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242 Feather spirit, either get lost or die!


Xiao Yixian’s body buzzed with the sound of the great Dao. Every pore of his was flowing with a strong chaotic immortal light. His chakra sea, which was about to dry up, was rejuvenated. The blood in his body roared like a Great River, and his aura was recovering quickly.

“It really is chaos life force!”

A vigorous and domineering voice shook the void. The voice alone suppressed the thousands of rumbles.

It was a man with long, fiery red hair. On his forehead, there was a pair of flaming horns with a mysterious fire rhythm. His body was strong and slender, and his eyes were burning like divine lamps. He was like an ancient divine mountain that stretched across the sky, crushing the void and collapsing it. It was as if an ancient God had descended.

It was this person who had revealed the Qilin Dharma form and forced Xiao Yixian to retreat.

The thousand Fey dynasty’s Divine Son of Qilin!

fortunately, the divine Son of Kylin has fiery golden eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have discovered that this person had come into contact with the spiritual roots of chaos!

In the air, a young man dressed in dark green clothes complimented. A black ocean churned around him, exuding an extremely Yin and cold aura of the great Dao. This was the Saint child of the mysterious underworld sacred land!

The mysterious underworld Saint son turned to Xiao Yixian and summoned the black ocean around him to cover Xiao Yixian. He shouted coldly, ” dark sky Saint son, tell us all the information about the chaos spiritual root, and we might spare your life!

“Dog-like thing! You’re not qualified to ask about Primal Chaos spiritual roots.”

Xiao Yi Xian’s eyes were cold, and his face was grim. His fist emitted dazzling Starlight, and he smashed the black ocean into pieces.

Immediately after, the starry sky around Xiao Yixian increased in size and appeared in front of the xuanming Saint son. With a wave of his hand, he created a majestic mountain covered in Starlight and smashed the xuanming Saint son into the blue sky. The sound of bones breaking could be heard clearly.

“Boom boom boom!”

A bolt of lightning filled with a destructive aura suddenly came crashing down from the sky, shattering the stars around Xiao Yixian and striking his back. He staggered and spat out a mouthful of blood.

It was a woman in Thunder armor. There was a mark of golden lightning between her eyebrows, and her face was full of killing intent. She was the saintess of the divine firmament sacred ground.

Xiao Yixian was already close to the end of his life. Even if he had consumed the roots of the chaos Calabash vine, the potential that he could squeeze out was limited. He had only recovered a small part of his divine power and could not deal with the siege of so many Saint-level heaven’s favorites at the same time.

“My patience is limited! If you tell me the whereabouts of the chaotic spiritual roots, I can make you my follower and give you a Supreme opportunity! If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to kill you and search your soul!” The Son of God Qilin stepped into the void, and a Qilin apparition that covered the sky appeared behind him. It was as if a God was looking down at ants, and it had the power to swallow mountains and rivers.

“No comment!”

Xiao Yixian replied coldly. The chaotic immortal light in his body churned, and dazzling Starlight circulated around his body. His divine power was recovering quickly.

This immortal estate world had an extremely powerful sealing power. Not only did it prevent Saints from entering, but it also isolated them from the outside world. Xiao Yi Xian had once used the banish of the starry sky, wanting to banish himself into the chaotic starry sky, but he had failed.

Facing more than ten overwhelming prodigies at the Saint level at the same time, including the divine Son of Qilin, who was a top monster of his generation, Xiao Yixian knew that he was in trouble this time, but he still didn’t give up.

“Since you insist on making a pointless struggle, then I’ll take a step back.”

The divine Son of Kylin’s long red hair flew in the wind, and he exuded a domineering aura. He was about to kill Xiao Yixian when he suddenly looked into the void in the distance, and two dazzling divine lights bloomed in his eyes.


The great Dao in a radius of 10000 miles was all stirred up. The void seemed to be clenched by an invisible giant hand and collapsed toward the mysterious underworld Saint. Everyone around the mysterious underworld Saint was within its attack range. It was extremely overbearing.

