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256 The foundation of the ten thousand Flower Valley

When she heard Yu Ling’s voice, her expression changed. The divine power in her body burned wildly, and a flower-shaped rune flew out of her forehead. It emitted a vast Saint might and protected her.

At that moment, the immortal slaying Flying Dagger with eyes and wings had already flown out of the gourd. Its eyes shot out two dazzling white beams as it looked at the myriad Flower Valley master.

The ten thousand Flower Valley lady immediately froze in the void, and her soul fell unconscious. Even with her holy weapon protecting her body, she couldn’t block the immortal-slaying flying saber’s targeting.


In the next moment, the immortal slaying flying knife pierced through the void and appeared above myriad Flower Valley master’s head in an instant. It spun rapidly.

Ten thousand Flower Valley master’s head flew off on the spot. Her headless corpse, dyed red with blood, fell from the sky, and she died.

The entire ten thousand Flower Valley was in an uproar. Their Valley master had just broken through to the Dao severing realm not long ago and had a holy weapon to protect her. In their hearts, she was an invincible existence.

But now, their Valley master had been killed by the feather spirit in a single move, making them feel as if they were in a dream.

“Everyone, attack together! Take revenge for the valley master!” An old woman with a head full of silver hair shouted out in a stern voice. She was the first to turn into a red, Demonic Flower. She cut through the void and attacked the feather spirit.

Dozens of elders with powerful auras rushed toward Yu Ling, their eyes full of hatred.


&Nbsp; six seemingly real and illusionary ancient worlds suddenly appeared around feather spirit, exuding terrifying World Energy that enveloped the dozens of great beings nearby.

The six Dao world’s reincarnation was spinning, and the elders seemed to have fallen into some kind of endless reincarnation. In the blink of an eye, their energy was depleted, and they turned into skeletons that fell from the blue sky.

Seeing this scene, the other people of the ten thousand Flower Valley finally sobered up a bit. Most of the experts were quickly retreating.

Valley master ten thousand flower and many powerful elders were dead. They knew that they would only be sending themselves to death if they went to fight Yu Ling now. The most rational way was to protect themselves.

Yu Ling seemed to have become the incarnation of the great Dao. With a wave of her hand, thousands of great Dao in the world rushed toward the ten thousand Flower Valley with her hand gesture.

The mountains in the ten thousand Flower Valley exploded, and blazing and violent flames gushed out from the depths of the earth. Dragon-shaped Thunderbolts fell from the sky and wreaked havoc in the world. The soul-devouring wind from outer space swept across everything without restraint, and the icicles that blotted out the sky and the sun created thousands of bottomless holes in the ground.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of ten thousand Flower Valley disciples were buried in the great Dao’s heavenly might. On the mountain peaks, the Scriptures Depository, divine weapon Pavilion, spirit elixir Pavilion, treasure Pavilion, and other buildings collapsed. Many Daoist Arts and inheritances were destroyed.


From the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley, an old woman in a gray robe with a wrinkled face rose into the air. She was one of the Grand elders of the ten thousand Flower Valley. The aura she emitted was as vast as the sea, suppressing the surrounding world and making it rumble. She was a Dao severing realm unparalleled venerable.

The grey-robed old woman looked at Yu Ling with cold killing intent in her eyes. She shouted, ” “Sacred array of flowers, kill!”


Brilliant light lit up all over the ten thousand Flower Valley. Beautiful flowers of different colors appeared out of thin air and bloomed one after another. The flowers swayed and the fragrance assaulted people. In the blink of an eye, it formed a sea of flowers that covered the sky. It was filled with the vast power of the saintly way and enveloped Yu Ling.

The sacred array of flowers seemed to be able to isolate the DAOs of heaven and earth. As soon as it appeared, it isolated Yu Ling from the DAOs of heaven and earth. Even though Yu Ling was an innate Dao fetus, her sense of the DAOs of heaven and earth had become very weak, and the operation of the great DAOs in her body had slowed down.

Yu Ling raised her eyebrows and waved her hand. The formation-breaking Holy plate left her hand and split into six, then six and six again. The 36 formation plates traveled through the void without any hindrance and imprinted on many key nodes of the flower Sea sacred formation. The flower Sea sacred formation immediately collapsed between heaven and earth.

“Impossible!” The grey-robed old woman’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Before she could react, the feather spirit had already fixed its eyes on her. There seemed to be endless disasters brewing in the depths of its eyes.

In the next moment, the grey-robed old woman felt an irresistible power of catastrophe engulfing her body, causing her heart to be filled with demons. Her divine power reversed and her divine soul was in chaos. The flames of catastrophe started burning uncontrollably in her body.

The grey-robed old woman was shocked and furious. She activated the great Dao in her body to resist the power of the catastrophe, but it was futile.

