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The Primordial Realm and the Death Spirit Seal

After Li Qingzhou left, Qingyun Peak once again returned to its usual tranquility.

Under Ye Chen’s control, the servant puppets watered the herb garden with water from the Time Spirit Spring every day. The spirit herbs produced were thrown into the Auspicious Pill Cauldron and transformed into medicinal pills. With a constant supply of pills, Ye Chen happily cultivated to the Peak Stage of Vision Realm.

Since Ye Chen possessed the Primordial Chaos Body, he hardly, if ever, experienced bottlenecks in his cultivation. As long as he consistently maintained his cultivation at the Peak Stage of Vision Realm, he would eventually be able to break through to Primordial Realm.

Six months passed in a blink of an eye.

Apart from cultivating, Ye Chen would occasionally check on Li Qingzhou’s situation through the master-disciple interface, which only pinged him on important events that his disciples experienced. However, if he was willing to pay more attention, Ye Chen would be able to track his disciples’ progress and activities with more details.

[Your disciple, Li Qingzhou, has left Xuantian Holy Land and used Imminent Skyline to travel. Every step he took covered ten miles of his journey. After a hundred steps, his divine energy was exhausted. He only recovered after meditating for three days.]

[Your disciple, Li Qingzhou, has returned to Desolate Horn Region via the Great Teleportation Array. He passed by the Misty Cloud Ridge and killed an evil man-eating dragon. However, in doing so, he provoked an evil Dark Dragon King who was at the Peak Stage of Demon King Realm and fled in a panic.]

[Your disciple, Li Qingzhou, has returned to Wu Ling City to heal his father’s injuries. After that, he proceeded to avenge his father by barging into the Lin family alone and destroying the Dantian Wave of the Lin family’s Lord – Lin Tianxing – with a single strike of his sword. He then threatened to seek revenge on Lin Yuqing in the future.]

[After leaving dozens of precious elixirs for his father, your disciple, Li Qingzhou, left Wu Ling City and prepared to return to Qingyun Peak.]

[When your disciple, Li Qingzhou, passed by Broken Sword Mountain Range, he sensed an endless sword intent lurking around him. When he went to investigate, he bumped into the disciple of Divine Sword School, Jian Wuchen, who had been cultivating his Sword Path. The two of them shared their experiences and knowledge of the Sword Path and appreciated each other’s company. They left as good friends.]

[Your disciple, Li Qingzhou, was ambushed by Jian Wuchen. He was seriously injured but managed to escape. During his escape, he accidentally entered the Lifeless Sword Tomb and was trapped by the ocean of sword intent. He decided to make the best out of his situation and focused on comprehending the Lifeless Sword Intent.]


Ye Chen looked at Li Qingzhou’s experience with great interest and thought to himself, ‘This kid’s journey is really interesting. He has experienced so many things in just half a year. No wonder he is a Qi anomaly!’

However, the outside world was really dangerous. A single, seemingly harmless step and one could encounter an enemy. It would have been safer for him to stay at Qingyun Peak.

Besides, Li Qingzhou was still not cautious enough. How could he so easily deem someone as his very good friend from their first and only encounter? He was too reckless.

Fortunately, Li Qingzhou could keep his sword heart bright at all times, which meant that Jian Wuchen’s sneak attack was not a life-threatening danger for Li Qingzhou. After all, the puppet that Ye Chen had left with Li Qingzhou had not been activated yet.

Although Li Qingzhou had been trapped in the Lifeless Sword Tomb for the time being, he was not in any life-threatening danger either. And since he was surrounded by an ocean of sword intent, his entrapment there might just be a blessing in disguise.

Still, Ye Chen was very concerned about this disciple of his.

Eventually, Ye Chen’s consistency and persistence paid off – he finally broke through to Primordial Realm and his Primordial Spirit was born. Now that he had progressed this far, he would be able to allow his Primordial Spirit to leave his body and travel anywhere in the world without restrictions. He would also be able to transmit his voice over thousands of miles.

