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245 The successor of the ancient wilderness temple wants to seize the immortal Flying Dagger?

The primitive immortal mansion.

The news that the Yu family’s innate Dao fetus had slaughtered many geniuses spread out. The huge ‘Yu’ character had built up Yu Ling’s fierce reputation. The death of the divine Son of Qilin and his people had pushed Yu Ling’s fierce reputation to the peak.

The Son of God of Kylin was the most outstanding talent of the younger generation of the ten thousand Fey dynasty. He was famous in the ancient barren world before the opening of the golden age. He had countless divine arts and treasures. Even Saints might not be able to kill him. Now, he had died at the hands of Yu Ling, which was unbelievable.

In this primitive immortal mansion, it wasn’t yu Ling’s first time using the immortal-slaying Flying Daggers. She also used them when she killed the cloud Sword Saint son, the peach fairy, and others. However, in that battle, Yu Ling used the God-slaughtering Ten Thousand Flowers formation to seal off the heaven and earth in advance. The battle ended soon, and the immortal-slaying Flying Daggers were not exposed.

And this time, the divine Son of Qilin had led his men to besiege Xiao Yixian, which had attracted the attention of many talents.

Yu Ling’s sudden attack made the battle even more intense. Even the God-slaughtering flowers formation couldn’t stop the aura from leaking out.

Some heaven’s proud talents hid in the void far away and saw what was happening with secret techniques. Some heaven’s proud talents even used secret techniques to trace back time and saw the battle just now. Only then were the immortal flying knives completely exposed to everyone.

When the other proud geniuses in the primitive immortal mansion learned that the immortal Flying Dagger was with Yu Ling, they couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

The divine Son of Qilin didn’t die in vain!

Everyone couldn’t help but have this thought.

The primitive immortal mansion had sealed off all Saint realm beings. No saint realm beings could enter it. Yu Ling, who had the immortal slaying Flying Dagger, was simply an invincible existence!

In front of the immortal slaying Flying Dagger, even a holy weapon wouldn’t have any effect!

Soon, they understood the whole story of the fight between Yu Ling and the divine Son of Kylin. They all sighed inwardly. The divine Son of Kylin had been killed by the xuanming Saint son. It was an undeserved disaster!

Although the people Yu Ling had killed were all disciples of the forces that had attacked the Yu family of the divine Dao, Yu Ling, who had the immortal slaying knife, was enough to decide the life and death of anyone in the primitive immortal mansion. Everyone was extremely afraid of her.

News of what had happened in the primitive immortal abode spread quickly. Ten-odd Dao Lord-level Supreme talents, including the myriad flower saintess, the cloud-Sword Saint son, the Duanmu family’s heir, the xuanming Saint son, the divine firmament saintess, the ice-Sword Saint son, and the Qilin deity son, had all died one after another, shocking the world.

It had been many years since so many saints had died at the same time. It was an unimaginable earthquake for the entire ancient barren world.

With the thousand Fey divine dynasty’s help, most of the Holy Land patriarchs knew that the immortal slaying dagger was in Yu Ling’s hands, and many Saint realm patriarchs became greedy.

The immortal slaying Flying Dagger was a peerless weapon that could easily kill a Saint King. No one didn’t want it!

If the immortal slaying dagger was in the hands of Daoist Lu ya, they naturally wouldn’t dare to have any improper thoughts.

However, Daoist Lu ya actually gave the immortal flying knife to the Yu family’s innate Dao fetus, which was equivalent to a three-year-old child swaggering through the market with gold. The thoughts of all the patriarchs became active, and they came out of their coffins and rushed to the primitive immortal mansion.

If they could control the immortal slaying Flying Daggers, they believed that they would be stronger than Daoist Lu ya!


An earth-shattering boom came from the depths of the ancient secret realm in the primitive immortal mansion. The fire essence in the underground fire Sea was completely drawn out, and the entire magma world collapsed.


Son of God desolate fire’s imposing figure appeared in the void. His eyes shone with divine light, and his long brows reached his temples. A desolate and ancient tyrannical aura lingered around him. His vast aura suppressed the surrounding great Dao, making it impossible for it to approach.

“What a pity, I’m still a step away from the Dao severing stage.”

Barren fire Divine Son gently shook his head. Suddenly, he looked into the distance as if he had sensed something and shouted,”Who are you?”

