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The Time Spirit Spring and the Rebirth of the Supreme Sword Bone

Li Qingzhou froze. He had already given up all hope and thus, did not expect anyone to want to take him in as a disciple!

“Yes, Disciple is willing!” Li Qingzhou hurriedly agreed.

The representatives of each peak turned around, wanting to see who would want to take in a crippled Sword Spirit Body as a disciple.

When they saw that it was Ye Chen, they didn’t seem too surprised.

It was fine if it was the leader of Qingyun Peak!

The Qingyun Peak Lord had always been different from the others, especially after he took in the Innate Crippled Body. Now, he was taking in a crippled Sword Spirit Body.

Since Ye Chen had already determined that there were no other Qi anomalies among the rest of the candidates, he proceeded to bring Li Qingzhou back to Qingyun Peak. Upon arrival, they landed near the lake.

Li Qingzhou had already seen the entire Qingyun Peak as they flew in. He saw pavilions, waterfalls, and a herb garden filled with a faint medicinal fragrance. There were also some small spirit beasts like roosters and fluffy rabbits that were full of spiritual Qi running around. However, it still seemed a little sparse to him.

If he had been around the same time as Zi Menghan, he would have known the amount of improvement Ye Chen had made on Qingyun Peak’s environment via the servant puppets he had created. Back then, the herb garden was abandoned and there were no spirit beasts. Things looked much better now.

Ye Chen looked at Li Qingzhou with a smile, “This is Qingyun Peak and it’s a little special from the others. There are only the three of us. You have a senior sister who should be in closed-door cultivation right now. Don’t worry, the two of you will be able to meet at some point.”

‘There were only three people in the whole mountain? Qingyun Peak was in a more miserable state than I thought!’

‘Is this new master of mine really capable?’

Li Qingzhou muttered to himself, but he did not show any dissatisfaction on his face. Then, he carefully said, “Master, the Supreme Sword Bone in my body has been dug out by someone, crippling my Sword Spirit Body, cutting off my cultivation, and sealing my meridians. Do I still have any hope of cultivating the Sword Path again in my life?”

Li Qingzhou had tried many methods, but he could not regain his cultivation. He had come to participate in the Disciple Acceptance Ceremony of Xuantian Holy Land only because he was desperate.

As such, he had been excited to be accepted by Qingyun Peak. But now that he had seen how barren it was, his mood sank again.

Ye Chen said, “As long as you have the will and desire to return to the Sword Path, you will definitely be able to do it!”

“Really?” Li Qingzhou’s eyes turned bright.

Ye Chen said, “You’re just cultivating the Sword Path, and you were able to do it before. So it shouldn’t be that hard. Also, since you have joined Qingyun Peak, there are a few rules you must follow.”

Once Ye Chen had finished explaining the rules of Qingyun Peak, Li Qingzhou looked as if he completely understood what Ye Chen had said and suddenly looked a little regretful. “If I had known of Master’s teachings earlier, I would not have ended up like this.”

“You are a promising young man!”

Ye Chen was very satisfied with Li Qingzhou’s attitude. People who had been beaten up by society were indeed very understanding.

Li Qingzhou looked at Ye Chen with a burning gaze and asked, “Master, how should I get back on the Sword Path? Please enlighten me!”

“There are a lot of empty places in Qingyun Peak. You can choose any one of them and stay there for now. As for your cultivation, you may follow our tradition at Qingyun Peak – figure it out yourself,” said Ye Chen nonchalantly before leaving.


Li Qingzhou looked absolutely confused. What did he mean by ‘figure it out yourself’? ‘Then what is the point of me joining Qingyun Peak?’

Li Qingzhou could not help but start to doubt his life.

‘Is Master’s prudence only a facade?’

‘Can I really rely on a master who would take me in but not teach me?’

Li Qingzhou quickly turned towards Ye Chen who was slowly walking off into the distance and said, “Master, what if I can’t figure it out?”

“If you can’t even do such a simple thing, then you can just go down the mountain!” Ye Chen’s response was like an invisible thorn that stabbed Li Qingzhou’s heart.

Ye Chen had witnessed Zi Menghan’s monstrous comprehension ability. Thus, he knew what it meant for someone to have a Qi anomaly. These people had to figure out their own way to get back on their cultivation path. It would be a more suitable method for them in the long run than Ye Chen showing them the ropes.

If he couldn’t even comprehend his own cultivation path, then Li Qingzhou wouldn’t be worthy of having a Qi anomaly.

After leaving Li Qingzhou, Ye Chen decided to check out what he had obtained for gaining another Qi anomaly.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully accepting a disciple. You have obtained the Time Spirit Spring.]

[Time Spirit Spring: A spirit spring that contains the power of time. It can be used to mature all kinds of medicinal plants and trees. Watering any plant for a day with the water from the spirit spring will speed up plant growth by a hundred years.]

A spirit spring that could speed up the maturation of medicinal plants?

Ye Chen was extremely surprised. This spirit spring would allow him to have countless precious medicinal plants. Combined with his Auspicious Pill Cauldron, he would be invincible!

Since the Time Spirit Spring would be used every day, Ye Chen did not place it in his cultivation cave. Instead, he placed it in a hidden spot near the herb garden and slightly modified the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array to protect it.

The Time Spirit Spring was his god of wealth on Qingyun Peak. So it’s only natural for Ye Chen to make special arrangements to protect it.

Soon, one of the servant puppets arrived at the Time Spirit Spring, took out a bucket of spirit spring water, and used it to water all kinds of medicinal plants in the herb garden. In an instant, the plants grew at a rate that even the naked eye could see.

But Ye Chen did not bother to pay any attention to what was happening in the herb garden for the time being. He took the Vision Pill and resumed his cultivation.

Meanwhile, Li Qingzhou had been worrying about his gains and losses. He found a place with no one around and stayed there for the time being. Everything that he had gone through today felt like a dream. The worst part was that he did not understand what his master was thinking.

After a long time, Li Qingzhou collected his complicated feelings and sat cross-legged, trying to absorb the surrounding spiritual Qi.

Ever since his fiancée took away his Supreme Sword Bone, Li Qingzhou had been trying to absorb the surrounding spiritual Qi every day to reenter the Wave Realm. However, although he could sense the spiritual Qi, he could not absorb it.

Without the Supreme Sword Bone, Li Qingzhou seemed to have lost the source of his power. His body was unable to absorb any more spiritual energy. Even consuming panaceas did not work. In the end, he had never been able to reenter the Wave Realm.

But this time, just as Li Qingzhou calmed his mind, he sensed the Ten Thousand Dao Harmony not far away.

Li Qingzhou’s mind had unknowingly been brought into the vast ocean of Great Dao. He started to sink into it and his body gradually suffused with various strands of mysterious Dao rhythms as he sank into a deep level of enlightenment.

Li Qingzhou had not absorbed the surrounding spiritual Qi, but a kind of energy that was more primitive and closer to one’s innate qualities.

As time passed, Li Qingzhou’s chest gradually emitted a dazzling brilliance. His skin turned transparent and a vague sword-shaped bone started to appear and slowly grow. The whole event was magnificent and dreamy as if the Dao rhythm was sent by the Heavens. Eventually, Li Qingzhou faintly emitted an extremely fierce aura of the Sword Path. 𝘪𝙣𝔫𝒓𝔢𝖆𝙙.𝘤o𝙢

Li Qingzhou’s Supreme Sword Bone had been reborn.

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