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Liao Wuhen’s Secret

Challenging a Peak Lord was a big deal in Xuantian Holy Land and had always been carried out on Xuantian Main Peak to ensure the fairness of the event.

On the day of the challenge, the Xuantian Holy Lord had ordered Ye Chen to arrive early to prevent him from causing any trouble. As such, even though the challenge was scheduled to go down in the afternoon, Ye Chen was expected to arrive in the morning.

The blazing sun gradually rose as Ye Chen brought Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou to Xuantian Main Peak.

Xuantian Main Peak was about three thousand meters tall, decorated with pavilions, magnificent fountains, and cascading waterfalls. From time to time, streaks of rainbow light would fly across the sky as all kinds of spirit birds flew around freely as if it was a paradise on earth.

By the time Ye Chen and the others arrived, the Xuantian Holy Lord and the others were already waiting by the training ground.

Ye Chen could tell at a glance that the Xuantian Holy Lord before them was just an illusion. The event was not major enough to require his true physical presence. Standing next to his illusion was the Xuantian Holy Son, who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. He was a handsome and elegant youth. And even though he was still quite a distance away from Ye Chen and his group, they could see his immortal Qi spiraling all around him as his body emitted a mysterious Dao rhythm and exuded a grand aura.

[Name: Xiao Yixian]

[Identity: Holy Son of Xuantian Holy Land]

[Cultivation: Mid Stage of Primordial Realm]

[Aptitude: Stellar Divine Body ]


The cultivation base of the Xuantian Holy Son was much higher than that of Holy Maiden Xue Wei, which made sense. Holy Sons such as Xiao Yixian were usually required to travel the world and deal with various challenges, while Holy Maidens such as Xue Wei were responsible for socializing with and receiving people.

Behind the Xuantian Holy Son stood eight young disciples with extraordinary temperaments. Each of them exuded a powerful fluctuation of aura – they were elites in Vision Realm.

These were the followers of the Xuantian Holy Son.

In the history of Eastern Wastelands, many powerful elites had a large number of powerful followers. After all, one need not do everything by themselves, and it was a supreme honor for cultivators to follow powerful people.

Some overwhelming prodigies were destined to become main characters as soon as they were born, allowing their followers to obtain countless benefits for the latters’ cultivation.

After he rescued Liao Wuhen from the ancient array, the Xuantian Holy Son had been wanting him to be his follower. So, how could he miss a challenge extended by his future follower?

In the same area where the Xuantian Holy Lord and Holy Son stood were six elders with white hair and greying beards who sat cross-legged. These were the people responsible for the personnel appointment and dismissal of those in Xuantian Holy Realm. Since the Xuantian Holy Lord was present, the elders had to be too.

Finally, the last person in the row of people was a young man in light blue clothes. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. A scimitar hung from his waist as a strange vision of a blue sky and a red sun appeared behind him. The aura he exuded was especially terrifying.

This was Liao Wuhen!

And that was it for those present. No one else, not even the other Peak Lords, came.

Strictly speaking, all Peak Lords should have been present since challenging a Peak Lord was a very serious matter.

However, since it was just Qingyun Peak, which consisted of Ye Chen, Li Qingzhou, and Zi Menghan, none of the other Peak Lords thought it’d be too interesting. They didn’t even send out their representatives and entrusted the final decision in the hands of the Xuantian Holy Lord.

But Ye Chen was not bothered. His eyes landed on Liao Wuhen and relevant information appeared in his mind.

[Name: Liao Wuhen]

[Identity: The head disciple of Xuantian Holy Land’s Qingyun Peak Lord, Ling Aojue but he has already been possessed by the Outer Realm Sky Demon that is hiding in the depths of his heart]

[Cultivation: Late Stage of Vision Realm]

[Character experience: Liao Wuhen was born on Xuantian Holy Land’s Qingyun Peak as a descendant of a Xuantian Holy Land elder. He had a good background and was eventually accepted as a personal disciple by the former Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak, Ling Aojue.

He entered?Wave Realm at the age of eight, activated his meridian at the age of twelve, and broke through to?Vision Realm at the age of seventeen. He was the no. 1 disciple of Qingyun Peak.

But when he was twenty-two, he had only broken through to the Mid Stage of Vision Realm. Since he did not progress any further after ten years, a few disciples invited him to explore a ruin.

When they arrived, they found a small black bottle covered in seals. For some reason, he decided to release the seal and accidentally released the Outer Realm Sky Demon who planted a demon seed in his heart. Eventually, his mind became polluted.

The Outer Realm Sky Demon was extremely familiar with the arrays around the ruin so he controlled them to kill the other disciples. The Sky Demon then devoured their souls, Qi, and blood, to recuperate and break through to the Late Stage of Vision Realm.

A month ago, the Xuantian Holy Son, Xiao Yixian, passed by the ruins and rescued Liao Wuhen.

When he learned Qingyun Peak had been completely wiped out, Liao Wuhen was prepared to challenge the current Peak Lord, Ye Chen. Once he took back Qingyun Peak, he would further his cultivation.


‘I knew it! There was something fishy about him!’ thought Ye Chen to himself after reading Liao Wuhen’s character experience.

This guy was not possessed by someone but had instead been planted with a demon seed by the Outer Realm Sky Demon which lived within him more subtly. No wonder the Xuantian Holy Lord could not find anything wrong with Liao Wuhen, even with the use of the Xuantian Treasure Mirror.

Ye Chen remembered how the Xuantian Holy Lord had reassured him of Liao Wuhen’s intentions and now just wanted to slap that man’s old face!

“Do your best to destroy his heart later. Don’t worry about taking his life,” said Ye Chen to Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou nodded slightly. Since his master had said so, he would not hesitate to obey.

Even if Ye Chen asked him to cut Liao Wuhen into thousands of pieces, he would have definitely done it!

Ye Chen turned to the Xuantian Holy Son and looked at the latter thoughtfully. This poor boy had brought back someone who had been tainted. If things went wrong, the Xuantian Holy Son had to uphold a lot of responsibility.

When the Xuantian Holy Lord saw Ye Chen and his disciples arriving on time, a smile appeared on his face as he said, “Junior Brother Ye, you’re just in time!”

The Xuantian Holy Lord always felt that Ye Chen was too cautious. The Holy Lord even thought that the Peak Lord would not come.

“Since it was Holy Lord’s orders, how could I dare to be late?” Ye Chen cupped his hands toward the Xuantian Holy Lord as he lightly landed on the empty chair opposite Liao Wuhen.

Upon their arrival, Liao Wuhen stood up abruptly. With a gaze as sharp as a blade, he said, “Martial Uncle Ye, I don’t know why Martial Uncle Changsheng chose you to be the Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak. However, it is obvious that I am more suitable for that position than you! I advise you to give it up. Our fight will only hurt the peace and harmony of Xuantian Holy Land!”

“How dare you talk to our Peak Lord like that?” Li Qingzhou yelled as his eyes shone like lightning. He was ready to attack at any moment.

For Li Qingzhou, his life was given by his master. So he was willing to give it up to protect Ye Chen.

But Ye Chen simply waved his hand to stop Li Qingzhou. Then, Ye Chen looked at Liao Wuhen with a smile and leisurely said, “We will soon know who is suitable to be the Peak Lord. The truth will prevail.”

‘Hmph, how dare you threaten me here, you little demon?’

‘I will reveal your true colors later!’

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