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The Disciple Acceptance Ceremony


Ye Chen’s Primordial Dao Body released its might and opened up a vast ocean of violently surging energy in his Dantian that contained an immeasurable amount of divine vital Qi radiating as brilliantly as a rainbow.

The Wave Realm!

Ye Chen started to feel waves of divine vital Qi rinsing over his limbs and nourishing his flesh, organs, and bones as his aura constantly grew.

[Congratulations, dear host, for breaking through to Wave Realm. You have officially started your cultivation and obtained the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array.]

[Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array: Uses the power of Heaven and Earth to set up an array where the five elements are reversed to obscure outsiders’ ability to detect and sense their surroundings. It can also be used to hallucinate enemies.]

Soon after, Ye Chen sensed an ancient array disk with mysterious symbols of various colors appearing in the system space.

He moved slightly within the system space through his mind towards the ancient array disk and the mysterious symbols on it suddenly flashed. The green symbols merged into the void, the yellow symbols merged into the mountains, and the other colored symbols merged into the rest of Qingyun Peak’s surroundings. Everything in his surroundings became clearer in Ye Chen’s mind but to any other, nothing on the peak had changed at all.

No divine sense would be able to detect the changes in the surroundings of Qingyun Peak.

If one entered the peak without Ye Chen’s permission, the reversal array would be activated and the person would lose their sense of direction. Without Ye Chen’s intervention, outsiders would easily be trapped in the array.

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction. This time, he would be able to cultivate in peace and finally move on steadily with the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array set up.

One year later, the divine energy in Ye Chen’s entire body surged, and his flesh, organs, and bones became resplendent. His Qi and blood flowed as smoothly and ragingly as a dragon gliding through the sky; his skin glowed with luster; and every move he made contained an inexhaustible amount of might.

Ye Chen’s divine light blazed as steaming clouds surrounded him. His divine energy surged once more from the immeasurable amount of vital Qi flowing vigorously with verve within and all around him.

The divine energy enveloped his entire body, emitting a seven-colored radiance before shooting up into the sky at an extremely high speed.

This was the Peak Stage of Wave Realm!

The Primordial Dao Body could absorb and refine all the energy in the world. However, the amount of effort needed to acquire sufficient energy to break through was extremely huge.

In this one year, the amount of energy that Ye Chen had absorbed and refined was already enough to allow an ordinary person to break through to Vision Realm. However, that same amount of energy only enabled him to reach the Peak Stage of Wave Realm. He was still one step away from the Law Realm and many more steps away from the Vision Realm that an ordinary person would have reached with that same amount of energy.

Ye Chen was preparing to break through to Law Realm in one sitting when his eyes suddenly opened. He had sensed something, and quite clearly too – there was a strand of divine consciousness moving around within the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array, unable to break through the barrier.

Ye Chen’s divine energy shrouded his entire body, turning him into a stream of light that flowed into the great hall of Qingyun Peak. He stood and thought for a brief moment. In the end, he decided to restrain his aura and let that strand of divine consciousness in.

That strand of divine consciousness turned into a tall and sturdy middle-aged man before Ye Chen. The man’s body was covered in a hazy glow, obscuring his face. His aura shone brilliantly with the vague shadows of 108 stars. He looked quite majestic.

When Ye Chen looked at that person, the relevant information automatically appeared in his mind from the system.

[Name: Xuan Qing]

[Identity: Holy Lord?of Xuantian Holy Land]

[Cultivation: Peak Stage of Might Realm]

The Holy Lord of Xuantian Holy Land was only in Might Realm? Not in Dao Lord Realm?

Was this the level to which Xuantian Holy Land had declined?

No wonder the Demonic Path expert dared to invade Xuantian Holy Land!

Ye Chen suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of danger in his heart. He silently cupped his hands toward the Holy Lord and said, “Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Holy Lord. Sorry for not welcoming you earlier. Please forgive me!”

