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251 The inheritance of the feather immortal school

The feather spirit merged with the Dao realm where the immortal was teaching the Dao. In the beginning, the immortal’s voice seemed to come from ancient times. It was vague and vague. The feather spirit could only sense a part of the Dao rhythm.

As time passed, the immortal’s voice became clearer and clearer. In the end, every syllable of the immortal’s lecture was clearly imprinted in the depths of her mind, as if it was an inheritance that crossed time and space.

Yu Ling felt that a long time had passed. The immortal’s inheritance was finally imprinted in her heart.

The immortal didn’t pass down their true cultivation, but a kind of Daoist Scripture that could be cultivated into an immortal and the perception of the creation of heaven and earth.

This kind of inheritance couldn’t be directly transformed into the feather Spirit’s own cultivation base, but it could strengthen her Dao Foundation, perfect her Dao, expand her horizons, and enrich her divine arts. It would have immeasurable benefits for her future cultivation!

At this moment, Yu Ling felt that the immortal who had ascended on the clouds in the void was nodding and smiling at her. An ethereal voice rang in her heart, ” “I’ll leave the inheritance of Yu Hua sect to you. I hope we’ll meet again in the upper realm.”

As soon as the voice was heard, the feather spirit saw the immortal’s figure turn into a myriad of light feathers and disappear into the horizon.

Yu Hua sect?

The feather immortal school that had suppressed dozens of greater worlds nearly ten million years ago?

By now, Yu Ling had already understood that the immortal who had ascended was the patriarch of the feather transformation immortal school, true immortal feather transformation!

Yu Ling had obtained the inheritance of the feather transformation immortal sect, so everything in this immortal abode world was under her control.

In addition, some of the major events that had happened in the immortal mansion world since ancient times had appeared in her mind in fragments, allowing her to understand this place a bit more.

This immortal estate world was originally the place where true immortal featherform ascended to. The floating immortal mountains in the so-called core area were all illusory, formed by the will of true immortal featherform.

All the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the floating mountain were just projections of true immortal Yu Hua’s consciousness. Only the outer area was part of the ruins of Yu Hua immortal sect.

In the past, with the Ascension of the feather immortal, feather immortal sect had completely evolved into an immortal sect orthodoxy and made this place a forbidden area of feather immortal sect. Even the great emperor didn’t dare to provoke it easily when tens of thousands of Saints came.

True immortal feather immortal preached during his Ascension and left behind a complete legacy. However, none of the descendants of feather immortal sect were able to obtain the complete feather immortal Sutra, and no more Immortals ascended in the future. However, there were several great emperors who had passed down the legacy for millions of years.

The foundation of the feather transformation immortal sect was far more solid than that of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty, the barren fire divine sect, the ancient Qin family, and other great emperor orthodoxies. However, there were still times when they were at their peak and declined. One after another, disasters and tribulations depleted the foundation of the feather transformation immortal sect, and finally, they were destroyed in the long river of time.

However, this immortal abode world had the mark of the great Dao of the Ascension of the feather transformation immortal. When the feather transformation immortal sect was destroyed, it escaped and hid. After The Invasion of Time, it reappeared in the world and accidentally appeared in the ancient barren world.

As for why the ancient wilderness temple knew about this area, it was because the venerable Lord of the Wildlands had entered this place by chance when he was in the Saint realm and listened to the teachings of true immortal Yu Hua. He had learned a lot, but he had not received the true inheritance of true immortal Yu Hua.

The venerable Lord of the Wildlands must have been thinking about true immortal feather’s inheritance all this time. Even after he became a monarch, he still hadn’t given up on searching for it. He had even specially refined an Emperor talisman that allowed him to listen to a true immortal’s Dao lecture up close.

Unfortunately, the venerable sovereign of the Wildlands was unable to re-enter the primitive immortal estate in the end. The secret of the emperor’s seal and the primitive immortal estate had been passed down, which explained why Gu Li had some understanding of the primitive immortal estate.

It happened too late!

Although the feather spirit could sense that a long time had passed, to others, only a short time had passed.

Everyone watched as she slowly entered the Dao realm where the true immortal was preaching. One by one, she surpassed Zi Fengyun, the son of Samsara Buddha, Gu Li, and the others, becoming one with the immortal who was preaching.

Then, the mark of the great Dao of the Ascension of a true immortal collapsed, and even the floating celestial mountains in the entire core area turned into nothingness and gradually collapsed between heaven and earth.


As soon as Yu Ling completed the inheritance of the feather true immortal, she heard the roars of thousands of fierce beasts in the world. The fiendish Qi of the heavenly Dragon, Fire Phoenix, blue Luan, divine elephant, and other wild fierce beasts gathered together and pressed down on Yu Ling.

It was Gu Li who had made his move!

Gu Li had obviously discovered that Yu Ling was the inheritor of the feather transformation immortal sect. He took advantage of the moment when Yu Ling regained her senses and launched an attack on her.


In an instant, the world of six paths of reincarnation was opened around Yu Ling, and all the ferocious wild beasts, such as heavenly Dragons and fiery phoenixes, fell into it uncontrollably. In just a blink of an eye, they were all crushed into pieces.

