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Li Qingzhou Wants to Go Down the Mountain? 𝑖𝔫𝚗𝐫𝒆𝚊𝙙.𝑐𝙤𝑚

“Are you done?” Ye Chen flew over with his trail of rainbow light slowly.

He had been watching the battle from a distance and waited until the two finished before showing up. He did not intervene because he wanted to see how far they had progressed in their cultivation and how strong they had gotten.

But of course, if things went south, Ye Chen would have stepped in immediately.

“Master!” Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou bowed to Ye Chen at the same time.

Ye Chen nodded casually and looked at Li Qingzhou with great interest, “How do you feel? Now that your Supreme Sword Bone has been reborn, how does it compare to the one that had been dug out by someone else?”

Li Qingzhou’s eyes shone with confidence as he slowly said, “The former Supreme Sword Bone allowed me to have an extraordinary comprehension of the Sword Path. But this new Supreme Sword Bone has allowed me to awaken my Sword King Body and keep my sword heart bright all the time. So I obviously feel much better than before!”

“What? Your Supreme Sword Bone was dug out by someone? Who was it?” Zi Menghan looked at Li Qingzhou with curiosity.

Li Qingzhou let out a long sigh and said, “It’s a long story.”

But Li Qingzhou told her anyway – that he was born with the Supreme Sword Bone and started learning the Sword Path at the age of three before entering the Wave Realm at the age of six. By the time he was ten, he entered the Law Realm, which fully opened his meridians. He was also arranged to be engaged to Lin Yuqing, the number one beauty of Wu Ling City.

When Li Qingzhou was fifteen, Lin Yuqing had invited him to a banquet at the Lin family’s estate to discuss their wedding. However, she had added a type of poison to his food.

Right after, Li Qingzhou’s entire body felt sore and weak. He couldn’t circulate any of his true Qi as he helplessly watched Lin Yuqing dig out his Supreme Sword Bone.

Still half-conscious, he then heard the conversation between Lin Yuqing and the Head of the Lin family – that she had only approached him for the Supreme Sword Bone because she had read about a secret bone fusion method in an ancient book when she was ten that would allow one to fuse a Supreme Sword Bone to one’s own body for life. It could only be used once and was thus extremely risky. However, the higher one’s understanding was of the Supreme Sword Bone, the greater the chances of successfully performing the method.

This explained why she watched Li Qingzhou practice his sword every day.

And since the Lord of the Lin family had just broken through to Vision Realm, becoming the only one to do so in Wu Ling City, this put the Lin family in a more powerful position than other families in the city. Lin Yuqing realized that it was time to execute her plan and there was nothing the Li family could do about it, not even after Li Qingzhou was publicly humiliated by her accusations against him and the public dissolution of their engagement.

In fact, the Lord of the Li family had attempted to seek justice for Li Qingzhou, only to be severely injured by Lin Tianxing. In the end, the Li family had to hold in their anger and swallow their pride.

Li Qingzhou stayed with the Li family for another three years, using all kinds of elixirs to regain at least his cultivation, but to no avail.

At first, everyone sympathized with him. But eventually, people started to ridicule him.

Some even kept mentioning the false accusations Lin Yuqing had blamed on Li Qingzhou, and soon, everyone started to believe in the rumors.

But Li Qingzhou had never given up. He still drew his sword ten thousand times a day to develop his sword heart. Still, he could not cultivate or even reenter the Wave Realm again. And that was when he decided to attend the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony to try his luck.

He was hopeful, but even he did not expect to join Qingyun Peak and regain his Supreme Sword Bone!

It all just felt like a dream!

Ye Chen listened with great interest. Although he had already read Li Qingzhou’s experience provided by the system, it was still too general. Listening to Li Qingzhou recount his past revealed more details that enhanced his story.

Ye Chen said, “You can never know a person’s face without knowing his heart. There are dangers everywhere in the martial world. You must always be alert and remember the rules of Qingyun Peak. You must always be cautious and prudent!”

Li Qingzhou agreed with him, “Yeah! If I had listened to Master’s teachings earlier, my Supreme Sword Bone would never have been taken away by that snake of a woman! If Master had not taken me in, I don’t think I would have been able to regain my Supreme Sword Bone!”

“Well, it’s not a big deal that your Supreme Sword Bone was taken. All you need to do is to cultivate around Master!” Zi Menghan casually reassured Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou said, “Senior Sister, please don’t be sarcastic! You’re a talented person so how could you ever understand my feelings?! Everyone had always looked at me as if I was a piece of trash. I was the victim but people treated me like I was the culprit. You wouldn’t know what it’s like.”

Zi Menghan blinked and looked at Li Qingzhou with dissatisfaction. Then, she turned to look at Ye Chen and said, “Master, he said that I am talented but I think he is insulting me. Can I beat him up?”


How did she misinterpret his praises for insults?

Li Qingzhou cautiously said, “Senior Sister, you have already entered?Vision Realm at such a young age. Don’t you think that your talent is extraordinary?”

“Your senior sister has an Innate Crippled Body,” said Ye Chen.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but widen his eyes in disbelief as he said, “Impossible! How can one cultivate with an Innate Crippled Body?”

Ye Chen said, “Your senior sister created her own Visualization Cultivation System, where she can cultivate simply by visualizing things. Everything that she used to fight you earlier had been visualized and formed by her.”

“A self-created cultivation system? Senior Sister is such a monster!” Li Qingzhou could not help but admire her.

Zi Menghan shook her head lightly. “I am only able to do so because I could sense Master’s Dao rhythm during his cultivation. If I had not met Master, I would have still been a useless person with an Innate Crippled Body.”

“Master is even more powerful!”

Li Qingzhou praised Ye Chen, silently glad that he had joined Qingyun Peak.

Ye Chen turned to Li Qingzhou and asked, “Now that you have broken through to?Vision Realm, what are your plans? Are you going to take revenge on Lin Yuqing?”

Li Qingzhou frowned slightly and said, “I am always thinking about taking revenge on her, but not now.”

Three years ago, Lin Yuqing had joined the Ten Thousand Sword Holy Land but he did not know how far she had gotten in her cultivation or if she was connected to anyone powerful.

“Taking revenge on her now would be too risky.”

Ye Chen nodded, “That’s right. It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. You have thought it through thoroughly. I am relieved and have nothing to worry about, then.”

Li Qingzhou sighed and slowly said, “Master, three years ago, my father was severely injured by Lin Tianxing because of me. His meridians and internal organs have been destroyed and his injuries have yet to recover! Now that I have my Supreme Sword Bone again, I am ready to go down the mountain to find some healing pills for my father. I would like your permission and blessing for me to do so, Master!”

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