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248 The origin of the primitive immortal mansion is beyond imagination

Sacred king Huangtu carried the Emperor weapon, the great desolate immortal refining furnace, and crossed the void. The heaven and earth rumbled and thousands of paths trembled. All the living beings in the entire ancient barren central continent felt the terrifying pressure.

Not long after, sacred king Huangtu arrived at the hundred thousand mountains in the southern region of the ancient barren central region.

The hundred thousand mountains stretched on endlessly. Divine mountains that were ten thousand Zhang tall towered into the clouds, deep pools and valleys could be seen everywhere, and great rivers surged endlessly. Countless Savage fierce beasts and primitive tribes lived there, and the entire place was filled with a Savage and primitive aura.

The appearance of the primitive immortal abode disturbed the peace here. Powerful cultivators from all the major worlds of the ancient barren world came here to try their luck. Those who were qualified to meddle were at least powerful beings. There were also many Dao Masters and Venerables. There were even the aura of Saints.

Sacred king Huangtu didn’t care about the many experts hiding in the depths of the void. He went straight to the primitive immortal mansion covered in white mist.


Sacred king Huangtu’s spiritual will turned into a ball of red flames that distorted the nearby void space. It burned toward the area covered in white mist.


As the spiritual will flame approached, the White mist violently churned.

“As expected of the sacred king of the barren fire sect, his way of doing things is truly overbearing to the extreme! He doesn’t even put this immortal mansion that can seal a Saint realm expert in his eyes!”

the primitive immortal mansion has sealed the Saint power. Even Saints can’t enter. I wonder if this seal will work on Saint Kings? ”

don’t forget that Saint King Huangtu came with the great desolation immortal refining furnace. Even if the sealing power of this immortal mansion is effective against Saint King, it probably won’t have any effect on Saint King Huangtu!

I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve seen a sovereign weapon display its might. I’m really looking forward to it!


Sacred king Huangtu’s actions caused a commotion among the people in the void. Everyone’s eyes fell on the White mist outside the immortal estate. They all wanted to see if sacred king Huangtu could break the seal of the immortal estate.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, more and more white mist surged out. It was so thick that it couldn’t be dispersed, and it frantically covered the spiritual will flame.

In the blink of an eye, the extremely domineering spiritual will flame broke into hundreds of pieces uncontrollably and silently disappeared from the world.

Sacred king Huangtu’s attack didn’t affect the primitive immortal mansion at all!

Everyone was somewhat surprised, but they weren’t too shocked. After all, more than one Saint had tried to test it before, but they had all been blocked by the White mist outside the immortal mansion.

Even if it was a true Saint King, this result was still within the expectations of many experts.

In the depths of the void, Qi Xuan of the thousand Fey divine dynasty watched quietly and thought, ” “First, he killed the divine Son of the thousand Fey divine dynasty, and then the divine Son of the barren fire divine sect. The innate Dao fetus really does things without restraint! If daolord Lu ya was here, he would definitely use all his strength to kill him. I only need to pay attention to the innate Dao embryo and the immortal-slaying Flying Dagger!”

The news that the immortal Flying Daggers were in the innate Dao embryo’s body was released by Qi Xuan. His purpose was to attract many saints and Saint Kings. He not only wanted to avenge the son of Kylin, but also wanted to take Yu Ling’s innate Dao fruit and the immortal Flying Daggers!

“You have some skill! I’d like to see just what this so-called immortal mansion is!”

Sacred king Huangtu raised his eyebrows slightly, and the great desolation immortal refining furnace in his palm exploded with a terrifying Emperor pressure. The red flames rolled back into the nine Heavens, and large areas of the sky were burned and collapsed, covering the area covered by the White mist.

The great desolation immortal refining furnace locked the sky and unscrupulously released a monstrous Emperor’s might. It was like a sleeping Emperor was awakening. The terrifying aura made everyone present subconsciously hold their breath.

This was the power of a monarch weapon!

Even though sacred king Huang tu could only use a limited amount of power, it still made everyone feel like they couldn’t fight back.

“Is this the might of a monarch weapon? It’s too terrifying!”

“The divine Son of barren fire was killed, and he died in the middle state. It would be strange if the barren fire divine sect wasn’t angry! Does sacred king Huang tu want to destroy this immortal estate world by reviving his Emperor weapon?”

“I wonder if this immortal estate world can resist the unparalleled Emperor’s might of the great desolation immortal refining furnace?”

“This immortal estate world can seal Saint power, and even the divine sense of Saint Kings. It’s definitely not something an ordinary secret realm can compare to! No matter what the result is, it’s going to be an exciting battle that can’t be missed!”


Everyone was discussing spiritedly, each and every one of them incomparably excited. They stared unblinkingly at the White mist-shrouded immortal estate world, and many of them even took out memory crystals to record this wonderful moment.

Although the death of the divine Son of Qilin had also infuriated the thousand demon dynasty, the thousand demon dynasty was too far away after all, and the monarch weapon still needed to be suppressed. The price of bringing a monarch weapon across the realm was too great, so the thousand demon dynasty did not dare to use it easily.

The barren fire divine sect didn’t have such concerns. This immortal estate world was in the southern region of the ancient Barrens central continent, which was equivalent to their home. Sacred king Huangtu had no qualms about asking the Emperor weapon, the great desolate immortal refining furnace, to come out. He wanted to clear the name of the barren fire divine sect!


