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The Outer Realm Sky Demon

“The Supreme Sword Dao Bone!” The Xuantian Holy Lord blurted out as his eyes opened wide with surprise.

The six elders watching the battle were in Primordial Realm. But the appearance of the Supreme Sword Bone made them tremble with trepidation.

If Li Qingzhou’s opponent was them, even they were not confident that they could face him head-on!

There was actually such an expert in Qingyun Peak?


The Xuantian Holy Son’s constitution sensed something and a vast starry sky appeared around him. It was deep and endless as the stars made him look like a god in the night sky.

“The Sword King Body? How interesting!” Xiao Yixian’s lips curled up slightly and a monstrous battle intent surged out of him.

His eight followers were also shocked. They had seen many geniuses and could sense their presence. Thus, they could attest that Li Qingzhou was no weaker than the young geniuses they had encountered before!

Li Qingzhou now seemed to almost be at the same level as the Xuantian Holy Son!

And they were able to sense all of these through the array. Liao Wuhen, Li Qingzhou’s opponent, felt even more pressure. Now that Li Qingzhou had unleashed his full force, Liao Wuhen knew that he would never be able to intercept the former’s attacks.

Even the Outer Realm Sky Demon within him felt a strong sense of danger.

But since they were now in a life or death situation, the Outer Realm Sky Demon could care less and started to act.

Liao Wuhen’s heart suddenly contracted and a black demonic aura instantly enveloped his entire body. His eyes turned as black as ink – there was no white in his eyes at all – and his entire body became covered in a layer of fine greenish-black scales as a violent and bloodthirsty aura surged forth from him.

In an instant, the Outer Realm Sky Demon had taken over Liao Wuhen’s body and appeared as a black mass.

A pitch-black sun appeared behind Liao Wuhen and wisps of evil demon Qi scattered down from it, blocking out the Sun and sky.

It was the vision, Demon Sun Covering the Sky!

“An evil demon!”

The Xuantian Holy Lord, six elders, and the Xuantian Holy Son knew that something was wrong. They wanted to attack Liao Wuhen immediately.

However, Li Qingzhou spared no one else a chance to take another step.

The divine sword formed by the Supreme Sword Bone flashed past and a transparent hole instantly appeared where Liao Wuhen’s heart was – his heart had been shredded into the tiniest specks of dust by the endless sword Qi that Li Qingzhou had activated.

Then, a seemingly real yet illusory black shadow dashed out from Liao Wuhen’s shattered heart. Its face was blurry but one could make out its black hair and the two balls of black flames that danced where his eyes would have been.

“An Outer Realm Sky Demon!” The Xuantian Holy Lord cried out in alarm and instantly arrived at the outer boundary of the array, intending to personally deal with the demon.

However, Li Qingzhou sprung into action once more as thousands of sword scars appeared on the demon’s body. The sword scars were densely packed and each was surging with boundless Lifeless Sword Intent.

And with that, the demon collapsed in midair and turned into ashes.

Liao Wuhen’s corpse fell to the ground with a loud thud, though the dense green-black scales on his body still shone with a cold light under the sun.

Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone returned to its original position and the disciple looked at Ye Chen with a relieved smile, “Master, I’m lucky to have lived up to your expectations!”

At this moment, Li Qingzhou felt that his master was even more unfathomable.

Ye Chen already knew how to deal with Liao Wuhen and what would happen after even before the battle began.

Somehow, his master just knew that there was an Outer Realm Sky Demon in Liao Wuhen’s heart, and if Li Qingzhou had attacked the head or any other body parts, it would have taken even longer for the Outer Realm Sky Demon to reveal itself.

How was Ye Chen able to predict all of these so far ahead of time?

The corner of Zi Menghan’s mouth slightly curled up. What a show-off, Li Qingzhou!

Ye Chen lightly nodded. Then, he turned to cup his hands towards the Xuantian Holy Lord and said, “Holy Lord, this disciple of mine was a bit too much earlier. Harming other disciples is a heinous crime. When I return, I’ll definitely punish him heavily!”

The Xuantian Holy Lord approached Ye Chen but his face had turned dark.

He had just assured Ye Chen that Liao Wuhen was not possessed, which was partially true.

But still, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed of himself.

Although Liao Wuhen had not been possessed, he had been contaminated by the Outer Realm Sky Demon, which was worse because it made him more dangerous!

And Ye Chen’s recent remark only made the Xuantian Holy Lord even more embarrassed. He softly said to Ye Chen, “I did not expect Liao Wuhen to have an Outer Realm Sky Demon hidden inside his body. It was my oversight!

“If it were not for Li Qingzhou, I don’t know how many disciples in Xuantian Holy Land would have been killed!

“Li Qingzhou has done nothing wrong. He has done us all a great honor. I shall give him this spirit jade pendant, a defense-type soul treasure, as a reward!”

The Xuantian Holy Lord plucked out an ancient jade pendant from thin air. With a flick of his finger, the jade pendant turned into a beam of light and flew toward Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou accepted the jade pendant and looked at Ye Chen questioningly.

“Since it is a gift from the Xuantian Holy Lord, you may accept it,” said Ye Chen calmly.

He had asked Li Qingzhou to stand in for him just so that he could maintain his low profile. So, Ye Chen did not see anything wrong with allowing his disciple to accept the gift.

Li Qingzhou was overjoyed. Although he had seen thousands of soul treasures in Lifeless Sword Tomb, they were sword-type soul treasures. The defense-type soul treasure he had received was a rarity!

Envy appeared in the eyes of the six elders. Even they didn’t have defense-type soul treasures!

However, they also knew that the aptitude Li Qingzhou had just displayed was deserving of this reward!

The Xuantian Holy Son walked up to Ye Chen and cupped his hands before solemnly saying, “Peak Lord Ye, I was the one who brought Liao Wuhen back from the ruins and I had almost caused a huge mistake. I can’t absolve myself from the blame for such a thing! I hereby solemnly apologize to Peak Lord Ye!”

Huh? Only an apology?


That was what Ye Chen truly thought, but he did not show it. He waved his hand dismissively and said, “Holy Son, there is no need to be so polite! The Outer Realm Sky Demon has hidden itself too well. Even Holy Lord wasn’t able to detect it, so there is no need for Holy Son to blame himself!”

The corner of the Xuantian Holy Lord’s mouth twitched as he looked at Ye Chen gloomily.

‘If you have something to say, just spit it out! Don’t beat around the bush and talk in circles.’

Xiao Yixian decided to change his mind as he said, “As the Holy Son of Xuantian Holy Land, I must set a good example! After today, I will enter closed-door cultivation for half a year and live my life in self-reflection!”

To cultivate for only half a year?

“Holy Son, you really don’t have to do this...” Ye Chen started to say.

“Let him go into closed-door cultivation!” The Xuantian Holy Lord’s deep voice rang out and Ye Chen didn’t say any more. In the end, the latter simply cupped his hands toward the Xuantian Holy Lord and the elders. “If there is nothing else, we will return to Qingyun Peak first.”


Right at this moment, a stream of light quickly arrived from a distance.

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