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Zi Menghan Has Broken Through Again!

Ye Chen waited above the valley for a response to the announcement of his presence.

A moment later, he felt a gaze on him as if he had been seen through. The entity stared at Ye Chen for a long time before disappearing.

Ye Chen knew that meant that the ancestor had tacitly agreed to his intentions.

Thus, he wasted no time flying toward the valley that was surrounded by clouds and fog at a moderate speed. As he did so, he would occasionally but consistently throw out the array flags, array plates, and other array equipment that he had made to add more arrays – the Heaven and Earth Demon Sealing Array, Four Extreme Evil Slaying Array, Spiritual Mountain River Extinguishing Array, and various other arrays – to the Nine Palace Demon Subduing Array.

Now that Ye Chen had covered more area, the seal shouldn’t break so easily even with further expansions of the Demonic Abyss Crack.

Then, Ye Chen set up thirty-six Great Attack Arrays in succession to surround and deal with any demon that happened to pass through the Demonic Abyss Crack should it open again.

Ye Chen also set up another nine layers of Great Warning Arrays that connected to the great mountain protection array of the valley.

As long as someone who had already reached Vision Realm – regardless of whether they were from the Demonic or Heavenly Path – became present in the valley, the great mountain protection array would be activated immediately to seal the entire valley.

Ye Chen had also set up an extremely huge Great Eight Desolate Spirit Gathering Array that would gather the surrounding spiritual Qi into the jade coffin for the ancestor’s perusal.

As long as the ancestor was still there, this Demonic Abyss Crack would be stable.

Additionally, Ye Chen set up the Great Cover Array, Great Illusion Array, Great Chaos God Array, and many more arrays.

While setting up the arrays, Ye Chen also secretly set up the twelve layers of Monitoring Array which would allow him to detect and monitor any movements in the valley, even from Qingyun Peak. As long as it moved, nothing could hide itself from Ye Chen.

After three full days, Ye Chen finally finished setting up the arrays.

Despite all his hard work, the whole valley still looked exactly the same as before to the untrained eye. Nothing about it seemed to risk attracting unwanted attention.

But once someone entered the valley, the changes would be easily noticeable.

“I have finished setting up the arrays and completed what I’ve come here to do. I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused.” Ye Chen cupped his hands towards the green jade coffin and left.

After Ye Chen had left, a vague wave of vitality came out from the green jade coffin. “What vast array knowledge! This guy must have set up at least hundreds of arrays and even I do not know most of them. Now, even I would find it hard to leave the valley...”

As soon as Ye Chen’s puppet left the valley, a line of words appeared in front of the real Ye Chen. 𝖎𝚗𝓷𝐫𝘦𝓪𝒅.𝒄𝙤m

[The host has finished reinforcing the seal of the Demonic Abyss Crack in the valley. You have acquired the step skill, Imminent Skyline.]

[Imminent Skyline: To a mortal soul, the edges of the world are unreachable and unknown. But when you reach the highest level of cultivation, even the ends of the world will be within your reach. Would you like to inherit it?]

This skill was not bad and a must-have for escaping, especially if he could not win in a battle.

Ye Chen pondered over the brief summary of the skill carefully. The Imminent Skyline was divided into nine levels. Progressing from one level to the next depended on the amount of energy in the user’s body.

The first level would allow the user to travel one mile at a time. The second level would allow ten miles at a time. The third level meant a single step would cover one hundred miles at a time. The fourth level would cover one thousand miles at a time, and so on.

With this skill, he could go anywhere as long as he had enough energy in his body!]

“Inherit it.” Ye Chen murmured.

A huge amount of information immediately imprinted itself in the depths of Ye Chen’s mind. By the end of it, he had completely comprehended Imminent Skyline as if he had been training with it for countless years.

He activated the skill with just a thought and?Ye Chen’s figure suddenly appeared at the foot of Qingyun Peak. Fifteen minutes later, he appeared halfway up the mountain, and then at the peak. Ye Chen’s figure started to flash everywhere around the peak.

