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Even the Ancestor’s Coffin Was Used!

With a wave of his hand, the Xuantian Holy Lord proudly said, “Junior Brother Ye, don’t worry. I will not let the same tragedy happen to Qingyun Peak. The Peak Lord of the Ten Thousand Array Peak was personally involved in linking the nine layers of sealing arrays to form a huge Nine Palace Demon Subduing Array. He had also brought in the coffin of a Dao Lord Realm ancestor to anchor the core of the array. Their efforts were flawless.”

What the heck?!

Even the coffin of a Dao Lord Realm ancestor was used?!

Ye Chen was slightly relieved, but he still decided to keep an eye on that Demonic Abyss Crack in case he had to escape at any moment.

“Holy Lord, just where did Blood Demon Cult come from? How dare they behave so atrociously in Xuantian Holy Land?”

There might not be anyone in Saint Realm overseeing Xuantian Holy Land. But there must have been in the past, possessing holy weapons and power that were far from what anyone from ordinary sects could compare to.

When Ye Chen was analyzing Qi Hanxing’s experiences, the system had notified him that Demon King Qingli had been sent here by the Blood Demon Cult Lord. But what right did the Blood Demon Cult Lord have to provoke Xuantian Holy Land?

The Xuantian Holy Lord interrupted Ye Chen’s train of thoughts when he said, “Blood Demon Cult has been around for more than three thousand years. Its base is hidden beyond the Deathly Stillness Sea at the border of the Eastern Wastelands where there was a Demonic Abyss Crack.

“Since they were so well hidden by the Deathly Stillness Sea, Blood Demon Cult managed to stabilize that Demonic Abyss Crack into a Demonic Abyss Passage, attracting many Demon Lords and Demon Overlords to pass through until demonic flames surged into the sky.

“A thousand years ago, Blood Demon Cult even produced someone in Demon Saint Realm, evolving them into the Blood Demon Saint Cult as they slaughtered many others in their world as they rose to the top.

When that entity in the Demon Saint Realm massacred one of the declining longevity families, he provoked an extremely terrifying existence and was killed in one strike.

This triggered various large cults to besiege Blood Demon Saint Cult. The latter suffered heavy casualties and consequently, Blood Demon Saint Cult devolved back to the Blood Demon Cult. They fell from their limelight and now, no one knew how much of it is left behind.

“A thousand years have passed but we still don’t even know how Blood Demon Cult is doing. It is possible that they have found a new Demonic Abyss Crack.”

Blood Demon Cult had someone in Demon Saint Realm who was killed in a single strike after provoking a declining immortal family?

This world is just too dangerous and that Demon Saint Realm person was not prudent enough!

Ye Chen shook his head inwardly and cupped his fists at the Xuantian Holy Lord. “Holy Lord, since we don’t know if Demon King Qingli is dead or alive and Qingyun Peak has to take revenge on?Blood Demon Cult who is now in the mortal world, we shall not slack off. I will return now to cultivate!”

“Junior Brother Ye, wait!” The Xuantian Holy Lord called after Ye Chen.

“Holy Lord, do you have new orders for me?”

The Xuantian Holy Lord spoke in a more hushed voice. “Junior Brother Ye, since Senior Uncle Changsheng handed Qingyun Peak to you, I hope you can bring it to greater heights.

“You’ve been participating in every Disciple Acceptance Ceremony in the past three years but have yet to accept any new disciples.

“For there to only be the two of you at Qingyun Peak makes the place too desolate and at risk. For the sake of the continuation of Qingyun Peak, it’s better to take in more disciples.

“If you are worried that you can’t teach your disciples, you can send them to Xuantian Main Peak for cultivation. The cultivation masters here will definitely treat them equally.”

The Xuantian Holy Lord had spoken quite tactfully and Ye Chen knew what he meant.

To others, there was only him – a rookie in Wave Realm – and Zi Menghan – an Innate Crippled Body – at Qingyun Peak. If this continued, Qingyun Peak’s population would go extinct.

