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241 Killing the Saint and xuantian’s old friend

immortal flying knife?!

what?! elder hei Xuan’s face paled as he broke out in a cold sweat.

The immortal flying blade’s reputation was too fierce. Suddenly seeing this legendary peerless weapon, elder hei Xuan couldn’t help but lose his mind and flee in panic.

However, in the next moment, the immortal flying knife flew out of the gourd, and two beams of divine light shot out of its eyes, freezing his spirit from a distance. It instantly appeared above his head and spun once. His head flew off on the spot, and his headless body fell into the air, blood spraying into the sky.

Yu Ling burned all their bodies with the flames of the way and took their treasures. She left a huge ‘Yu’ word on the spot and disappeared.

eight thousand miles away, five young men and women were besieging a green flood dragon.

The green flood Dragon’s body was surging with killing intent, and a slight movement could cause the heavens to collapse and the earth to crack. It was a Supreme at the peak of the Dao severing realm.

The five young men and women were all extraordinary in appearance and temperament. They were all peerless prodigies of the Dao Lord realm.

They were all dressed in different clothes, and it was obvious that they came from different forces. They were All Saints or successors of the major forces.

A young man with a cold face retreated a thousand miles. A dagger with murderous intent appeared on the top of his head, and it exuded the power of a half-Saint weapon. His aura was rising rapidly as he yelled,”I’ll have to trouble my fellow Daoists to pin down this crawling insect. Leave the rest to me, Duanmu han!”

“Don’t worry, fellow Daoist Duanmu! We’ll do our best to keep it busy!” Someone replied. All kinds of divine abilities and spirit treasures were launched at the green flood Dragon, causing it to roar repeatedly. It tried to break through the blockade of the four people several times, but it was unable to break through.

Duanmu han was using all his strength to activate the dagger. Suddenly, he looked into the distance and discovered the feather spirit that had appeared out of thin air. His expression changed slightly. He turned the dagger around and pointed the blade at the feather spirit. He shouted,”We’re currently hunting, don’t make a mistake, fellow Daoist!”

Yu Ling’s eyes fell on him. Runes of disasters flickered in her eyes, and she launched an attack without saying a word.

Duanmu han instantly felt the divine power in his body go berserk. His divine sea surged and his heart’s devil was born. Every pore of his was burning with flames filled with the aura of disaster. His five viscera and six organs collided with each other as if all kinds of disasters, heavenly tribulations, curses, and other powers were acting on his body.


Duanmu han grunted and blood flowed out of his mouth. His eyes flashed with coldness as he controlled the half-Saint weapon to slash at Yu Ling.

Clang! Clang!

The Dao-suppressing Bell suddenly flew out from Yu Ling’s head, and nine-colored light lit up the world. The sound waves turned into waves of energy that weakened the half-Saint dagger’s attack.

“A lifeblood weapon?”

In the distance, a woman who had unleashed an Ice Mountain phenomenon cried out in alarm, and then immediately shouted with both shock and anger, ” “What is fellow Daoist’s background? Why are you attacking us? Aren’t you afraid of the sacred land behind us?”

“I’m seeking revenge from the Duanmu family, and it has nothing to do with you!”

Yu Ling replied indifferently. She stepped on the void and arrived in front of Duanmu han in an instant. She raised her hand and slapped toward Duanmu han. Her Jade-like hand turned into an ancient tomb. A heavenly tombstone appeared on top of it, as if it could suppress all the DAOs in the world.

Divine power, Dao burial!

Duanmu han was currently fighting against the power of the catastrophe in his body. He simply couldn’t avoid this great divine ability.


A dull boom rang out between heaven and earth. The huge tomb suppressed Duanmu han below. Violent energy turbulence swept through the world and set off an energy storm in the void.

In an instant, the divine power in Duanmu Han’s body was completely sealed. He could not use it at all. His body fell from the sky uncontrollably, his face filled with fear.

“Boom boom boom!”

The feather spirit made a grasping gesture at Duanmu han. The great Dao of the world gathered toward Duanmu han. The void collapsed, and the world collapsed. In the blink of an eye, the man was devoured.

Before his body could land on the ground, he had already turned into a pile of incomplete bones. His divine soul was buried in the shattered Void. He had died completely.

The four Saint children who were fighting against the green flood Dragon were all shocked. The current successor of the Duanmu family died just like that? What was the origin of the woman who attacked? Was she not afraid of the revenge of the Duanmu family?

“Boom boom boom!”

The great Dao rumbled and heaven and earth shook. Thousands of great Dao left a huge ancient word on the ground where Duanmu han had fallen: Feather!

Yu Ling took all the treasures left by Duanmu han and disappeared. She didn’t pay any attention to the four Saint children and the green Jiao Dragon.

“Yu? The innate Dao fetus of the Yu family of the divine Dao! The old ancestor of the Duanmu family once participated in the battle that destroyed the Yu family. No wonder she said that she wanted to seek revenge from the Duanmu family!” A young man in blue exclaimed.