Based on the amount of energy he possessed, Ye Chen was at the third level of Imminent Skyline, which allowed him to travel up to one hundred miles with each step.

Ye Chen now had one more life-saving method up his sleeve!

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has broken through to the second realm of the Visualization Cultivation System, Spirit Transformation Realm! As her master, you have obtained a Supreme-Grade defense spirit treasure: Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe.]

[Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe: Its appearance can be changed by the will of its owner. The robe’s defense is so powerful, it can resist the attacks of warriors at the Peak Stage of Demon Lord Realm.]


Zi Menghan had broken through again?

And the reward this time for her achievement this time was not bad. A Supreme-Grade defense spirit treasure that could resist the attacks of a Peak-Stage Demon Lord Realm warrior? Now, no one other than those in Slash Realm and above would be able to hurt Ye Chen!

Without a moment to waste, Ye Chen took out the Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe, marked it with a drop of blood, and put it on his body. He immediately felt a sense of security he had never felt before.

Then, Ye Chen sensed that Zi Menghan had emerged from her training session and quickly sent her a message. “Come to the lake after you’re done. Let me see how far you’ve gotten.”

“Yes, Master!”

Zi Menghan walked out and an Immortal Phoenix appeared out of nowhere in front of her. Each of its feathers looked magnificent as they bathed in dazzling flames which made it look noble and dreamy.

Zi Menghan jumped on the back of the Immortal Phoenix as the latter spread its wings and carried her into the sky. As it approached the lake where Ye Chen told Zi Menghan to meet him, the Immortal Phoenix slowed down and descended gently.

Zi Menghan jumped down from the back of the Immortal Phoenix and greeted Ye Chen who was standing by the lake with his hands behind his back. With a voice as beautiful as an oriole, she said: “Master, I have been refining my mental strength to the upper limits of Sea of Consciousness Realm, and I finally broke through to the second realm of my Visualization Cultivation System, the Spirit Transformation Realm, today.”

Ye Chen looked at Zi Menghan with a hint of surprise. “I see that you have also been working on the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture which has consequently strengthened your body.”

Zi Menghan nodded. “When I was visualizing my surroundings, its corresponding power nurtured my body too. Although I do not have any divine energy in my body, the power of my Qi and blood is already comparable to that of a Vision Realm warrior. I can now even fly up into the sky just by relying on my body’s Qi and blood.”

Ye Chen blinked his eyes. Zi Menghan had just broken through to the second realm, and her Qi and blood power was already comparable to that of a Vision Realm warrior?

Had her ability to cultivate always been so terrifying?

“Not bad.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly as he looked at the Immortal Phoenix beside Zi Menghan. With great interest, he said, “This Immortal Phoenix that you have created is quite interesting. Let it attack me with all of its power.”

“Alright, but please be careful, Master!” Eagerness grew in Zi Menghan’s eyes.

In the next fifteen minutes, that Immortal Phoenix turned into a beam of fire as it rushed towards Ye Chen. Each of its feathers burned with a bright flame before it arrived before Ye Chen in an instant.

Ye Chen wanted to test the defense of the Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe. As such, he did not bother to dodge, defend himself, or fight back. He simply allowed that Immortal Phoenix to attack him head-on.


With a huge explosion, the Immortal Phoenix shattered into pieces mid-air. The flames that had enveloped each of its feathers dispersed in all directions, releasing a horrifyingly high temperature that distorted the air.

On the other hand, the Cloud Pattern Immortal Robe simply gave off a layer of hazy cloud Qi that wrapped around Ye Chen’s whole body. By the time the Immortal Phoenix’s explosion hit him, the aftereffects of the attack hit Ye Chen like a breeze blowing across his face. He did not get hurt at all.

Ye Chen was quite impressed. “This attack is already comparable to a full-power attack of a martial artist who has just broken through to Vision Realm. Have you developed any other attacks? I want you to come at me again!”

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