Just as Yu Ling was about to use the immortal slaying Flying Daggers, Gu Li opened his mouth and spat out a piece of clean Saint bone that exuded terrifying Saint might. He shouted, ” “Burning my life, borrowing the power of the Berserker heavens! Suppress!”

Then, Gu Li’s muscles bulged, and the blood in his body rumbled like a Great River. His life essence burned wildly, and every pore of his seemed to roar like a savage beast. A crazy amount of power poured into the Saint bone in front of him.

Through the Saint bone, Gu Li had formed an indescribable connection with this world.

The wind and clouds in the entire immortal estate world gathered, and a vast will of heaven and earth condensed. Under Gu Li’s control, it directly crushed toward Yu Ling.

Although the emperor’s talisman between Gu Li’s brows gave off Emperor’s might, it was only an Emperor’s talisman that could help him comprehend Dao. It had limited effect on his combat strength. At this moment, Gu Li did not use the emperor’s talisman. Instead, he used his Saint bone and divine ability to attack.

In order to prevent Yu Ling from summoning the immortal slaying Flying Daggers, Gu Li did not hesitate to burn his life force Origin Energy in an attempt to seal her before she could do so.

The vast will of heaven and earth acted on Yu Ling’s body, causing her to freeze on the spot. Her divine soul was facing some kind of irresistible pressure, and it could collapse at any time.

“This is the place where the ancestral master of the feather transformation immortal sect ascended. The inheritance of the feather transformation immortal sect is in his hands! If we don’t act now, when will we?” Gu Li shouted at the Samsara Buddha, Qin wudao, Zi Fengyun, and the others.

He knew that Yu Ling had remarkable abilities, and it would be impossible to kill her in a short time by relying on man Tian’s power. Therefore, he revealed the name ‘feather immortal sect’ and wanted to ask the Samsara Buddha and the others to join forces with him to kill Yu Ling.

“What? The place where the ancestral master of the feather immortal sect ascended!”

the feather immortal sect has long been destroyed in the long river of time. I didn’t expect that there would be an inheritance left behind!

an innate Dao fetus with the immortal flying knife is an invincible existence in this immortal mansion. Even the successor of the ancient wilderness temple dared to snatch the immortal fate that fell into her hands. This belief in invincibility is really admirable!

“I’m afraid even the great emperor would be tempted by the inheritance of an immortal, right?”

“The few of you here are all unparalleled heaven’s favorites, and your reputation is no less than an innate Dao fetus! Furthermore, her innate Dao embryo is clearly trapped by Gu Li. She’s in danger now!” 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om


Many cultivators who were not qualified to get close to him were talking among themselves. Their eyes were full of shock and jealousy, and their tone was sour.

“Buddha is merciful!”

The Samsara Buddha chanted a Buddhist chant and raised his hand to press down on Yu Ling. A vast Buddhist Kingdom bathed in Buddhist light appeared in his palm. Above it, there were 24 heavens that emitted the might of the Saint path. It crushed the sky and everything as it pressed down on Yu Ling.

Qin wudao’s eyes also revealed an expression of interest. Immediately, he thought of the scene where Yu Ling had killed the divine Son of wildfire. His heart suddenly jolted for no reason. He decisively drove the vast Celestial Palace to Shatter the Sky and left. His powerful voice came from afar,”I have my own Dao!”


A divine mountain surrounded by Starlight smashed into the Buddhist Kingdom palm, turning it into an illusion. It was Xiao Yixian.

However, Xiao Yixian didn’t have a Saint weapon, so he couldn’t do much to the Buddhist Kingdom in the palm of the Samsara Buddha. He only made the Buddhist light in his palm tremble a little, and then the Buddhist Kingdom in the palm pressed down on Yu Ling.

“Almsgiver, what do you mean by this?”

The Samsara Buddha’s eyes swept towards Xiao Yixian. His voice was still gentle, but there was a hint of killing intent.

immortal encounter, everyone can get it. Master, are you trying to keep it for yourself? ” Xiao Yixian responded coldly. He transformed into a starry sky and enveloped the Buddhist Kingdom in a palm, slowing down the speed at which it was pressing down.

Zi Fengyun, Zhuo Feifan, and the others were just about to make a move when they saw Yu Ling suddenly raise his head to look at the sky. A hint of contempt appeared in his eyes as he coldly snorted,”Scatter!”


As soon as the powerful will of heaven and earth locked onto the feather spirit, it shattered.

Feather spirit had received the inheritance of true immortal featherform, and was now the master of this immortal abode. Everything here was under her control.

Gu Li burned his life force and borrowed the power of heaven and earth through his Saint bone. Just as he was about to seal Yu Ling, he sensed the aura of true immortal Yu Hua’s inheritance in Yu Ling’s soul. With a shout from Yu Ling, he dissipated without a sound.

At the same time, the Buddhist Kingdom in the palm, which contained Saint power, had already landed on Yu Ling’s head.

“Please turn around, baby!” Yu Ling’s cold voice spread out.

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