At this moment, the White mist quickly faded away, revealing an ethereal world that seemed both real and illusory.

Celestial mountains of the great path loomed in and out of the clouds and mist. There were tens of thousands of rays of light and auspicious colors. Exotic flowers and plants were everywhere. True dragons and celestial carriages circled around. It was like a true celestial realm.

From the depths of the mountains of the great path, there was a mysterious heavenly sound of the great path. It sounded like the will of the great path was explaining the most fundamental truth, but it also sounded like the immortal was holding the top and teaching longevity. It rang in the heart of every living creature, making everyone have the illusion that they were ascending to immortality, as if there was a Supreme existence giving a lecture.

He listened carefully, but he couldn’t hear clearly. Everything was so hazy and illusory.

The moment this sound of the great Dao rang out, sacred king Huangtu’s body froze in midair uncontrollably. His consciousness seemed to have left his body, and he had no life force at all. He was like a walking corpse.


The great desolation immortal refining furnace let out a buzzing sound and released a vast Emperor aura, protecting Saint King Huangtu within.

Immediately after, the Crimson flames in the void rolled back into the nine Heavens, turning into a sea of fire filled with vast Emperor’s might. It burned the sky, melted the void, and released tyrannical Emperor’s might without restraint.

Sacred king Huangtu’s eyes became clear again, and he retreated tens of thousands of miles away. He looked at the primitive immortal mansion in horror, his eyes full of fear.

If not for the monarch weapon, he would have been in danger!

He had thought that this area was at most a secret realm opened by a Supreme Saint. After this personal test, he found out that the origin of this primitive immortal mansion was much greater than he had imagined!

He had a feeling that even if he burned his life source to activate the great desolation immortal refining furnace, it would still be difficult to open this primitive immortal abode!

Sacred king Huangtu didn’t dare to continue attacking this primitive immortal mansion. He took a deep breath and his expression became calm again. He put all the sea of fire back into the great desolate immortal refining furnace and sat cross-legged in the void, waiting for an opportunity.

Although he couldn’t do anything to this primitive immortal mansion, he was confident that he could deal with Yu Ling and daolord Lu ya who was behind her outside the primitive immortal mansion!

At this moment, the primitive immortal mansion was once again enveloped by the White mist. The illusory world had also disappeared, but the scene just now was clearly imprinted in the depths of everyone’s soul.

Saint King Huangtu was a true Saint King. He could find an existence that could shake the entire Central Plains with just a stomp of his foot. He had even revived part of the power of the great desolation immortal refining furnace. Yet, he was actually disintegrated by this primitive immortal mansion without a sound. The origin of this primitive immortal mansion was beyond everyone’s expectations.

It was quiet outside the primitive immortal mansion for the time being, but everyone could clearly sense that powerful auras had arrived outside the primitive immortal mansion one after another.

Apart from the thousand Fey divine dynasty and the barren fire divine sect, the patriarchs of the cloud sword sanctum, Duanmu family, Ling family of the divine Dao, divine firmament sanctum, xuanming sanctum, Frost Sword sanctum, and pure sky sanctum all came out of their coffins and rushed to the outer area of the primitive celestial abode, waiting for the right time to strike.

They all knew that the blood feud between them and the feather spirit was impossible to resolve. Behind the feather spirit was the mysterious Kun Lun who acted without any scruples. If they couldn’t kill the feather spirit outside this primitive immortal mansion, the feather spirit would come to their Holy Land and ancient sect sooner or later!

Of course, many old ancestor-level figures originally didn’t have any enmity with Yu Ling and Kun Lun. They just wanted to take advantage of the chaos outside this immortal estate to fish in troubled waters.

Whether it was the innate Dao fruit, the immortal Flying Daggers, or the secret hidden in this primitive immortal abode, they were all fatally attractive to them, enough for them to risk their lives.

Outside the entire primitive immortal mansion, there was a sense of oppression, as if a storm was coming.

While the outside world of the primitive immortal mansion was in an uproar, Yu Ling had already arrived in an ancient world with immortal Qi curling up.

As far as the eye could see, the sky was clear and bright, and celestial mountains with natural Dao runes floated in the void. The surrounding spiritual energy condensed into auspicious clouds that floated around the celestial mountains. Spiritual birds and celestial cranes formed by the mysterious Dao runes flapped their wings and soared, making one feel as if they were in a real celestial realm.

The feather Spirit’s residence was one of the celestial mountains floating in the void. There were orchids everywhere, and celestial flowers were in full bloom. Every exotic flower and plant was enshrouded in a colorful light and filled with an indescribable rhythm of the great Dao.

There was the faint sound of chanting in the void. It was impossible to tell if it was a male or female, or the syllables, but it made one’s soul clear as if layers of dust had been wiped away. It also seemed to let one wander in the vast ocean of the origin of the great Dao, and could rise up at any time.

As for the successor of the ancient wilderness temple who had just entered, he had long disappeared.

“This kind of Tao aura is indeed hard to find in the world, but compared with master’s Blue cloud Peak, it’s still far from it!” Yu Ling shook her head gently. Her eyes were calm and emotionless. Her innate Dao body disappeared between heaven and earth and merged with the surrounding Dao, trying to find out more information.

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