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249 The great Emperor’s training hall, the true immortal who ascends to heaven!


Yu Ling’s figure appeared in the air, and her clear eyes were filled with surprise.

Just a moment ago, an extremely terrifying and vast will had shaken her out of the state of her body being split into ten thousand DAOs!

On another floating mountain not far away from Yu Ling, Gu Li sat cross-legged on a Dao platform. A divine talisman filled with a wild and ancient aura was floating in front of him. It exuded an obscure Emperor’s might, as if it was performing some kind of secret technique.


Gu Li suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the immortal estate world with a sharp gaze. The figures of thousands of savage beasts could be vaguely seen in the depths of his eyes. He snorted coldly,”Someone is using a monarch weapon? Hmph, trying to attack this place with a monarch weapon? you’re overestimating yourself! The complete recovery of this place would really benefit those guys in the immortal mansion! I hope the Emperor talisman left by the founder is useful. The immortal fate here must not fall into the hands of outsiders!”

Qin wudao’s figure appeared from the void of another celestial mountain. He looked at the mist that was gradually dispersing in the sky with astonishment. An expression of interest appeared on his face.”Is the secret of this place finally going to surface? The Dao runes in this core area are not weaker than the ancestral land of my Qin family. I’m getting more and more interested in this place!”

“Amitabha! This place is fated with me, so I hope everyone can help me later!”

On a floating mountain further away, a young monk appeared out of thin air and sat on a Lotus platform. He had a benevolent expression and an otherworldly temperament. His entire body was filled with a peaceful and peaceful Buddhist aura.

Behind the young monk, twenty-four worlds that seemed both real and illusionary appeared. The light of Buddha was as bright as the sea, and the sound of Buddhist chanting rose and fell. There was an inexplicable Samsara Zen lingering around. In each world, there were three to five young men and women sitting cross-legged on the Lotus platform. Each of them was a proud Son of Heaven.

Western Desert, Ten Thousand Buddha Temple, reincarnation Buddha son!

As for the young men and women of the twenty-four heavenly planes behind him, they were all his followers!

It was said that the son of Buddha had already reincarnated nine times. This was his 10th life, which was also the life that he had transcended. He had long been famous.

Not long ago, the Samsara Buddha was still measuring the ancient desolate Central Plains with his feet. He didn’t expect that he would enter this primitive immortal abode world without a sound and come directly to the core area of this immortal abode world. It was somewhat unexpected.

At the same time, some Young heaven’s pride experts and older cultivators also appeared on the other floating celestial mountains. They looked at this Floating World with surprise.

The immortal mansion world had been restored after being attacked by the sovereign weapon, exposing the core area. Many outstanding geniuses and old experts who were looking for opportunities everywhere in the immortal mansion world were overjoyed, and entered the core area from all directions.

“The Emperor path Heaven Dragon plant! It takes ten thousand years to grow a leaf. This divine herb has been growing for ninety thousand years!”

An elder at the peak of the Almighty realm looked at a Golden Dragon-shaped divine plant in pleasant surprise. The divine plant had nine Dragon-shaped leaves, and the Dragon eyes, whiskers, scales, and claws on each leaf could be seen clearly. They were enshrouded in golden light, as if there were Dragons swimming in the clouds.

The old man reached out to grab the Emperor path Heaven Dragon plant, but just as his palm touched it, it disappeared without a trace.

Dao transformation?!

The old man cried out in alarm. He opened his mouth and spat out a dusky green treasured sword, cutting off his own palm from the wrist.

However, it was too late!

His entire body was disappearing rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared from the world, leaving no trace behind. It was as if he had never been there.

On the other floating celestial mountains, there were also other Masters who wanted to take away all kinds of treasures from this place. However, without exception, they were all attacked by the aura of Dao transformation and soon turned into Dao in the world amidst shrill screams.

Seeing this, no one dared to touch anything in this place.


Suddenly, a Grand and vast heavenly sound of the great path came from the entire world of the immortal abode. A layer of hazy mist was pushed away between heaven and earth. The rich power of time flowed, and a seemingly real and illusory world appeared in the void.

This scene could be seen in every single region of the immortal estate world. Whether or not one entered the core region, they would all be able to clearly see this scene.

“Time backtrack! Just how powerful was the existence that could be imprinted in this world and not be destroyed after experiencing thousands of tribulations? Which master’s training hall is this?” Some of the older powerhouses exclaimed in shock, full of respect for this place.

“Perhaps this place is the training ground of some great emperor!” Someone made a bold guess.

A look of realization appeared in Yu Ling’s eyes. What was reflected in the void was what had happened in this place. It was stimulated with the recovery of this place and was showing up in the world in a way of turning back time.

The layout of the scene was almost the same as the core area of this immortal estate world. Floating immortal mountains hung high between the heaven and earth, with auspicious clouds weaving and spirit birds flying. From time to time, one or two transcendent figures could be seen flying across the sky, and the whole place was filled with Dao runes that cleansed the soul.

A hazy figure transformed from a clear light appeared between heaven and earth. It stood with its hands behind its back, its face blurry. It was surrounded by tens of thousands of rays of multicolored light as it stepped into the sky. With every step it took, a blue cloud of the immortal Dao condensed. It was just a shadow, but it made all the living creatures in the primitive immortal mansion have an impulse to worship it.

“Rising clouds and ascending! This isn’t a great emperor, but a true immortal who has ascended!” Many people cried out in surprise.

Everyone’s eyes widened in excitement. The Ascension of Immortals was something that could be counted with one’s fingers since the birth of the ancient barren world. It only existed in some legends. Even the great emperors in the long river of history had probably not seen an immortal ascend!

It was no wonder that the scene of an immortal ascending could be imprinted in this world. It was enough to survive thousands of tribulations!

Everyone’s breathing became heavy. They had thought that this was the Dao field of a great emperor, but now they found that their imagination was too poor. How was this a great emperor? it was clearly the Dao field of an immortal!

In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned red.

If he could obtain the inheritance of this immortal, wouldn’t he have the chance to ascend and become an immortal?

No one could calm down in front of such an immortal encounter!

Everyone was staring at the figure in the clear light in the void, afraid to miss any detail.

Under everyone’s gaze, the figure in the void image let out a heavenly sound of the great path. Peaceful and peaceful golden lotuses were born from the void. Mysterious and unpredictable ancient characters appeared between the heaven and earth. Dew that was full of vitality descended from the sky. The origin of the heaven and earth trembled and thousands of great paths resonated.

This person was actually preaching on Dao during his Ascension!

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