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250 True immortals preach the Dao, each showing their own abilities

When Immortals preached, auspicious signs fell from the sky, and lotuses appeared in the void. They were imprinted between heaven and earth, and even the erosion of the long river of time could not make them dim at all.

Time was turned back, and this scene reappeared in the world.

Everyone in the immortal estate world was listening attentively, wanting to listen to the immortal preach the Dao, but the vast majority of people didn’t hear any heavenly sound of the great Dao, only the image of the immortal rising up into the sky.

Seeing this situation, many geniuses were anxious.

After all, the time of an immortal’s Ascension and Dao lecture was turned back. To be able to see it once in a lifetime was already a blessing. If one couldn’t gain anything from the immortal’s Dao lecture, it would be a lifetime of regret!

“Right, memory crystal!”

Many people’s eyes brightened. They noticed that Tian Yin, who was unable to listen to the immortal’s lecture, simply took out the memory crystal, wanting to imprint the scene of the immortal ascending and giving the lecture so that they could slowly observe it in the future. Even if they did not gain anything in the end, they could still sell it for a good price.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang”

When they first activated the memory crystal to record, they discovered that the memory crystal was shattering one by one.

Everyone was shocked. The Dao runes of the Ascension of an immortal were too powerful for these memory crystals to contain. If they were to record it forcefully, it would only cause the memory crystal to collapse!

The time was precious, and most of the outstanding people didn’t try to copy anymore, forcing their minds to empty so that they could comprehend the Dao runes of the immortal Ascension.

In the image, the immortal was rising up into the sky. The disciples who were flying in the floating immortal mountains were pressed down by an invisible pressure. Even the great saints couldn’t fly in the air.

However, during the immortal’s Dao lecture, there were people constantly erupting with vast auras. It was clear that they had gained some enlightenment during the immortal’s Dao lecture, and their cultivation had clearly broken through. There were even Saints who had broken through to Saint King on the spot.

Perhaps it was because of the immortal’s pressure, but the breakthrough of the people in the picture did not attract Heavenly Tribulation. The immortal music of the great Dao enveloped the entire mountain, making it more ethereal.

Yu Ling was born with a embryo of Dao. Even though she couldn’t merge herself into the great Dao under the pressure of the immortal, she could still gain some insights from the lecture of the immortal, and her understanding of the great Dao was deepening rapidly.


Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in a flash, directly appearing within 100 feet of the immortal who had ascended. There was a mysterious and complicated divine talisman imprinted between his eyebrows. The emperor’s might wrapped around his whole body, and he followed the immortal as he stepped into the void, as if he had completely integrated into the immortal’s Dao runes.

“Gu Li! The successor of the ancient wilderness temple!”

“The immortal’s Dao lecture is just a great Dao imprint. How did Gu Li enter the Dao realm of the immortal’s Dao lecture?”

“The divine talisman in his forehead is protecting him, it’s probably the Emperor talisman left behind by the venerable Emperor of the Wildlands! It was said that the ancient wilderness temple had some understanding of this immortal abode. It seemed that the rumors were true! Gu Li has already prepared a backup plan!”

Gu Li’s aura is rising rapidly. I’m afraid he’s about to break through to the Dao severing stage!

the Dao lecture of an immortal is the inheritance left behind by a true immortal. Is it going to fall into his hands? ”


The crowd was filled with jealousy as they looked at Gu Li who had appeared in the sky. Many of them had unwilling expressions on their faces.

When Immortals ascended to the heavens and preached the Dao, it was originally a mark of the great Dao that was imprinted in time and space. After going back in time, it was reflected in every region of the immortal abode world.

However, at this moment, Gu Li seemed to have merged into the mark of the great Dao, and it was as if he had crossed time and space to observe the Ascension of Immortals and preach on Dao. His figure could be seen everywhere in the immortal abode world.

Yu Ling slightly squinted her eyes. After some consideration, she didn’t use the immortal slaying gourd.

