to the next Holy Land.

The news of the destruction of the ten thousand Flower Valley and the thousand Jade Palace spread quickly. The Duanmu family, the divine Dao Ling family, the xuanming sacred land, and the pure sky sacred land, who had participated in the battle to destroy the Yu family, were all terrified.

They knew that the feather spirit would find them soon, and they would definitely not be able to stop the feather spirit with Daoist Lu ya’s support. They all ordered their disciples to flee in all directions, hoping that Dongshan mountain would rise again.

However, they realized that no one could escape ten thousand miles away from their respective Holy Lands.

Thousands of miles away, there seemed to be an invisible barrier that blocked everyone. Even the heaven and earth Dao talisman could not tear it open!

This was naturally the sealing formation that ye chen had set up with several puppet incarnations. He had yet to take revenge for Yu Ling, so how could he let them escape?

Not long after, the Duanmu family, the Ling family, the xuanming sacred land, and the pure sky sacred land were reduced to ruins. Corpses were strewn across the land, and blood flowed.

In a single day, the six great Holy Lands were destroyed one after another, shaking the world!

Back in the feather immortal abode, the cloud-Sword Saint son, the frost-Sword Saint son, and the divine firmament saintess had all attacked Yu Ling. Although they had all been killed by Yu Ling, the sacred lands behind them were also on tenterhooks, afraid that Yu Ling would come to their sacred lands.

The cloud sword sanctum, divine firmament sanctum, Frost Sword sanctum, and other sanctuaries that had attacked Yu Ling in the feather immortal abode were all uneasy, but Yu Ling did not come to them.

Yu Ling destroyed the six Holy Lands to take revenge for the Yu family, not because she was Born to Kill. Those Holy Sons and holy virgins who attacked her in the feather transformation immortal mansion had all been killed by her. She didn’t want to go to the other side’s Masters and clansmen.

Just as the entire ancient barren Central State was in shock over the destruction of the six great Holy Lands, Yu Ling followed ye Chen’s puppet incarnation to the outside of the barren fire sect.

It was not just the six Holy Lands that destroyed the Yu family!

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