In the blink of an eye, the grey-robed old woman was engulfed by the monstrous flames of the Tribulation, and her entire body was burned into a pile of ashes.

Seeing this scene, the elders and disciples of the ten thousand Flower Valley who were lucky enough to survive all looked desperate. The Holy array couldn’t do anything to Yu Ling, and even the Dao severing stage ancestors were killed in seconds in front of Yu Ling. How could they resist?

At this critical moment, many elders and core disciples turned their eyes to the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley.

“Forefather, save me!”

the ten thousand Flower Valley has encountered an unprecedented disaster. Please come out of the coffin, ancestor!

“An unfilial descendant has disturbed the forefather, and he deserves to die ten thousand times! However, if the forefather doesn’t make a move, our ten thousand Flower Valley will be gone!”


Many survivors were wailing towards the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley, trying to wake up the sleeping ancestor to resist the feather spirit.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ...”

There was a huge buzzing sound between heaven and earth, and six ancient stone coffins rose from the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley. They spread across the void sky, suffused with deep pressure.

The surface of each ancient stone coffin was engraved with a layer of dense blood-red enchanting flower imprints. From the center of the many flower imprints, blood-red flower threads that seemed both real and illusionary extended into the depths of the void, filling the air with an extremely dense aura of decay.

has the ten thousand Flower Valley encountered another great calamity? ”

“You disturbed our sleep, you really deserve to die!”

I haven’t been out for a long time, and I miss the outside world. It’s good to come out for some fresh air!

this old man’s Blood God flower has not bloomed for many years. I hope that the younger generation outside has prepared enough fertilizer!


Spiritual fluctuations came from the ancient stone coffins, all of which were the voices of old women.

“Ah, Yingluo.”

Shrill screams came from all over the ten thousand Flower Valley, while streams of extremely pure life essence gathered towards the six ancient stone coffins through the blood threads in the air.

The strange blood threads were connected to the powerful creatures that the ten thousand Flower Valley had kept as fertilizer for the flowers for countless years. At this time, all of these creatures ‘essence, Qi, and spirit were forcibly sucked dry.

The shrieks of thousands of living beings quickly disappeared. The blood-colored flower imprints on the surface of the six coffins in the ten thousand Flower Valley all became bright red, and a massive amount of life essence was crazily sucked into the coffins.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

With a series of dull rumbles, the coffins of the six ancient stone coffins were opened, and six skinny figures stood up from the coffins. Their eyes were all emitting a terrifying red light.

The six of them looked at the feather spirit in the air and laughed.

“An innate Dao embryo! I didn’t expect that such a treasure would deliver itself to my door!”

even the heavens are looking out for us. If we can obtain her innate Dao fruit, we will be able to live another life!


The six of them locked onto the feather spirits. The ocean-like life essence in the surroundings crazily poured into their bodies, and their skinny bodies quickly became full.

Under the infusion of a massive amount of life essence, the deep wrinkles on their faces were quickly smoothed out. The aura of decay gradually disappeared, and everyone began to emerge with a majestic vitality.

In the blink of an eye, the six Saint patriarchs had all turned into young women in their thirties. Their white hair had turned black and soft, and their cultivation was recovering rapidly. A vast saintly might pressed down on the wilderness.

All six of them were Saints!

In addition to them, there was an even deeper pressure stirring in the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley.

This was the only Saint King ancestor left in the ten thousand Flower Valley, but the price of her recovery was too great, so she was not in a hurry to recover and was temporarily holding the line. If the six saints in front of her couldn’t withstand it, she would undergo the ultimate recovery at all costs.

At this time, the feather spirit had already destroyed most of the outer area of the ten thousand Flower Valley. There were broken walls and ruins everywhere. Thousands of ten thousand Flower Valley disciples had been buried in the ruins.

Yu Ling looked at the six Saint patriarchs in the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley and locked her mind on them.”Time flies!”

Suddenly, a vast power of time appeared in the world.

This power was mysterious and unpredictable. It could not be observed by the naked eye or spiritual will, but one could sense the power of time that flew by like a shuttle. It could not be touched or disobeyed.

At this moment, the six Saint patriarchs ‘vitality that had just been restored was quickly fading away. Their faces became old again, and their muscles and bones were aging rapidly. They were once again filled with the aura of decay.

“Red Lotus protection!”

“Dream flower City!”

“The bitter sea dark flower!”

“Flower prison God lock!”


The six Saint patriarchs ‘expressions changed and they all roared. The great Dao in their bodies manifested in the world and their divine power surged like a river. The power of heaven and earth madly poured into their bodies and their Saint might was vast.

Some of them used rare heaven and earth phenomenon, some of them used their unparalleled divine abilities to seal themselves, and some of them transformed into heaven and earth. All of them used their trump cards.