“Junior Brother Ye is too polite! Hmm, the array that Senior Uncle Changsheng left for Qingyun Peak is quite interesting. My divine consciousness was actually unable to enter for a while.” The Holy Lord?of Xuantian Holy Land stood with his hands behind his back as clicked his tongue in wonder.

But Ye Chen simply thought to himself, ‘This array wasn’t left by my master. If I hadn’t let your divine consciousness in, you wouldn’t have been able to enter even if a year passed!’

“Holy Lord, you are flattering me. It is just a simple array, it’s not worth pondering too much about.”

Ye Chen casually changed the topic with a smile. “What are your orders this time?”

The Holy Lord?of Xuantian Holy Land did not mind and went straight to the point. “Junior Brother Ye, it has been four years since Senior Uncle Changsheng passed away. You are the only one left in Qingyun Peak, yet you have never participated in any of the sect’s events. The other peaks have already started to criticize you. This year’s Disciple Acceptance Ceremony is about to begin. If Junior Brother Ye’s Qingyun Peak still doesn’t accept disciples by then, Qingyun Peak might have to be banned.”

Ye Chen cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your reminder, Holy Lord. I’ll drop by the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony right now.”

Ye Chen understood that there were countless open and hidden battles in Xuantian Holy Land. A few years ago, the invasion of Demonic Path experts had caused Qingyun Peak to be completely wiped out. As such, a huge amount of cultivation resources were left behind and Qingyun Peak didn’t have any experts guarding them. Because of this, the other Peak Lords had had their eyes on Qingyun Peak for a long time.

If he did not take any disciples soon, Qingyun Peak would be pushed to the center of the storm.

“I hope Junior Brother Ye can take in a disciple with exceptional talent.” And with that, the figure formed by the Holy Lord’s divine consciousness dissipated.

Ye Chen then mobilized the divine energy in his body to envelope his entire body again. The enveloping divine energy emitted a seven-colored radiance as he rushed toward the mountain gate of Xuantian Holy Land.

The vast square outside the mountain gate of Xuantian Holy Land was filled with people. Tens of thousands of young men and women had lined up in an orderly fashion, their gazes focused on the space outside the mountain gate as an auspicious cloud floated quietly in the air.

The auspicious cloud carried various figures with powerful auras, each surrounded by a showy display of their special skills. Some had streaks of lightning, and some were surrounded by illusory sword shadows. Others had flames burning on their backs or pill cauldrons floating in front of them.

These were the representatives sent by the 108 peaks of Xuantian Holy Land. Most of them were the outstanding disciples of their peaks. Very few Peak Lords came personally.

The Peak Lords would only come – or rush over – if there were new recruits with outstanding and heaven-defying talents. Otherwise, the representative outstanding disciples of their peaks would suffice for an event that only happened once a year.

The representatives of each peak eagerly showed off their skills, and with good reason – to attract genius talents who passed the test to join their respective peaks.

Although the representatives of the peaks had extraordinary temperaments, they were still far from the level of a young girl standing at the very front.

The girl had black hair that fell along her back like a waterfall, bright eyes, and white teeth. She had a slender body and snow-white skin. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, making her look like a goddess. Simply looking at her reminded one of a pure white lotus flower with a drop of dew rolling off one of its petals, holy and pure.

Behind the girl was a huge vision of a mountain range with thousands of peaks and valleys, undulating like the back of a flying dragon. Clouds and mist surrounded the mountain range as the roar of surging rivers echoed throughout. The rivers gathered into a vast blue sea that spread out into the horizon.

Ye Chen looked at the young girl and the relevant information appeared in his mind courtesy of the system.

[Name: Xue Wei]

[Identity: Holy Maiden of Xuantian Holy Land]

[Cultivation: Peak Stage of Vision Realm]

With the Holy Maiden personally presiding over this year’s Disciple Acceptance Ceremony, one could easily tell that Xuantian Holy Land regarded the tradition of inheritance with great importance.

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