In the distant void, a burly man with disheveled hair appeared. Under the beast skin clothes, his body seemed to have many Dragons coiling around it, and he was filled with explosive power. His skin glowed with a bronze treasure light, and his eyes emitted a cold light that made people’s hearts palpitate. He was like a wild beast that was choosing people to eat, and he was extremely wild.

He was the successor of the ancient wilderness temple, Gu Li!

Behind Gu Li were ten young men and women dressed in animal skin. Their skin was engraved with various complicated totem patterns, and each of them exuded a unique wild aura. They were all Dao master realm experts.

These were the ten Magus Berserkers that Gu Li had brought along. Before they entered the primitive immortal abode, they were only at the peak of the Almighty realm. Now, all of them had actually broken through to the Dao Lord realm. It was clear that the ancient wilderness temple did have some understanding of the primitive immortal abode.

Desolate fire Divine Son looked straight at Gu Li and frowned.”Gu Li, why have you come to find me?” Duan Ling Tian asked.

“Son of God barren fire, you’re about to face a great disaster!” Gu Li’s voice was like the ringing of a great Bell, and it carried a strong sense of oppression.

Divine Son barren fire’s eyes shone with two resplendent beams of divine light as a vast sea of fire appeared behind him, burning the surrounding void to the point of collapse. With an aura that could swallow mountains and rivers, he said in a domineering manner, ” “You?”

“The one who wants to kill you is not me, but the innate Dao fetus of the Yu family! She should be here soon!” Gu Li shook his head gently.

Barren fire Divine Son clasped his hands behind his back and arrogantly raised his head. He didn’t seem to care.”That survivor of the Yu family? Hmph, I’m just afraid she won’t come!”

Gu Li’s disheveled hair fluttered in the wind. Every strand of hair seemed to be suppressing a peerless ferocious beast. It was as if there were endless beast souls roaring in the depths of the void. He sneered.”The divine Son of wildfire really thinks he’s extraordinary! That’s daolord Lu ya’s disciple. If I didn’t come, you would have died!”

“She’s just an innate Dao fetus. So what if she’s under Daoist Lu ya? I don’t even put her in my eyes!” Desolate fire Divine son’s eyes were intimidating. He looked down on the world, and his tone was filled with confidence.

not long ago, the divine Son of Qilin was killed by her!

Gu Li’s words were like a heavy hammer that struck Son of God barren fire’s heart.

Son of God barren fire raised his eyebrows and blurted out, ” “Impossible! The divine Son of Kylin is the current Divine Son of the thousand demon dynasty, and he bears the fate of the thousand demon dynasty. Even I’m not sure if I can kill him, so how could he be killed by the innate Dao fetus?”

“The immortal flying knife is on her!” Gu Li’s cold voice sounded as if it was made up of the roars of thousands of ferocious beasts. It was a direct blow to their hearts.

Son of God desolate fire’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his face was filled with disbelief. “The immortal-slaying Flying Dagger that once slaughtered three Saint Kings and nine saints? How could she have such a powerful weapon?”

the divine Son of Qilin confirmed it with his own life. How could it be false? ” Gu Li sneered as he stretched out his hand and pointed at the air.

Accompanied by the faint roar of a fierce beast, the scene of Yu Ling using the immortal flying knife to kill the Qilin Divine Son appeared in the void. The sight sent a chill down the divine Son of wildfire’s neck.

Son of God desolate fire rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, Son of God Qilin had gone against Yu Ling because of the xuanming Saint son. Otherwise, he would have been the one to die!

At that moment, Son of God desolate fire suddenly remembered that the spiritual will incarnation he had left in peach fairy’s body had been killed by someone.

Because his spiritual will incarnation had been cut off, he couldn’t retrieve his spiritual will. He didn’t know what had happened back then, but it seemed like it had been cut off by the immortal Flying Dagger. Otherwise, it was impossible for his spiritual will to not have escaped.

Even if the divine Son of barren fire thought he was invincible in his generation, he wasn’t confident that he could block the immortal flying knife!

After all, the Qilin Divine Son had been killed even though he had a holy weapon protecting him!

So far, Son of God barren fire had never heard of anyone who could block the immortal flying knife!

Barren fire Divine Son was indeed confident, but he wasn’t stupid. He already had the intention to retreat.