Gu Li was in the Dao realm where the immortal was teaching, and he had the Emperor talisman protecting him. The immortal slaying gourd might not be able to kill him!

However, when Gu Li tried to kill him not long ago, he didn’t use the Emperor talisman. It was obvious that he was also afraid of the immortal slaying Flying Dagger.

“Amitabha! Please help me!”

The Samsara Buddha was smiling, looking like a merciful Buddha.

As his voice fell, the outstanding geniuses of the twenty-four heavens behind him all began to chant Buddhist scriptures. Each of them exuded a strong Buddhist aura that gathered like the sea.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ...”

With a buzzing sound, a golden sarira appeared in each of the 24 heavens. Each sarira exuded a brilliant holy power and gathered in the body of the Samsara Buddha.

The Buddha light around the son of Samsara Buddha shone brightly, and a Buddha shadow shone from every pore. In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by thousands of Buddhas. With every step he took, a Golden Buddha Lotus would appear in the void. It was as if he was going against the river of time and soon entered the Dao realm where the Ascended Immortals were preaching.

After nine reincarnations, the son of Buddha of Samsara had awakened his wisdom and become the current son of Buddha of the ten thousand Buddha Temple. His Foundation was so deep that it was unimaginable. He actually carried 24 sariras of the Saint monk with him, which was enough to be called a big deal.

However, his sarira could not be compared to the Emperor talisman left by the venerable Emperor. He could not go any further when he was only 300 meters away from the immortal.

The Samsara Buddha didn’t continue forward. Instead, he sat down cross-legged and quietly sensed the Dao runes of the immortal’s Dao. The Buddha runes around him became more and more intense.


Heaven and earth buzzed. A towering ancient immortal Palace stretched across the sky, exuding a vast Saint might. It was even more powerful than the Saint might gathered by the 24 sariras of the Samsara Buddha.

This immortal Palace suppressed the void and forcibly cut into the Dao realm where the Ascended Immortals were preaching. Qin wudao’s figure appeared in the immortal Palace.

Qin wudao was the reincarnation of a great saint, and this divine Palace was the Natal divine weapon of his previous life. It was a great saint weapon!

With the help of this immortal Palace, Qin wudao also entered the Dao realm where the immortals taught Dao. His figure was a few hundred feet ahead of the Samsara Buddha as he sat in the immortal Palace and listened to the immortals who had ascended.


Suddenly, a golden swastika seal appeared between heaven and earth. It shone with golden light and gave off a Buddhist aura.

A young man wearing a purple robe with dragon patterns sat on the swastika seal. He looked solemn and had an indescribable air of nobility.

However, this person seemed to have used some kind of secret technique. His whole body was emitting a bright golden light as if he was cast in brilliant gold. Shadows of Buddhas flashed around him and entered the rhythm of the immortal’s Dao with the swastika. However, he could not get any closer after he was more than 2000 feet away.

“The tenth Prince of the Ziwei Empire, Zi Fengyun!” Someone exclaimed.

Yu Ling’s eyes were filled with surprise. This guy was eldest Senior sister’s younger brother. She didn’t expect him to be a Buddhist.


A nine-story glazed Pagoda exuding saintly might pierced through the void and entered the Dao realm where the immortals were preaching. It was a few feet ahead of Zi Fengyun, and under the pagoda sat a gentle and handsome man. He sat cross-legged and listened to the immortals ‘preaching.

“Zhuo Feifan, the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace! His Holy tower was obtained from this immortal mansion!” Someone said with a hint of jealousy.

Not many people knew about this immortal estate world. It was because the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace had taken out a Saint weapon that many outstanding talents and old powerhouses of the ancient barren world had come, exposing the entire immortal estate world to the entire ancient barren world.

They didn’t expect that the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace would be in time for the immortal’s lecture. He was so lucky!

“The Saint of thousand Jade Palace? I’ll send him on his way later!” Yu Ling’s eyebrows rose slightly, and her eyes were filled with killing intent.


