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Li Qingzhou’s Battle


The Xuantian Holy Lord ended the argument and looked at the Xuantian Holy Son, Xiao Yixian. “Holy Son, you will be in charge of today’s battle. The rest of us will watch from the sidelines.”

The Xuantian Holy Son, Xiao Yixian, nodded and walked into the arena. With stars around him, Xiao Yixian turned to Liao Wuhen and said, “Liao Wuhen, as the eldest disciple of the former Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak, are you sure you want to challenge the current Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak, Ye Chen?”

Liao Wuhen stood up and cupped his hands toward the Peak Lord and the other elders, then resolutely said, “Yes!

“When the previous Peak Lord Li Changsheng appointed Ye Chen as the new Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak, he hadn’t inspected Ye Chen too much. It was a bit of a hasty decision.

“Moreover, after Ye Chen became the Peak Lord, he didn’t participate in any sect activities for so many years. He was mediocre and simply did nothing, making Qingyun Peak have almost no presence in Xuantian Holy Land. It’s a disgrace to our ancestors!

“Thus, I have reason to suspect that Ye Chen isn’t suitable to be the Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak. I hereby challenge him!

“If he can defeat me, I will recognize him as the Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak. I have no other intentions!

“But if he loses, then it just proves that he is not fit to be in charge of Qingyun Peak!”

Liao Wuhen said a lot of things righteously, thus appearing as a hot-blooded disciple who was ready to revitalize Qingyun Peak.

And the elders were pleased with what they heard. Even they agreed that since Ye Chen had taken charge of Qingyun Peak, he had not progressed it much at all. His lack of participation in the greater Holy Land truly dissatisfied them.

As such, Liao Wuhen’s speech had many present looking forward to his success in the upcoming battle.

After all, no matter how bad Liao Wuhen was, he still would not let Qingyun Peak become this abandoned as Ye Chen did.

The Xuantian Holy Lord, however, remained indifferent as he sat silently.

Xiao Yixian decided to proceed. He looked at Ye Chen, cupped his hands, and said, “Peak Lord Ye, according to the rules of Xuantian Holy Land, any disciple of the main peak can challenge their own peak master. Does Peak Lord Ye have any objections?”

Internally, Xiao Yixian was already thinking of Liao Wuhen as the Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak. Since Liao Wuhen was someone he had saved from that ancient ruin and might become his follower in the future, that would mean the Xiao Yixian would have control over a peak. Wouldn’t that be beneficial to him? 𝘪𝔫𝓃𝙧𝒆𝖆𝒹.𝒄o𝘮

However, no matter how impatient or hopeful he was, he could not simply make Ye Chen give up his position to Liao Wuhen. Everything had to be done according to the rules.

Still, Xiao Yixian looked down on Ye Chen. Even if he was a Peak Lord, Ye Chen had not shown much potential in cultivation or talent. Thus, he didn’t think that it would be difficult for Liao Wuhen to defeat him.

Ye Chen looked at Xiao Yixian indifferently and said, “Only that if Liao Wuhen wants to challenge me, he will have to go through my disciple first.

“No matter how weak Qingyun Peak currently is, I’m still the Peak Lord. I can’t simply accept any challenge from every disciple, right?

“If there are more disciples in Qingyun Peak in the future, and all of them want to challenge me, when will I be able to cultivate and fulfill my duties as a Peak Lord then?”

Ye Chen’s words made Xiao Yixian ponder for a moment before saying, “Peak Master Ye’s words are right. Liao Wuhen, do you have any objections?”

What Ye Chen had said was true. Not many would challenge Peak Lords in the Holy Land. However, those who did would have to face a representative disciple of the Peak Lord first. An even smaller number would have the opportunity to face the Peak Lord directly.

But for Xiao Yixian, he believed that Ye Chen simply did not want to lose to Liao Wuhen, at least not prematurely. If his disciple fought on his master’s behalf and lost, Ye Chen would most likely not continue the fight either. He would probably just give up the position of Peak Lord and at least be able to save his dignity.

“No problem! If I win against your disciple, I hope that Martial Uncle Ye would not push things back for another month!” Liao Wuhen confidently accepted Ye Chen’s proposal.

When Xiao Yixian turned back to Ye Chen, the latter said, “There will be an outcome from the battle today. And if my disciple is lucky enough to leave as the winner, then Liao Wuhen will never be allowed anywhere near Qingyun Peak forever.”

“Fine!” Liao Wuhen nodded.

He wouldn’t lose anyway, or at least that was what he thought.

The Xuantian Holy Lord and elders weren’t surprised by Ye Chen’s decision.

A disciple challenging a Peak Lord was a serious provocation. It was basically a threat that would push against any Peak Lord’s buttons and it would not be an exaggeration for the Peak Lord to kill the challenger on the spot. Ye Chen’s proposal to banish Liao Wuhen was nothing in comparison.

“Alright! May I ask which disciple of yours will be your representative?” asked the Xuantian Holy Master?

Ye Chen gave a slight signal to Li Qingzhou and said, “Qingzhou, you go ahead.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Qingzhou strode into the battleground.

Li Qingzhou had been holding back his aura the whole time so he had been appearing as an ordinary person. However, the Xuantian Holy Lord decided to look at him a little closer and started to have the feeling that this young man before them was not what he seemed.”

Zi Menghan pouted slightly as she whispered to Ye Chen. “Master, I can do it too.”

But Ye Chen quickly raised his hand to stop her from saying any more. He shook his head slightly and turned back to the battleground.

The people around them had profound cultivation bases. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were able to listen in on any and every conversation around the battleground. The safest thing to do was to not say anything unnecessary while they were there.

Once Li Qingzhou had entered the battleground, Liao Wuhen wasted no time to join him, letting his body hover three feet above the ground while his right hand held the scimitar at his waist. His stance was much more eye-catching than Li Qingzhou’s.

Xiao Yixian’s said, “This arena has an area of ten miles and is imprinted with countless arrays. Once I activate the arrays, this area will expand by a hundred times and outsiders will not be able to interfere. The arrays are adequately capable of containing even a battle between two experts in Might Realm!

“At the sound of my voice, you may begin!”

“If you start to struggle, just give in and let me help. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will be too late to save you!”

“Understood!” Liao Wuhen replied loudly as his eyes shone with a bloodthirsty light.

The Outer Realm Sky Demon’s influence had activated the bloodthirsty factor in his body. His killing intent surged as he used his blood to boost his abilities.

Liao Wuhen had been ignored by Ye Chen for a month. Who wouldn’t be irritated and angry if put in his shoes? As such, he was ready to use Li Qingzhou’s blood as a sacrifice for his little demon. He would not give any chance for anyone else to save his opponent.

Li Qingzhou looked at Liao Wuhen and quietly entered a state that calmed his heart and brightened his sword heart.

He only had one goal, and that was Liao Wuhen’s heart!

“Begin!” The Xuantian Holy Son finally announced the commencement of the battle.

The scimitar was unsheathed and it shone with a brilliant blade light that seemed to be able to destroy everything. In a blink of an eye, it arrived before Li Qingzhou.


The sound of two metals clashing into each other resonated throughout the heavens.

The Supreme Sword Bone in Li Qingzhou’s chest gave off a dazzling light that overshadowed the light of the blazing sun in the sky. With a flash, the bone turned into a sword to meet Liao Wuhen’s attack.

Extreme Realm Sword Slash!

Li Qingzhou did not even bother to use the Lifeless Sword. He decided to go all out with his Supreme Sword Bone and use the Extreme Realm Sword Slash to ensure nothing would go wrong.

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