Where there is life, there is hope!

Divine Son barren fire looked at Gu Li, and his heart stirred.”The friendship between you and I isn’t deep. Since you know that the immortal slaying Flying Dagger is in her hands, why did you come to tell me? Aren’t you afraid that the remaining members of the Yu family will kill you when they come to me for revenge? What are your plans?”

Gu Li’s eyes shone with a brilliant divine light as the vague images of thousands of ferocious beasts appeared around him. The indistinct roars of the ferocious beasts were soul-stirring as he said in a domineering manner,”The immortal slaying Flying Dagger is a peerless weapon! If it’s in Daoist Lu ya’s hands, I would naturally not dare to have any improper thoughts! However, daolord Lu ya had actually given this peerless weapon to Yu Ling. It was worth a risk! I need your help to destroy my innate Dao embryo!”

“So you want to seize the immortal flying knife!”

Divine Son desolate fire’s eyes shone with a bright light as he muttered, the Son of God Qilin was killed even with his holy weapon. Are you sure you can block the immortal flying knife? ”

Gu Li placed his hands behind his back. His body contained explosive energy under the beast skin clothes, and he naturally exuded an aura that could swallow mountains and rivers. He said arrogantly,”This immortal abode is somewhat related to my ancient wilderness temple. I have a way to restrain the innate Dao fetus so that she can’t use the immortal slaying Flying Dagger! At that time, you will be the one to kill the innate Dao fetus! I only want the immortal slaying Flying Dagger and you can have all the other treasures. What do you think?”

“Your ancient wilderness temple really does know something about this immortal abode!”

Son of God desolate fire raised his eyebrows,”if you can really hold back the remaining members of the Yu family, it’s not impossible to join forces with you!” However, I also want that immortal flying knife! What should I do?”

Gu Li’s brows were tightly furrowed. The silhouettes of thousands of ferocious beasts appeared around him, and the roars of the beasts could be vaguely heard from the depths of his soul. He said coldly,”If I didn’t inform you, you would’ve definitely fallen under the immortal flying blade! I saved your life, and you still want the immortal flying knife? that’s too much! In addition, that innate Dao embryo definitely has more than one Saint weapon. There are countless half-Saint weapons and Supreme-grade spirit treasures. Don’t be too greedy!”

Barren fire Divine Son didn’t reply. He muttered, ” “Why did you come to me? Can’t the other heaven’s favorites do the same?”

Gu Li shook his head gently as his messy hair fluttered in the wind. He said in a loud voice, ” “In the entire immortal estate world, besides you and Qin wudao, no one else is qualified to deal with that innate Dao fetus! I looked for Qin wudao first. However, he didn’t want to be enemies with the Kunlun Sect and rejected me! Your barren fire sect and the Yu family are mortal enemies. I think you won’t reject my proposal!”

“Good! I’ll believe you this once! Let’s work together to kill the remaining members of the Yu family. The immortal flying knife will be yours and the other treasures will be mine!” Divine Son barren fire nodded in agreement to Gu Li’s suggestion.

Son of God desolate fire didn’t trust Gu Li completely. If Gu Li couldn’t hold Yu Ling back, he would run away immediately. He wouldn’t die in vain.

“When the time is right, I’ll naturally make my move!”

Gu Li nodded slightly and waved his hand at the ten Magus Berserkers. Their figures gradually disappeared into the void as if they had never been there.

“Surviving members of the Yu family, get over here and die!”

Son of God desolate fire shouted, his domineering voice reverberating through the void.

When the cultivators in the ancient mystic realm heard the voice of the divine Son of barren fire, they were all shocked and rushed over.

The divine Son of Kylin had just been killed by the immortal flying knife of the innate Dao fetus, and now the divine Son of wildfire dared to challenge the innate Dao fetus?

Could it be that he had the confidence to deal with the immortal flying blade?


Not long after, Yu Ling’s figure appeared from the void in the distance. She looked coldly at barren fire Divine Son. She raised her palm, and the purple and yellow immortal beheading gourd appeared in her hand. It was filled with endless killing intent.

Yu Ling didn’t waste any words with Divine Son barren fire. As soon as she appeared, she used the immortal slaying gourd. She had to kill him in one blow!

She was here to kill, not to spar!

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