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254 As long as Kun Lun doesn’t fall, Xuan Tian won’t be destroyed!

Yu Hua immortal mansion.

Xiao Yixian looked at the empty surroundings. Knowing that it was Yu Ling’s doing, he felt a little complicated.

The reason why Yu Ling was able to easily throw hundreds of experts out of the feather transformation immortal mansion was because she had obtained the inheritance of the feather transformation immortal and had become the true master of the feather transformation immortal mansion.

There was no one who didn’t want the inheritance of true immortal Yu Hua, and Xiao Yixian wanted it as well. Xiao Yixian felt a little sad that such an inheritance had fallen into the hands of Yu Ling.

However, Yu Ling had once saved his life and even gifted him the invaluable spiritual life fluid. Although Xiao Yixian was envious, he did not covet it.

Xiao Yixian took a deep breath and suppressed his complicated emotions. He bowed to Yu Ling and said, ” “Fairy, you saved my life not long ago, but I haven’t had the time to express my gratitude. Xuan Tian sacred land’s Xiao Yi Xian thanks fairy for saving my life!”

Yu Ling dodged and replied with a smile, ” “Senior brother, you don’t have to be so polite! I’ve said before that Kun Lun and the profound heaven Holy Land have a deep relationship, and it’s only right for them to help. Senior brother, you don’t have to take it to heart!”

Most of the disciples and elders in the xuantian Holy Land did not know much about the blue cloud Peak. They only knew that the peak Master, ye chen, might be an Almighty realm expert and had taken in Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou as his disciples.

Moreover, Zi Menghan had never revealed her true cultivation base in the xuantian sacred land. When she was exposed by the first Prince of the Ziwei Empire, only Xiao Yixian, Holy maiden Xue Wei, and a few others were present. Not many people knew about it.

In most people’s eyes, Zi Menghan was an inborn cripple who couldn’t cultivate. The entire blue cloud Peak was supported by li Qingzhou, and Li Qingzhou was still wandering in the devil World, so the blue cloud Peak’s existence had always been low.

Ye chen later recruited fa Kong and Xuan Xin from outside, and only a few people knew about them. Only Saint Lord xuantian, Saint lady xuantian, red flame Peak Master, Chen Xi, and a few others knew about them. When Xiao Yixian went to blue cloud Peak to challenge li Qingzhou, he had also seen fa Kong and Xuan Xin.

As for the feather spirit that ye chen had accepted in the end, no one in the entire mysterious sky sacred land knew her true identity.

Yu Ling had almost never shown her face in the profound sky sacred land. The only time she had appeared was when Saint King Ming ze attacked the sacred land. Ye chen had brought her to the blue cloud Peak, but she had never revealed her true appearance.

Until now, Xiao Yixian still did not know that Yu Ling was a disciple of the xuantian sacred land. Yu Ling knew that she was destined to be the target of public criticism, so she did not tell Xiao Yixian her true identity.

“I’m ashamed to say this! As the Saint child of the profound sky sacred land, I’m actually unaware of the relationship between the profound sky sacred land and Kun Lun. Can Junior Sister answer my questions?” Xiao Yi Xian asked, his face full of doubt.

Yu Ling shook her head gently and said, ” please forgive me, senior brother. My master has ordered me not to say more. As for the relationship between the profound heaven sacred land and Kun Lun, senior brother will know about it in the future. Shixiong only needs to understand that as long as Kun Lun doesn’t fall, Xuan Tian won’t be destroyed!”

Hearing this, Xiao Yixian’s mind was in shock.

He had never thought that the profound heaven Holy Land and Kun Lun would have such a deep relationship!

Kun Lun did things without any scruples. When Yu Ling was undergoing the Tribulation, Dao Lord Lu ya killed Saint King Long Yao, Saint King Peng Cheng, and Saint King Chi Yuan. He also killed the other nine saints and offended the Dragon Tribe, the primordial Peng tribe, and the Chi family. He offended even more Holy Lands.

Yu Ling’s behavior in the feather immortal mansion was of the same lineage as Daoist Lu ya. Dozens of Holy Sons and Venerables had died in his hands. He had also killed the divine Son of Qilin and the divine Son of wildfire without any scruples. At the same time, he had offended the two great imperial factions, the thousand demon divine dynasty and the wilderness fire divine sect. He had no fear at all.

