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This System Is Too Unreliable!

Eastern Wastelands, Azure Billow Region, Xuantian Holy Land.

A translucent array as thin as a cicada’s wings enveloped hundreds of magnificent mountain peaks. As it passed through the sun’s rays, it refracted with a faint seven-colored radiance. Exotic flowers and plants bloomed all around the pavilions that decorated the area. Flying eaves and pagodas were faintly discernible as the dense spiritual Qi flowed like a ribbon throughout the surroundings. Immortal cranes flew freely in the air, making the scene look like a natural painting.

At the edge of the formation, Ye Chen lay leisurely on a soft field of grass in the middle of a relatively desolate Qingyun Peak. His head rested on his hands as a piece of dog tail grass stood out from his mouth. He sighed lightly as he said, “I have been in Xuantian Holy Land for three years, living humbly with my surroundings like an old dog. I wonder when the system will finish loading...”

Ye Chen was not from this world. Three years ago, he had fallen from the sky and landed on Qingyun Peak of Xuantian Holy Land by accident. He was then saved by the great elder of Qingyun Peak, Li Changsheng.

Prior to Ye Chen’s arrival, a Demonic Path expert had invaded Xuantian Holy Land, killing everyone on Qingyun Peak except for Li Changsheng.

Li Changsheng sighed at the fact that he could still meet the right person before his death as he accepted being the new Peak Lord?of Qingyun Peak and Ye Chen as his disciple. Unfortunately, Li Changsheng had passed away before he could teach Ye Chen any cultivation techniques. All he had managed to instil in Ye Chen were the basics.

This new world that Ye Chen had arrived in was vast and boundless. The Eastern Wilderness alone occupied millions of kilometres in territory, hosting many peerless experts and countless bloodthirsty demons. Experts could slaughter the weak without restraint, instigating all kinds of open and hidden battles in Xuantian Holy Land.

Ye Chen knew deep down that this world was filled with danger. The slightest misstep would result in a grave death.

And it was as he was nonchalantly chilling when Ye Chen accidentally awakened the system.

This system was too unreliable!

Just because Ye Chen had shown the slightest bit of recklessness, the system stopped loading for a length of time, depending on how reckless Ye Chen had been.

As such, Ye Chen would hide whenever he could, trying his best not to get involved with anything and anyone ever since he transmigrated. Up until now, he had guarded Qingyun Peak alone.

By now, the system had already loaded to 99.99%. It was almost done.

Then came a clear voice in Ye Chen’s head.

[Ding! The system has completely loaded!]

[Reward: Natural Talent – Divine Concealment!]

[Reward: Special Aptitude – Primordial Dao Body!]

[Reward: Supreme Cultivation Method – Creation Dao Scripture!]

Ye Chen was slightly startled initially. But then his eyes opened wide and a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face. He let out a satisfied sigh and said, “Finally, the system is done loading!”

A translucent screen appeared in front of Ye Chen and displayed his updated attribute panel.

[Name: Ye Chen]

[Identity: Xuantian Holy Land’s Qingyun Peak Lord]

[Aptitude: Primordial Dao Body – the strongest constitution among all worlds. Perhaps you will awaken its full potential with the blessing of immeasurable luck?]

[Talent: Divine Concealment – able to conceal one’s own constitution and cultivation from others]

[Cultivation: None – the realms one can cultivate to are (from the lowest to the highest) Wave, Law, Vision, Primordial, Might, Dao Lord, Slash, Saint, Sage, Great Sage, Quasi-Emperor, and Emperor. Each realm is further divided into Early, Middle, Late, and Peak Stage]

[Cultivation method: Creation Dao Scripture – the most powerful cultivation method among the multiverse that allows one to clearly understand the origins and mysteries of Heaven’s creation, seize it, and form a Supreme Dao Foundation]

[Skills: None]

[Treasure: None]

[System space: None]

Once he had gone through the updates, Ye Chen’s eyes lit up.

The Primordial Dao Body and the Creation Dao Scripture would be the foundation for him to finally move on and continue his journey in this world as he used Divine Concealment to hide his trump cards. The system was indeed powerful!

Ye Chen returned to his cave and sat cross-legged. His consciousness locked onto his Primordial Dao Body as he summoned it internally. “Awaken!”

And for the next fifteen minutes, the entire world started to buzz faintly.

Immediately after, a bright Moon rose and positioned itself next to the Sun as tens of thousands of stars appeared and shone brightly. The Sun, Moon, and stars aligned and formed a brilliant radiance that flashed a scene of boundless mountain ranges; water bodies that reflected the astral sky; howling winds; rumbling thunder; blazing fire; an overflowing sea of blood; the divine tree with its roots and branches connected to the three thousand worlds; the rage and roars of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin in the sky; and the appearance and disappearance of myriads of races.

The grand vision appeared in every corner of the various worlds. But it disappeared just as quickly, as if it had never happened.

Countless creatures looked up at the sky in shock as their hearts filled with terror and they didn’t know what to do.

None had ever witnessed such a vision before!

The many unrivaled gods and demons in the various worlds tried to deduce the origin of this strange vision but no matter how they racked their brains, none were able to.

The Holy Lord and elders of Xuantian Holy Land soared into the sky from their respective peaks in response to the grand vision. Their gazes were filled with shock as they couldn’t make heads or tails of what had just happened. In the end, the Holy Lord summoned them to the main peak to discuss a countermeasure.

As for Ye Chen, the one who had caused this vision, he was absolutely clueless. The only thing he knew happened was that his entire body felt fresh and natural, pulsing with a mysterious Dao rhythm.

[The host has awakened his Primordial Dao Body and now has the qualifications to become an expert. Please consider the following options.]

[One: Play Heaven’s favorite and cultivate in a high-profile manner – reveal your possession of the Primordial Dao Body to the Xuantian Holy Lord and become the Holy Son; seek out the resources of Xuantian Holy Land and get a chance to obtain an offensive magic treasure. But beware as you will attract the attention of the emperors, immortal sects, and other powers of the major holy lands.]

[Two: Cultivate at Qingyun Peak in a low-key manner – one would remain unknown. But after officially cultivating, one would be able to obtain a forbidden array that would prevent others from unwanted probing.]

The words ‘Holy Son’ on the display immediately equated to being the sharp end of the stick for Ye Chen. He didn’t want to be the bird that got shot for sticking its neck out.

Bearing the title of ‘Holy Son’ was obviously a way to attract hatred. Countless disciples in Xuantian Holy Land eyed the position, not to mention the emperors, immortal sects, and other forces of other holy lands. Even if all the resources in Xuantian Holy Land were utilized, no one would be able to stop a full-on invasion!

It was too dangerous!

Ye Chen shook his head and decisively chose the second option. Low-profile cultivation was the way to go.

Since he had chosen the path to walk towards being an expert, he focused his consciousness on the Creation Dao Scripture. Suddenly, a mysterious and ancient heavenly voice echoed in his mind as the contents of the scripture fused with the knowledge base in his mind. “Creation Dao Scripture... plunder the heavens and earth... fuse the essence of all things... Myriad Dao... immortality... eternal life...”

Ye Chen tried to cultivate the Creation Dao Scripture and instantly felt as if his entire body was immersed in a vast ocean of myriad Daos resonating within him. Soon a mysterious Dao rhythm lingered on his body like perfume.


His Primordial Dao Body slightly shook as the seemingly real yet illusory Great Dao vision occurred around Ye Chen again.

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