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The Nirvana Sword Scripture and the Clash Between the Two Disciples

The rebirth of his Supreme Sword Bone required the nourishment of the Great Dao’s power but the process was extremely slow.

Li Qingzhou had long forgotten about time as all of these were happening. He was completely immersed in the vast ocean of the Great Dao and a new sword scripture was being developed in his mind.

As the sword scripture evolved, the regrowth speed of Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone gradually increased, but he still maintained his calm and collected attitude.

At this moment, Li Qingzhou knew that the Ten Thousand Dao Harmony that he felt was emitted by his master during the latter’s cultivation. Thus, Li Qingzhou was only able to rediscover his cultivation path here, with his master.

It was hard to truly appreciate something until it was gone.

The loss of Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone tested his perseverance and humility. Now that he had completely settled down here, he treasured this hard-earned opportunity very much and did not dare to let down his guard.

Time flew by like flowing water. In a blink of an eye, three months had passed.


A sound of a sword echoed from one of the courtyards on Qingyun Peak and an extremely sharp sword Qi soared into the sky. But when it reached the boundary of the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array, it quickly dissipated.

The sword scripture in Li Qingzhou’s mind had been formed and his Supreme Sword Bone had been completely reborn.

In the same moment, Li Qingzhou finally reentered the Wave Realm and the true Qi sealed within it was converted into sword Qi that was condensed to the extreme.

The sword Qi whistled through the sky once more, forcefully breaking open Li Qingzhou’s sealed meridians and connecting them with the surrounding spiritual Qi. These concurrent events formed a vision of a sea of swords around him. Each sword exuded a sharp sword intent, a dazzling sword light, and an aura as if it could destroy everything.

Li Qingzhou had instantly entered the Vision Realm!

The rebirth of the Supreme Sword Bone not only allowed Li Qingzhou to recover his cultivation but to also break through the bottleneck!

A system notification suddenly buzzed in Ye Chen’s mind.

[Your disciple, Li Qingzhou, has comprehended the Dao rhythm that you have emitted during your cultivation. He has now created his own Nirvana Sword Scripture which can allow his Sword Path to continuously transform.]

[Your disciple Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone has been reborn and his Sword Spirit Body has transformed into a Sword King Body as he broke through to the Vision Realm. As his master, you have obtained a Supreme-Grade attack spirit treasure: Mortal Transformation Sword.]

[Mortal Transformation Sword: Supreme-Grade attack spirit treasure. It can destroy all kinds of energy such as vitality, Qi, spirit, and thoughts with a single strike. Before the wound heals, the person will turn into a mortal. It is only effective against those at Peak-Stage Dao Lord Realm and below.]

Ye Chen opened his eyes, revealing a look of interest.

As expected of a Qi anomaly. Li Qingzhou not only created his own sword scripture but was also reborn. He was truly a monster.

Qi anomalies were definitely more suited to freely and independently cultivating!

Li Qingzhou’s breakthrough to the Vision Realm also allowed Ye Chen to receive a reward.

Ye Chen thought for a moment and finally understood. Although Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone had been dug out, his Vision Realm cultivation was still intact. It had simply been sealed away.

Now that Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone had been restored, he was only considered to have broken through once. That was why Ye Chen was only rewarded once.

Regardless, Ye Chen was quite satisfied with the reward.

This sword could turn anyone at the Peak Stage of Dao Lord Realm or lower into a mortal with a single hit. What a powerful ability!

Even if another Demon Lord came, he would be at Ye Chen’s mercy as long as Ye Chen wielded the sword!

“No, I’m getting arrogant again! I must remain grounded! If a Demon Lord really comes, it won’t be that easy for me to kill him! It’s best if I don’t meet any enemies at all!” Ye Chen inwardly warned himself.

“Oh? There are other messages in the master-disciple interface.”

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has confirmed the third realm of the Visualization Cultivation System, the Ten Thousand Spirit Realm! Her mental strength is now able to create many kinds of True Spirits of the Great Dao simultaneously, operating according to their unique order.]

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has been influenced by the Dao rhythm you emitted while cultivating. She has perfected the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture, and is currently able to cultivate to the Peak Stage of Ten Thousand Spirit Realm.]

Did Zi Menghan intend to re-create the world?

These two great Qi anomalies were indeed not easy to deal with!

Ye Chen was just lamenting when he suddenly sensed a huge fluctuation of energy from outside.

Using the eyes of a servant puppet watering in the herb garden, Ye Chen witnessed Li Qingzhou flying around on his sword. He had not only recovered his cultivation, but he had also made a breakthrough. As such, he could not contain the joy within him and decided to fly around on his sword. He howled with contentment, venting the pent-up emotions in his body.

But fifteen minutes later, Ye Chen saw Zi Menghan stepping out on an Immortal Phoenix and soaring into the sky.

This Immortal Phoenix had a flame crown on its head and every feather on its body shone with a dreamy light. It moved with extreme nobility and its eyes dazzled with a bright light. It truly looked like a real Immortal Phoenix, compared to the one Zi Menghan had made when she had just broken through previously. This Immortal Phoenix already had a hint of charm in it, and the aura on Zi Menghan’s body was also incomparable.

“Where did this madman come from? How dare he act so atrociously on Qingyun Peak? Take this!” Zi Menghan shouted. With a light wave of her hand, a Heavenly River gushed out from her palm and surged towards Li Qingzhou.

Zi Menghan could truly form more than one True Spirit of the Great Dao at the same time!


But Li Qingzhou did not have time to explain. His right hand quickly formed a sword finger and a sharp sword light flashed out from his hand. The sword light forcefully slashed at the Heavenly River.

The impact of the collision between the two attacks resulted in a huge explosion. Li Qingzhou quickly dodged and said, “Listen, I can explain...”

But his voice quickly trailed off when he saw the Heavenly River get replaced by an ancient longbow and a sharp arrow that flashed with a cold light as if it could even shoot a hole in the fabric of reality.

Zi Menghan snorted coldly and released the arrow. It tore through the air and arrived at Li Qingzhou in an instant.

Li Qingzhou was scared out of his wits. He swiped at his sternum and a sparkling and resplendent bone sword appeared in his hand. Clear and melodious sword chimes faintly echoed in the world and a sharp sword intent shot straight into the nine heavens.

The bone sword in his hand was formed from his Supreme Sword Bone!


Li Qingzhou instantly swung his sword at the sharp arrow, and the collision between the two attacks caused yet another explosion. The sharp arrow shattered into pieces mid-air while the glow on the bone sword dimmed considerably.

“Senior Sister, please stop! I’m Master’s new disciple! One of us! Stop attacking!” Li Qingzhou hurriedly begged for mercy.

His Supreme Sword Bone had just been reborn, so he was no match for Zi Menghan. As expected, he admitted defeat.

The bow and arrow in the air disappeared, and Zi Menghan descended from the Immortal Phoenix. The corners of her mouth curled up as she spoke in her ethereal voice. “Well, I knew that if you were an outsider, you wouldn’t even be here. Master wouldn’t have allowed it. However, the commotion you caused just now was too big so just wanted to test you a little.”

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