However, to their horror, they discovered that all their techniques were completely useless against the strange and unfathomable power of time. Only the life essence they had devoured from the thousands of living beings could resist it, but that life essence was being consumed at a crazy rate with their own life essence.

“This is the power of time! How is that possible?” One of the Saint patriarchs in a black dress exclaimed in shock. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

She had never thought that at this moment, she would actually feel fear towards a young man at the Dao master realm!

They were already nearing the end of their lifespans, so they were most afraid of the power of time. They had always relied on sleeping and sealing themselves in special places to infinitely weaken the influence of the power of time. Now that they were facing this power of time, they felt an unprecedented fear from the bottom of their hearts.

It wasn’t just them. Even the Saint King in the depths of the ten thousand Flower Valley, who had yet to show his face, was also exuding an unstable aura. It was obvious that he was also extremely afraid of the power of time.

“My life is running out soon. Before I die, I will take this embryo of Dao with me!” A Saint patriarch in a blood-red robe said in an old voice. His old body sat cross-legged in the void, and a vast sea of blood appeared around him. Every wave was full of saintly might.

Following the blood lotus saint’s actions, an enchanting blood-red Lotus flower appeared out of thin air around Yu Ling. It wrapped around Yu Ling, as if it wanted to sacrifice Yu Ling in the heaven and earth.

Yu Ling held the immortal slaying gourd and blocked the blood lotus saint’s attacks. She looked at the blood lotus Saint and said in a cold voice, ” “Then I’ll send you on your way first!”

Suddenly, a strange and unfathomable power of time surged wildly and acted on the blood lotus.

It felt like a thousand years had passed in that instant.

I’m not willing to accept the fact that my innate Dao fetus is still alive! the blood lotus Saint let out a roar of unwillingness. His body became older and older than ever before.

“Boom boom boom!”

The blood lotus saint’s body exploded. The great Dao in his body lost its restraints and turned into blood-red lotuses that were hundreds of feet long. They took root on the ground and turned into a sea of blood lotuses in the blink of an eye. The pure power of heaven and earth permeated the air.

In Dao transformation, some experts would directly turn into nothingness and become a part of the origin great Dao of heaven and earth. Only the most powerful bone insect would be left. On the other hand, some experts would turn into mountains, rivers, plants, and trees, becoming a part of the creation of heaven and earth.

The blood lotus Saint was obviously the latter. Under the attack of the power of time, he was unable to restrain the great Dao in his body and turned into countless red lotuses that returned to heaven and earth.

When all the survivors of the ten thousand Flower Valley saw this situation, they all felt their blood run cold.

This innate Dao fetus was only a Dao master, but he managed to kill a Saint with some kind of Divine art of aging. Although the Saint had not fully recovered, it was enough to show how terrifying this innate Dao fetus was.

Crossing two major realms to kill a Saint was something they had never even dared to think about in the past!

Moreover, the divine ability of aging used by Yu Ling had interrupted the recovery of the other five Saint patriarchs, and even consumed more than half of their own lifespans and life-force origin.

Yu Ling was fighting the blood lotus Saint with all her might. The remaining five Saint patriarchs from the ten thousand Flower Valley were temporarily free from the control of the power of time. They all looked at Yu Ling with lingering fear.

At this moment, they were surprised to find that the feather Spirit’s Black hair had all turned white. It was dry and dull without any luster, and there was a deep lethargic air coming out of its body.

The five Saint patriarchs were all enlightened. The price that Yu Ling had paid to kill a Saint must have been far beyond their imagination!

“Little child, this kind of divine ability will also consume your life force essence! Even if you have an innate Dao embryo, you must have reached your limit by now, right?” One of the Saint patriarchs, who was dressed in a dark green dress, spoke with a knowing expression.

However, it was obvious that she was still afraid of Yu Ling, so she didn’t attack her directly.

Yu Ling glanced at the man indifferently. She turned her hand and a Jade bottle full of life spiritual liquid appeared in her palm. She drank it all in one gulp.

Instantly, his white hair turned green, and his essence, Qi, and spirit returned to their peak!

Their guess was right. Yu Ling had used her unparalleled divine ability to deal with the six saints, and it was her life force that had been consumed.

When she used time flies just now, Yu Ling’s life-force was almost exhausted. In terms of life-force, she had used at least three thousand years of her life-force, which was too much for her to bear even with her innate Dao embryo!

However, Yu Ling didn’t care at all!

With a huge amount of life spiritual liquid, he could instantly recover to his peak state no matter how much he consumed!

life spiritual liquid?! The remaining five Saint patriarchs could clearly feel the unique and majestic vitality of the spiritual life liquid in the Jade bottle. Their eyes turned red and their breathing became heavy.

For old men like them who were nearing the end of their lifespans, the life spiritual liquid was absolutely fatal!

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