Of course, this new ability came with a weakness too. Once his Primordial Spirit left his body, it would be very vulnerable to countless threats. As such, no one would choose to have their Primordial Spirit leave their body unless it was absolutely necessary.

[Congratulations to the host for breaking through to Primordial Realm. You have obtained the supreme treasure, the Death Spirit Seal.]

[Death Spirit Seal: A supreme treasure that can summon the dead. Once the Death Spirit Seal has been fused into one’s body, it can be activated to summon any of the dead within the vicinity. The summoned dead will still possess all the battle power they had when they were alive.

This seal can be used to summon anyone from the dead, no matter how powerful, how?long ago, or how they died. As long as the person had once been alive and had died, he or she can be summoned.

The stronger the divine consciousness of the Death Spirit Seal’s master, the larger the area from which one can summon the dead.]

[Remark: The Death Spirit Seal can only summon the dead that have bones. It cannot be used to summon pure divine consciousness.]

Ye Chen stared at his reward with eyes wide open.

F*ck, this reward was too heaven-defying.

He could now bring anything dead back to life, along with its full battle power.

Ye Chen took a deep breath as his eyes shone with eagerness.

Countless ancestors were buried in the tombs of Xuantian Holy Land. There were countless powerful warriors, including those who had been in Dao Lord Realm, buried under him. There were also quite a number Slash Realm and Saint Realm warriors!

If Xuantian Holy Land encountered a powerful enemy against whom the living could not defend, these ancestors could be brought out of their coffins to fight for their Holy Land once more!

Ye Chen examined the ancient seal covered in a greyish-white death Qi mentally. The entirety of the ancient seal was covered in all kinds of patterns that looked like ghost symbols.

Ye Chen mentally moved the ancient seal upwards and it slowly disappeared into his forehead.

When Ye Chen focused his consciousness on the Death Spirit Seal, his eyes faintly emitted a greyish-white deathly Qi as well. His divine consciousness spread out into deep valleys, ancient forests, underground rivers, hidden caves, and many other places, clearly sensing countless skeletons.

Some of these skeletons belonged to those with weaker cultivations and hadn’t even entered Wave Realm while many others were probably the dead disciples from the Holy Land.

Ye Chen eventually understood that it would be quite difficult to summon all of the powerful dead to help with any fight. After all, his divine consciousness could reach thousands of miles, which was not a small area.

The only limit to his current level of divine consciousness was that he couldn’t penetrate past the bigger rocks underground.

If only he had those high-density crystal ore veins as one of his resources at Qingyun Peak, then his divine consciousness would be able to penetrate even deeper.

Usually, the higher one’s cultivation, the more important they would be after death and the deeper they would be buried. Very few of them would be buried in the shallower depths underground.

Ye Chen tried to sense these higher cultivators and discovered the many experts who had died because they hadn’t broken through instead. Most of them were Primordial Realm experts, while some were at a higher level. There were even a few of them who were already in Dao Lord Realm.

But that was the extent of experts he could sense. Those in Slash Realm and above were most likely buried deeper than he could sense since there were none in the depths he had already scanned through.

Ye Chen decided to make do with what he had for now and activated the Death Spirit Seal. At the bottom of a certain valley, a skeleton that had been dead for a long time rose from the ground and stood up unsteadily. Its eyes shone with gray-white flames and its whole body was filled with death Qi as it waved the rusty blade in his hand.

A disciple of a peak was gathering herbs in the valley when he saw the skeleton. He was so frightened that he dumped the hoe in his hand and scrambled away, screaming, “Ghost! Help!”

As the person who summoned it, Ye Chen knew that this skeleton knew all kinds of skills and secret methods from when it was alive.

The deathly Qi was like life vital Qi as it lingered around this skeleton’s body. Other than the fact that it had no mind of its own, it was no different from a living person!

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