But the thing was, Ye Chen had not been able to find any more Qi anomalies when he attended the annual Disciple Acceptance Ceremony through his puppet, and those were the only kind of disciples he was willing to accept so that he could continue to hide his presence from the Heavenly Path.

As such, even if the candidate had an incredible spirit body, Ye Chen would still not accept the person if he or she did not have a Qi anomaly.

“Thank you for your reminder, Holy Lord! If there are any suitable ones, I will take them in again. I will definitely not let Qingyun Peak go extinct!” Ye Chen said goodbye to the Xuantian Holy Lord and rode on his rainbow light back to Qingyun Peak at a moderate speed.

Now that he had a more thorough understanding of Qingyun Peak’s history and current situation, Ye Chen’s mood became even heavier.

He had never thought learning more about Demon King Qingli meant learning more about Blood Demon Cult and the Demon World!

Ye Chen decided to make a pitstop, heading towards the valley where the Demonic Abyss Crack was.

From above, the entire valley was covered in clouds and fog. The cypresses and pines were just barely discernible. The valley looked no different from the others.

At least not to the common man. For Ye Chen, the valley was filled with arrays.

The nine layers of sealing arrays intersected with each other, perfectly sealing an area of ten miles in the valley. At the center of the array was a green jade coffin anchoring it. The arrays seemed foolproof.

But for Ye Chen, it wasn’t good enough.

First of all, the Nine Palaces Demon Subduing Array only covered the Demonic Abyss Crack that had exploded before. The array should cover a larger area. If the Demonic Abyss Crack became larger, the array would break without a single attack, and not even the ancestor’s coffin would be able to suppress it.

Second, the Nine Palaces Demon Subduing Array only had a sealing array and not a warning array. If the enemies attacked through the Demonic Abyss Crack, no one in Xuantian Holy Land would be able to react in time.

The Nine Palaces Demon Subduing Array might not be easy to break from the Demon World, but it was not difficult to break from Xuantian Holy Land. What if someone sneaked into Xuantian Holy Land again?

Ye Chen did not believe that Xuantian Holy Land had the ability to identify demon cultivators, based on its history of Demon King Qingli’s and Qi Hanxing’s infiltrations. Xuantian Holy Land would soon become a highly accessible place by any world if they kept this up.


How could the Peak Lord of Ten Thousand Array Peak be so careless? 𝓲𝘯𝓷r𝖊𝑎𝘥.𝘤𝒐m

[The host has discovered many flaws in the seal of the Demonic Abyss Crack. You have the following options:]

[One: Explain to the Xuantian Holy Lord about the flaws in the seal of the Demonic Abyss Crack and obtain an offensive magic treasure.]

[Second: Secretly reinforce the seal, keep a low profile, and receive a step skill.”

Ye Chen silently weighed his options. Since he had never established much of a presence in Xuantian Holy Land, reporting the situation to the Xuantian Holy Lord would attract too much attention and potential hostility from Ten Thousand Array Peak. He might even risk revealing his knowledge of arrays. It was too risky!

And he would just receive an offensive magic treasure. He didn’t think it was worth it.

Ye Chen silently chose the second option and prepared to secretly strengthen the seal. Although it would waste a lot of array materials, it was a relatively more prudent decision. Moreover, he could also obtain a step skill. No matter what, it wouldn’t be a loss.

Ye Chen returned to Qingyun Peak and refined a large amount of array equipment. Then, he once again returned to that valley.

“I am the Peak Lord of Qingyun Peak, Ye Chen. Today, I learned that Demon Lord Cang Kong had massacred Qingyun Peak after he came out from this Demonic Abyss Crack. In order to prevent the Demonic Abyss Crack from opening again, I’ve come to reinforce the seal!”

Ye Chen transmitted his voice to the distant valley as he spoke to the ancestor in the coffin. He didn’t want to be killed the moment he entered the area unannounced.

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