With Kun Lun as their backing, Xiao Yi Xian felt that the profound heaven sacred land was unprecedentedly safe.

Just as Xiao Yixian was about to say something, he saw Yu Ling suddenly look at the sky as if she had sensed something. She waved her hand lightly, and what was happening outside the immortal mansion was reflected in the sky above the immortal mansion.

“Great desolation immortal refining furnace!” Xiao Yi Xian blurted out, his handsome face full of shock.

Humph! Yu Ling raised her eyebrows and snorted. not only did the barren fire divine sect send a Saint King, they even brought a monarch weapon and waited outside the immortal abode. They really think highly of me!

In the void, not only were the scenes of the outside world reflected, but even the sounds could be clearly heard.

The great desolation immortal refining furnace hung high above sacred king Huangtu’s head. He used his Dao voice to ask everyone about the immortal abode and tyrannically searched the souls of several Dao Lord experts, reflecting all the major events that had happened in the immortal abode. Many experts in the outside world had some understanding of the feather immortal abode.

Hearing the flower spirit Saint mention Zi Menghan and her Natal weapon, Xiao Yixian couldn’t help but frown. He looked at Yu Ling suspiciously.

Back then, the Crown Prince of the Zi Wei Empire had brought many geniuses to the mystic heaven sacred land and said that Zi Menghan had a Natal divine weapon. She was also the one who had destroyed the sky high sect’s sky suppressing Supreme Tiger’s bloodline. Now that the flower spirit Saint had found out that Zi Menghan and Yu Ling had used the same divine power, Xiao Yixian couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Of course, Xiao Yixian did not suspect that Yu Ling was a disciple of the xuantian Holy Land. Instead, he suspected that Zi Menghan had received guidance from the sword ancestor. He suspected that the bloodline of the sword ancestor of the xuantian Holy Land was one of the branches of Kun Lun!

This was the only way to explain what the feather spirit had said. As long as Kun Lun didn’t fall, Xuan Tian wouldn’t be destroyed!

“This old witch used the lives of her clansmen to lure me into this feather immortal estate and set up a trap to kill me, but she was still disobedient outside! He really should be killed!” Yu Ling’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent.

Back in the living flower world of the ten thousand Flower Valley, an old Saint used his clansmen as bait to lure Yu Ling into this feather immortal mansion. Yu Ling had already determined from the voice that the flower spirit Saint outside was that old woman!

Seeing Yu Ling’s reaction, Xiao Yixian quickly tried to stop her, ” “Yu lingxian, Junior Sister Qianqian, don’t be impulsive! There were Saint Kings from the barren fire sect waiting outside with their Emperor weapon, the great desolate immortal refining furnace. There were at least a dozen Saints hiding in the dark! Even if you have the great desolation immortal refining furnace, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for you to compete with them! It’s not a good time to fight them head-on. It won’t be too late to seek revenge after you’ve completely absorbed the inheritance of true immortal ascendance!”

“Don’t worry, I have my own plans!” Yu Ling’s expression was normal.

Immediately after, the scene in the void changed again.

Sacred king Huangtu had used a secret technique to get information about the mysterious heaven Holy Land from Zi Fengyun. He had even said that he would bring the great desolate immortal refining furnace to the mysterious heaven Holy Land for questioning. This made them all frown.

If sacred king Huangtu was drawn to the mysterious heaven Holy Land, master’s base camp would be exposed. It would be difficult for master to remain stable in the future. Master might not like it, and that would be terrible!

Xiao Yixian was thinking about something else. The sword ancestor was able to kill Saint King Ming ze with one strike because Saint King Ming ze only had a Saint King weapon. If Saint King Huang tu brought the great desolate immortal refining furnace to the xuantian sacred land, would the sword ancestor be able to stop him?

Yu Ling took a deep breath and looked at Xiao Yixian. She smiled and said, ” “Senior brother, don’t take it to heart. I won’t allow them to cause trouble in the profound heaven sacred land! By the way, this immortal abode was the place where true immortal ascendance ascended and gave Dao lectures. There are many traces of enlightenment left behind by sages scattered all over the immortal abode. I’ll tell senior brother where they are, and senior brother can comprehend them in these places. I’m sure you’ll be able to gain something!”