A majestic divine mountain broke through the void, bringing with it a vast and boundless starry sky as it entered the Dao realm where the immortal was preaching. It stopped three thousand feet away from the immortal. It was Xiao Yixian.

This majestic divine mountain was a half-Saint weapon, which he had obtained not long ago in this primitive immortal mansion. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to take out a half-Saint weapon.

Compared to the other people, Xiao Yi Xian seemed too poor.

In fact, after the baptism of the chaos Gourd Vine’s roots, Xiao Yixian’s potential was no less than the inheritors of the various Imperial lineages. It was just that the xuantian sacred land’s Foundation was too weak. Its Daoist Scriptures, divine powers, treasures, secret realms, and other aspects were far inferior to the others. It was not easy for him to reach this point.

Xiao Yixian felt that it was not easy to move forward, so he sat down cross-legged decisively. His figure gradually turned illusory, completely turning into an endless starry sky. Under the baptism of the immortal Dao, the starry sky became more and more profound.

At the same time, many overwhelming prodigies at the Saint level and some powerful old masters used all kinds of methods to force their way into the Dao realm of the immortal’s lecture.

Although most of them were thousands of feet away from the immortal, they could at least experience the immortal’s Dao lectures. No one wanted to miss this rare opportunity.

“I can’t let the inheritance of this place fall into Gu Li’s hands!”

Yu Ling’s eyes flickered with a cold light. She scanned through her many treasures, including the God-slaughtering flower formation, the Qilin Saint seal, the Ice Flower Saint weapon, the saintly way sword stone, and the broken fire cloud Saint furnace.

These treasures were of a higher grade than most of the treasures in the Saint land’s Treasury. However, they could not compare to the emperor’s token that Gu Li had.

Suddenly, the feather Spirit’s eyes lit up, and the immortal slaying gourd fell into his hand.

How could he have forgotten about this sect’s treasure?

At critical moments, master was still the most reliable!

Holding the immortal slaying gourd in his palm, Yu Ling stepped into the void and floated toward the image in the void.

As the feather spirit moved forward, she could sense the Dao runes around her becoming clearer and clearer. A huge pressure covered her, but it was blocked by the immortal slaying gourd before it could get close to her. It couldn’t affect her at all.

Yu Ling easily entered the Dao realm where the Ascended Immortals were teaching. In her eyes, she could no longer see Gu Li, the Samsara Buddha, and the others. She could only see the immortal who had ascended.

Every syllable of the immortal’s Dao lecture resonated with the great Dao. Auspicious signs fell from the sky, and lotuses bloomed in the void. Her Dao heart was undergoing a deep baptism.

From the outside world’s perspective, after Yu Ling entered the Dao realm of the immortal’s lecture with the immortal slaying gourd in her hand, she passed Xiao Yixian, the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace, Zi Fengyun, and the others as if she was taking a stroll in a courtyard. She entered within a thousand feet of the immortal’s lecture.

Very quickly, the feather spirit surpassed the Samsara Buddha and Qin wudao without stopping.

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, Yu Ling once again surpassed Gu Li, who was protected by the Emperor talisman, and went straight to the front of the immortal. His entire body became one with the immortal in the seal of the great Dao.


The entire immortal estate world began to tremble violently. The mark of the great Dao that turned back time collapsed in the void, and the entire core area’s floating immortal mountains began to turn illusory, as if the entire world was an illusion.

Gu Li, Qin wudao, the Samsara Buddha, and the other geniuses were jolted awake from their Dao Comprehension. Each and every one of them had a shocked expression.

“The true immortal’s legacy can only be mine! Who stole my fortune?” Gu Li was furious, and his eyes were filled with cold killing intent. The emperor’s seal on his glabella exuded a vast Emperor’s might, and the massive figures of thousands of ferocious beasts appeared in the nearby void. It was as if the king of all beasts had awakened.

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