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Master Is Truly as Prudent an Old Spirit Mountain!

After saying this, Li Qingzhou looked at Ye Chen with nervous anticipation. He knew that his master’s main priority was to always be prudent. So, he did not know if his master would let him go down the mountain.

Zi Menghan also wanted to know if Ye Chen would allow Li Qingzhou to go.

With his two disciples looking at him, Ye Chen smiled after pondering for a moment and said, “In this world, there are things that we must not do, and things that we must do. Your father has yet to recover from his serious injury. If you want to go down the mountain, then it is not a problem. Just remember the rules of Qingyun Peak.”

“Thank you, Master!” Li Qingzhou expressed his gratitude.

He knew that he regained his Supreme Sword Bone because of his master. And he also knew that after he went down the mountain, his training would definitely not be able to progress as quickly as it could in Qingyun Peak.

However, his father had not recovered from his serious injury, so he had no choice but to go down the mountain.

Ye Chen said, “I have all the healing spirit medicines that you need. They should be sufficient to heal your father and also to be used in your journey should you find the need for them. Also, I will teach you two life-saving skills before you go. You’re not allowed to leave before mastering the basics.”

Thanks to the combination of his servant puppets, Time Spirit Spring, and Auspicious Pill Cauldron, Ye Chen was able to refine more than ten kinds of pills that could heal the internal organs and meridians. Moreover, he had stocks of dozens and hundreds of bottles for each kind. Any one of them could cure Li Qingzhou’s father so his disciple’s mission shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Li Qingzhou was so touched that his eyes started to fill with tears. He took a deep breath and said, “Thank you, Master! I will not hesitate to execute your orders in the future!”

“Watch carefully!”

Ye Chen’s expression turned serious as his essence, Qi, and spirit gathered together. A sword shadow appeared above his head and slashed towards the sky at an extremely fast speed.

Extreme Realm Sword Slash!


The chaotic power of the five elements suddenly appeared mid-air, intertwining with each other and forcefully blocking this sword attack.

However, the sword shadow continued on its path towards the sky, unhindered by the interception earlier. Then, a bright five-colored light appeared around the entire Qingyun Peak as it flickered a few times and almost shattered.

Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou’s pupils slightly contracted. They knew how powerful this great mountain protection array was. When Li Qingzhou broke through and his sword light soared towards the sky, it wasn’t even able to cause much of a disturbance on the array. However, their master’s sword almost broke through the great mountain protection array and they simply watched in awe.

Their master was just too powerful!

Speaking of which, was this really their master’s full strength?

How much more of his strength and abilities did their master hide?

When Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone had reformed, it allowed him to maintain a state of brightly lit sword heart at all times. Thus, he had an incredible comprehension of the Sword Path and could tell how terrifying this attack was.

A sword that gathered all of one’s essence, Qi, and spirit could destroy everything. It was indomitable and could instantly unleash its full power. At critical moments, not only could it save his life, but it could even kill powerful enemies!

Li Qingzhou felt that if he learned this skill and combined it with his Supreme Sword Bone, he might just be able to stand his ground against a Primordial Realm expert!

His master was truly a master. Even his Sword King Body could only look up to Ye Chen’s sword skills!

“This skill is called Extreme Realm Sword Slash. If you use your Extreme Realm Qi and spirit during your sword attack, you will be able to instantly increase your battle power by ten times. After you learn this skill, I will teach you another one.”

Ye Chen explained the essence and operation of the Extreme Realm Sword Slash in detail and Li Qingzhou was able to understand it instantly. But he still needed to try it out himself.

Next, Ye Chen taught Li Qingzhou about Imminent Skyline. This kind of speed shocked Li Qingzhou.

Even Zi Menghan was too. She came from an empire and had seen a lot of speed-related skills before. However, she had never heard of a skill like Imminent Skyline that allowed one to increase the distance taken by each step with an increase of their energy!

No wonder her master said that it was a life-saving skill. It was the perfect escape method for when one could not defeat an enemy. One step and the person could reach the other end of the world instantly.

Li Qingzhou could not wait to start training. He knew how precious these two skills were so he trained them very seriously. He did not dare to slack off at all.

These were skills that could save his life after all!

As for Zi Menghan, Ye Chen did not deliberately hide these skill from her because her cultivation system relied more on mental strength which is different from what those skills required.

If she could learn them, Ye Chen would have taught her those skills a long time ago.

Zi Menghan reached out a finger and poked Ye Chen’s shoulder. Ye Chen glared at her. “What are you doing?”

“I just want to see if Master is a real person or a puppet.” Zi Menghan stuck out her tongue.

Ye Chen asked, “So what do you see?”

Zi Menghan shook her head. She was having a hard time telling whether this master was the real deal or a puppet.

After some time, Zi Menghan smiled slyly, “Master, I know that this must be a puppet.”

“Oh? How did you deduce that?” asked Ye Chen in return.

Zi Menghan said, “Master is a cultivation maniac. When you cultivate, there will be Dao rhythms circulating around you. Since I can still sense your Dao rhythms all over Qingyun Peak, you must still be cultivating, which means this is not the real you.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Li Qingzhou is already planning to leave the mountain. When are you planning to go home?”

Zi Menghan’s expression froze for a moment before she laughed self-deprecatingly, “In the eyes of the rest of the family, I am just a useless, crippled body. What difference does it make whether I go back or not? I’m perfectly happy staying on Qingyun Peak is fine. This is my home now.”

Ye Chen looked at her deeply and said, “As long as you want to, you can stay here for as long as you want.”

The heartless empire she had come from was the most powerful. Having such a constitution would mean that Zi Menghan would constantly be under more pressure than others if she remained in Ziwei Empire!

One month later, Li Qingzhou had completely mastered these two skills.

In fact, it only took Li Qingzhou three days to master the Extreme Realm Sword Slash. It was Imminent Skyline that took him longer to master.

Right now, Li Qingzhou was already at the second level of Imminent Skyline, which meant that he could move ten miles in one step.

If he tried his best, he could even already be in the third level of Imminent Skyline, which was one hundred miles in one step!

Li Qingzhou’s understanding of the Sword Path was too high. If it were anyone else, they might not even be able to understand the essence of it in a few months, let alone use it.

After both of Li Qingzhou’s skills had been tested by Ye Chen, the latter waved his hand and dozens of small jade bottles filled with all kinds of pills appeared in the air. “Take these spirit pills back with you. There are a lot of healing ones inside. I think any one of them can heal your father’s injuries.

“Oh right, you should take this puppet body of mine with you. I don’t usually use it anyway. If you run into any life-and-death situations, this puppet will be able to help you.”

After saying that, the puppet body that had appeared as Ye Chen before the two disciples shrunk rapidly – in a blink of an eye, it had shrunk to three inches in size. It then turned into a small wooden stick and stuck itself into Li Qingzhou’s hair bun.

Li Qingzhou was completely shocked.

The person who had been talking to him was only Master’s puppet?

Wait a minute!

Was the master he had met even be Master’s real body?

Gosh, Master had really hidden himself too well!

He was too prudent... as prudent as an old spirit mountain!

“Thank you, Master! I will go down the mountain now!” Li Qingzhou bowed towards where the puppet had once stood, then cupped his hands towards Zi Menghan from afar before floating down the mountain.

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