The mysterious underworld Saint son’s expression changed, and a dark green ancient Bell rushed out of his head. Black Rivers revolved around the bell, and the bell trembled. Black Rivers appeared out of thin air, rolling up huge waves and forming layers of defense around him.

At the same time, the other Saint-level characters also made their moves. For a moment, Thunder rumbled, fire waves overflowed, sword Qi was dense, and Qilin roared. All kinds of strange phenomena covered the sky and joined forces to resist the collapsing void around them.

Xiao Yixian, who was surrounded by many Saint level characters, was not affected at all. He did not know who was helping him, so he could only seize the time to recover his cultivation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The sky and earth cracked, and thousands of DAOs rumbled. The thousands of great DAOs in the collapsed void collapsed, and the whole world returned to peace.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking us?” The mysterious underworld Saint son yelled in shock and anger.

The attack just now was obviously aimed at him, which made him feel extremely dangerous. If the other Holy Sons had not shared most of the attack with him, he would have been seriously injured, if not dead.

The mysterious underworld Saint son wasn’t the only one. The other Saint-level powerhouses were all furious. There were so many of them here, yet someone dared to attack them at the same time. It was obvious that he didn’t take them seriously.

The fire horns on the divine Son of Kylin’s head were flowing with a strong fire rhythm, and his body exuded an extremely strong killing intent. The fire in his eyes was rolling, and his aura was aggressive. He was ready to strike like a Thunderbolt.

The six Dao master realm demon race geniuses gathered around the Qilin Divine Son. They were the geniuses that the Qilin Divine Son had brought out from the thousand demon dynasty. Each of them had a towering horn and they looked into the void in the distance as if they were facing a great enemy.

That attack just now wasn’t something an ordinary heaven’s favorite could have done. Could it be that the descendant of the ancient wilderness temple had arrived?

“The descendant of the Yu family from the ancient Barrens central continent is here to kill the xuanming Saint son!”

Yu Ling’s figure appeared from the void. His face was hazy and illusory, as if he was covered by layers of veils. There were thousands of great Dao chiming around him, and his entire person seemed to be the embodiment of the great Dao. He was fearless in the face of the pressure of more than ten Saint-level powerhouses, and his tone was as cold as ice.

Many of the Saint-level heaven’s favorites exclaimed in shock.

“The descendant of the Yu family? The legendary innate Dao fetus?”

“Daolord Lu ya’s disciple! Why is she here?”

when the Yu family was annihilated, the ancestor of the xuanming sacred land took action. No wonder she came to take revenge on the xuanming Saint son!


Many of the paragons were discussing, and from their words, they were very afraid of daolord Lu ya.

Given their status, they were naturally aware of what was happening in the lonely starry sky. In their eyes, Daoist Lu ya had already become the number one god of death in the universe. Suddenly seeing Daoist Lu ya’s successor here, they all felt that things were a little tricky.

The mysterious underworld Saint son’s heart sank when he saw everyone’s reaction. Were these people going to stand by and watch?

Immediately after, the feather Spirit’s indifferent and overbearing voice sounded again. “Unrelated people, either get lost or die!”

As soon as he said that, the expressions of all the Saint-level heaven’s favorites changed.

“Heh, the innate Dao fetus is really arrogant!”

“Don’t forget that this is the world of the immortal estate. Daolord Lu ya can’t enter! If you’re so supercilious, this immortal estate world will be your burial ground!”

“Well said! Do you really think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re daolord Lu ya’s successor?”

“Kill her! We will split her innate Dao fruit equally!”


The feather spirit scolded them as if they were his grandsons. Even if they didn’t want to provoke daolord Lu ya, they couldn’t help but want to kill him.

Moreover, the innate Dao embryos were also a deadly temptation to them. In a place like the primitive immortal mansion, where Saints could not enter, the greed in their hearts was magnified countless times. Many of them had the idea of snatching Yu Ling’s innate Dao fruit.

The mysterious underworld Saint son was overjoyed. Yu Ling had offended everyone, and no one could stay out of it!

Xiao Yixian was surprised and thought, what an arrogant innate Dao fetus! Why do I feel like she’s here to save me? Was it an illusion?

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