The others all had a look of realization. They had all learned about what had happened in the lonely starry sky and understood that the Yu family’s innate Dao fetus had already reached the Dao master realm. They had come to this primitive immortal mansion to seek revenge against the enemy forces who had attacked the Yu family!

A bright and beautiful woman said thoughtfully, ” “The divine Son of barren fire is also in this Mystic realm. He has the bearing of a great emperor and his future achievements are limitless! Should we inform him?”

The young man in blue glanced at her and shook his head, ” “The Yu family’s innate Dao fetus is not to be trifled with. If she wants to seek revenge, we’d better not interfere in case we get into trouble! She and the divine Son of barren fire are bound to fight. No matter who wins or loses, it has nothing to do with us! We only need to watch from the side!”

Everyone nodded. Yu Ling had just killed Duanmu han, a Saint level overwhelming prodigy, in a few breaths. The power she had revealed was probably not her full power. Staying out of it was the best choice.

“What should we do now?” The ice Mountain woman frowned slightly, and the ice Mountain behind her bloomed with ice lotuses, forming an ice Lotus formation to resist the madness of the Green Dragon.

Duanmu han is dead, ” the young man in blue said with a bitter smile. the price we have to pay to kill this crazy green flood Dragon is too great. Let’s retreat first!

Although the others were unwilling, they didn’t linger in the battle. They stopped fighting the green Jiao Dragon and used various secret techniques to quickly disappear into the horizon.

Six thousand miles away, a Black Tiger that was ten thousand feet long lay in a pool of blood. Its body was covered with strange bright red flowers. Nearby, a woman in a dark green dress sat cross-legged in the void, faintly echoing the strange flowers on the green flood Dragon’s body.

The woman’s aura was rising rapidly, and the great Dao around her rumbled and trembled. She seemed to be trying to break through to the Dao Lord realm.

Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes and looked into the void.

Before she could react, the thousands of great Dao around her lost control and collapsed toward her, drowning her in an instant.

A moment later, the void returned to its calm state. All traces of this woman’s existence had been erased, not even a skeleton was left behind. A huge ancient word was left on the spot: Feather!

Similar things were happening all over the secret realm. The barren fire sect, the ten thousand Flower Valley, the thousand Jade Palace, the Duanmu family, the divine Dao’s Ling family, the xuanming sacred land, and other forces all suffered heavy losses. As long as their elders and disciples encountered the feather spirit, they would all be slaughtered. Not a single one survived.

Not only were there supreme beings, but there were also Dao Lord Saints and even Dao severing sovereigns who had died at the hands of the feather spirit.

Gradually, the news that the Yu family’s innate Dao fetus was seeking revenge in the secret realm spread out. Disciples and elders of the barren fire sect, ten thousand Flower Valley and other forces who were lucky enough to survive all felt insecure and did not dare to stay in the secret realm any longer. They all used secret techniques to quickly escape, afraid that they would be the next.

As time went by, the feather spirit could sense less and less of the hostile forces.

A few days later, the feather spirit finally sensed something again. She could clearly sense the aura fluctuations of another xuanming sacred land disciple ten thousand miles away. Without any hesitation, she rushed in that direction.

“Boom boom boom!”

As soon as the feather spirit was within a thousand miles of the area, she sensed a faint muffled sound coming from the void in front of her. It was obvious that someone was fighting a life-and-death battle.

The feather spirit sensed a familiar aura in the battle ahead. It was the unique aura of the disciples of the profound sky Holy Land.

Yu Ling’s mind flickered. Her body merged into the void, and she quickly rushed toward the battle area.

From a distance, Yu Ling could see a hundred-mile-long dark crack in the void. Thousands of stars shone on the world, black water rolled up into the sky, world-destroying Thunder shook the nine Heavens, and the overbearing Qilin roared and shook the mountains and rivers. Everything was collapsing.

Looking carefully, there were more than ten overwhelming prodigies of the Dao Lord realm attacking a young man in a light golden robe. Every time they fought, the sky and earth would shatter, and Starlight would burst out.

The young man who was being attacked was none other than the Xuan Tian Saint son, Xiao Yixian!

It was unknown how long they had been fighting, but the area within a radius of several thousand miles was filled with traces of the battle, with thousands of holes and scars.


Xiao Yixian’s hair was disheveled, and his golden robe was stained with blood. His eyes were as cold as a blade as he stood in the vast and deep starry sky. He instantly approached one of the white-robed young men and slashed out a Star Domain great splitting slash, cutting the white-robed young man in half at the waist. Blood splattered all over the blue sky.


A Qilin’s roar rang out in the air, and a Qilin with its entire body burning with raging flames appeared out of thin air. Its roar shattered the heavens and earth, and Xiao Yixian was forced to retreat while coughing up blood.

The two halves of the young man in white’s body connected together. His divine power churned and his life essence surged. In the blink of an eye, he recovered.

Xiao Yi Xian’s entire body emitted a brilliant light. He charged left and right in the middle of the overwhelming prodigies “attacks, fighting with his life. However, he was blocked time and time again. His divine power was almost exhausted, and it was obvious that he couldn’t hold on for much longer.

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