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Xuantian Holy Lord Ends Seclusion

[Name: Ye Chen]

[Identity: Peak Lord of Xuantian Holy Land’s Qingyun Peak]

[Aptitude: Primordial Dao Body – the most powerful constitution of the multiverse, augmented by boundless fate.]

[Talent: Divine Concealment – able to conceal one’s own constitution and cultivation from others.]

[Cultivation: Early Stage of Vision Realm – the cultivation realms (from the lowest to the highest) are Wave, Law, Vision, Primordial, Might, Dao, Dao Lord, Slash, Saint, Sage, Great Sage, Quasi-Emperor, and Emperor. Each realm can be divided into Early, Mid, Late, and Peak Stage.]

[Cultivation method: Creation Dao Scripture – the most powerful cultivation method among all worlds that allows one to be able to clearly understand the origins and mysteries of Heaven’s creation, seize it, and form a Supreme Dao Foundation.]

[Vision: Myriad Dao]

[Skills: Extreme Realm Sword Slash]

[Secret method: Ten Thousand Puppet Art]

[Array method: Principles of Arrays, Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array]

[Treasure: Auspicious Pill Cauldron (Supreme Treasure)]

Ye Chen noticed that there were two more notification pop-ups in the master-disciple interface.

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has determined the second stage of the Visualization Cultivation System – the Spirit Transformation Realm. Using one’s mental strength, one can transform anything virtual into anything real, even spirit birds, beasts, divine weapons, mountains, rivers, the Sun, Moon, stars, and so on.]

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has been influenced by the aura you emitted while cultivating. She has completed the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture and has the potential to cultivate to the Peak Stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm.]

Ye Chen nodded satisfactorily. Zi Menghan’s cultivation was finally on the right track.


A jade cauldron about an inch in size appeared in Ye Chen’s palm. It was dark yellow and engraved with all sorts of complex and mysterious patterns as it emitted a unique aura.

This was the Auspicious Pill Cauldron and it could change in size according to Ye Chen’s will.

Ye Chen lightly tossed it and the Auspicious Pill Cauldron grew as it fell, turning into a human-sized cauldron before it landed on the ground. In its full size, it appeared even more ancient and grand.

Ye Chen was ready to test if this Auspicious Pill Cauldron was really that magical, so he chose a common pill that he could use right away, the Vision Pill.

The Vision Pill could speed up the cultivation speed of Vision Realm cultivators, nourish their bodies, and strengthen their divine energy.

And since there were plenty of corresponding medicinal ingredients among the cultivation resources left behind on Qingyun Peak, Ye Chen was in the perfect position to experiment with his newly acquired Auspicious Pill Cauldron.

Ye Chen took out a portion of the pill ingredients and threw them into the Auspicious Pill Cauldron.


In the next fifteen minutes, a round jade-like pill shot out of the cauldron’s mouth. It had a natural charm and emitted a refreshing pill fragrance.

This pill did not leak any medicinal power. As such its full potential and benefits could be completely absorbed and refined by others. There was no need to worry about pill poison.

Ye Chen picked up the pill and swallowed it. Suddenly, he felt a huge amount of medicinal power turn into pure energy before pouring into his limbs and refining his blood, bones, and meridians. It provided a huge amount of energy for the waves of divine energy in him.

“The pill is indeed amazing. If I can take it every day, my cultivation speed would be a couple of times faster!” Ye Chen was overjoyed. He started to activate the Creation Dao Scripture, quickly converting the huge amount of medicinal power contained in the pill into his own cultivation.

Then, Ye Chen refined all of the remaining ingredients from Qingyun Peak into all kinds of pills: Blood Qi Pill, Spirit Gathering Pill, Great Recovery Pill, Divine Consciousness Pill, Wave Pill, Law Pill, Vision Pill, and so on.

Since Zi Menghan’s constitution was somewhat special, most of the pills were ineffective for her. However, when she cultivated the Visualization Cultivation System, she would also consume her own essence, Qi, and spirit. As such, Ye Chen still gave her some of the pills he had made, hoping that they would be able to help her in some ways.

Ye Chen consumed the rest of the pills in sequence – when the effects of one pill were starting to wear off, he would consume another. His divine energy constantly increased as his blood and bones became so well-nourished to the point where his internal body started to glow with a beautiful light.

In the next two months, Ye Chen immersed himself in cultivation, getting stronger and stronger as time passed. Eventually, all 158 pills that he had made using all of Qingyun Peak’s medicinal materials had been consumed, and Ye Chen’s cultivation had reached the Mid Stage of Vision Realm.

Since he had used up all of his pills, Ye Chen’s cultivation speed returned to normal. Even then, he felt that the rate of his cultivation training was too slow.

Ye Chen thought to himself, ‘Training is like burning money. Without enough money, it would be impossible to keep going.’

The cultivation resources of Qingyun Peak were not enough for Ye Chen at the moment.

To solve this issue, he had to either procure more or cut back.

Cutting back would slow down his cultivation even more than it already had. Thus, Ye Chen was more inclined to procure more.

Using Puppet Number One, Ye Chen left Xuantian Holy Land and bought hundreds of pill ingredients in the nearby market. When he returned, he refined all of them into pills.

But his decision to do so had almost depleted the spirit stones of Qingyun Peak.

If he sold some of the other pills, he would be able to accumulate a lot of wealth very quickly.

However, it would also attract unwanted attention and throw off the prudent lifestyle he intended to maintain.

Thus, he decided to wait until he had exhausted these hundreds of pills before planning his next move. 𝓲𝔫𝐧𝙧𝒆𝒶𝘥.c𝙤𝒎

Ye Chen started his simple and unadorned pill-swallowing training again.

One day, Ye Chen suddenly sensed a stream of divine consciousness wandering in the Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reversal Array. It was none other than the divine consciousness of the Xuantian Holy Lord.

‘Oh, dear old acquaintance. Are you trapped again?’

Ye Chen opened the array and released that stream of divine consciousness into the reception hall where Puppet Number One was ready to receive him.

Xuantian Holy Lord’s divine consciousness had been trapped there twice now, and his old face was currently looking to be devoid of light. He didn’t even bother to transform into a human figure. He simply transmitted his voice as he said, “Junior Brother Ye, I’ve already come out of closed-door cultivation. I heard that you’re looking for me. You can come to Xuantian Main Peak at any time.”

The moment he was done speaking, the Xuantian Holy Lord’s divine consciousness dispersed immediately with no intention of lingering around any longer.

After the incident with Qi Hanxing last time, Ye Chen had never felt at ease, as if there was danger at every corner.

And since Li Changsheng hadn’t told him the details of the great calamity that had befallen Qingyun Peak – only that it had something to do with the Demon King Qingli – Ye Chen had decided to find out for himself by sending Puppet Number One to ask the Holy Lord. However, the Holy Lord had gone into closed-door cultivation at the time.

Now that the Holy Lord?was out of closed-door cultivation, Puppet Number One took off into the sky and flew towards Xuantian Main Peak.

As he approached the edge of Xuantian Main Peak, Ye Chen saw the Holy Lord once again, standing with his hands behind his back surrounded by his vision – 108 stars shining brightly and emitting a powerful aura that could easily make many bow to him. His whole body appeared blurry but his face seemed real.

Gosh, didn’t it consume a lot of divine energy to keep up such an appearance?

[Name: Xuan Qing]

[Identity: Holy Lord?of Xuantian Holy Land]

[Cultivation: Peak Stage of Might Realm]

He’s still in Might Realm?

He must have felt lonely while in closed-door cultivation!

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