After saying this, Yu Ling stretched out her hand and pointed at the space between Xiao Yixian’s eyebrows. In an instant, Xiao Yixian’s mind was filled with many things about the place where the sages comprehended the way, and he also had a deeper understanding of the feather immortal abode.

It was only now that Xiao Yixian realized that the immortal abode where true immortal Yu Hua had ascended and given his Dao lecture had experienced many disasters over the years. The Dao marks left behind by the quasi-emperors and great saints had been destroyed in many disasters. Only the Dao marks left behind by some Saints and Saint Kings had fortunately survived under the cover of true immortal Yu Hua’s Ascension imprint.

The many floating immortal mountains they had seen in the core region not long ago were all projections of the spiritual imprints of true immortal Yuhua’s Ascension and lecture. Those floating immortal mountains had indeed existed before, but they had all been destroyed and collapsed.

However, Yu Ling had obtained the spiritual imprint of true immortal Yu Hua’s Ascension and lecture. Yu Ling was the master of this immortal abode world. Without Yu Ling’s permission, even sacred king Huang tu and the great desolate immortal furnace couldn’t break in!

Xiao Yixian was not in a hurry to comprehend the Dao. Instead, he asked Yu Ling with a serious expression, ” “Junior Sister Yu Ling, what are your plans? Do you need my help?”

“They don’t understand the mysteries of this immortal estate left behind by true immortal ascendance at all. If they want to block the entrance, then let them! I’m going to destroy their lair! It’s not appropriate for you to show your face in this matter. Just focus on comprehending the Dao!” The feather spirit responded in a domineering manner.

Xiao Yixian blinked his eyes and suddenly realized that this feather immortal abode wasn’t completely still. It was an immortal abode world that could travel through the void!

The defense of this immortal estate world was beyond imagination; even Saint Kings with monarch weapons couldn’t break through it, and it could even travel through the void. This was an invincible place from the beginning!

The feather spirit wanted to go to the various Holy Lands through this immortal estate world and directly dig out their lairs!

The feather immortal mansion combined with the immortal flying knife, hiss, just thinking about it was terrifying!

Xiao Yixian understood Yu Ling’s plan. She wanted to catch them off guard and draw the attention of many Saint Kings and Saints so that they wouldn’t have time to cause trouble in the profound heaven sacred land.

At this time, Xiao Yi Xian was a little confused.

Why did it feel like this innate Dao embryo was even more interested in the xuantian sacred land than he was?

Yu Ling was already in an undefeatable position, so Xiao Yixian had nothing to worry about. He nodded to Yu Ling and said, ” “Since that’s the case, I won’t give Junior Sister Yu Ling any more trouble! I’ll meditate on the Dao within this immortal estate world. If Junior Apprentice-sister needs my help in any way, just summon me!”

Xiao Yixian bade farewell to Yu Ling, chose the nearest place where the Saints comprehended the Dao, and floated away.

There were still some Saint weapons and even Saint King weapons hidden in this immortal estate world. Yu Ling did not give them to Xiao Yixian generously. She was going to report the matter of the immortal estate to her master before making any plans.

As for the traces of enlightenment left behind by the sages, it did not matter. Xiao Yixian’s enlightenment would not affect the Enlightenment of the people who came after him. It was not a big deal.

Yu Ling stepped into the void. With one step, she arrived at the place where her clansmen used to live in seclusion. She told everyone of the Yu family the news that she had become the master of the feather immortal mansion. Naturally, they were all very happy.

Yu Ling’s innate Dao embryo had been exposed. Even if they returned to the Yu family’s ancestral land now, they would still be a thorn in the side of all the major powers. If they dared to appear in the outside world, they would be exterminated again. There would be no place for them in the entire ancient barren world.

And this feather immortal mansion was just right for them. They could recuperate in this immortal mansion without having to care about the outside world’s disturbance. Moreover, there were many traces of enlightenment left by sages for them to cultivate. There was no place more suitable for them than here.

After doing all this, Yu Ling looked out of the immortal abode and said in a cold voice, ” “It’s time to pay back the debt!”

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