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Chapter 29: Shy Assassin

Lecture about the dungeon conquerors.

Tomo Homie’s choice of words wasn’t wrong, even if it might sound weird. After all, those dungeon conquerors raised their fame without revealing their skills. No one could tell whether they relied on items or possessed a unique class.

In fact, one of them was so secretive that she hid the information about the dungeon she had conquered.

So, how could Tomo Homie even give a lecture about them?


As the saying goes, nothing disappears from the internet. And as the majority of the world already had access to the net, the range of information exchange was vast.

The dungeons were also popular in the Avander World. If it weren’t for Alex’s legendary class and his situation, he would’ve already visited one of them.

Therefore, it was impossible for the dungeon conquerors to not have any crowd during their floor climbing. They couldn’t just leave without revealing their new skills since the players’ greed was immense.

No way people would let those dungeon conquerors escape to the safe cities after conquering the tower, would they?

There were also rumors about players on the last floor with the dungeon conquerors. Even if sharing was caring, no one would share the unique drop with foreigners, particularly in such early stages of the game.

With so many fights going around, the dungeons were even messier than the madness during the opening days!

“Those wealthy guys spent thousands to erase clips and information from the social media,” Tomo Homie explained.

Alex nodded. He wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

After all, that was how the modern era was. It was hard to hide big moves, be it Earth or another world. Even if only a scant amount of people could get to the upper floors, that number of players was still significant since the game had millions of players playing daily.

He was also a good example. Just from fighting Marvel, Alex had revealed his execution skill to the broader scene. He also made enemies with one of the villain guilds.

His name must’ve reached a few peculiar players already.

And since Alex also stood out with his looks, there was a high chance that others would recognize him far easier. Fortunately, he looked like a cat to others! That was his blessing in disguise!

“You are really persistent, aren’t you?” Alex chuckled.

His friend did a good job digging all information about the dungeon conquerors. Although he didn’t get any news about their skills, his assumptions were on the spot. Alex knew about it as he bluntly asked what Tomo Homie knew about Marvel.

When Tom simply said ‘Poison Mage’, Alex was confident that he could rely on Tomo Homie to gather information. It wouldn’t be wise to blindly believe in all data. Still, it was good to have some understanding about future enemies and allies.

Naturally, as the legendary class and someone with the castle, Alex already looked quite far to the past. Other than his visits with the world’s royalties and clans, Alex also planned to have some allies from the player base.

He believed in his friends, but that was not enough.

From what he learned, no one had a unique class. It would take some time for them to hone their abilities. And those with already epic classes wouldn’t waste their momentum. It was fair of Alex to look a few steps ahead.

Alex learned about the dungeon conquerors as much as he could. He knew who was villain, who was hero, and who was neither. He learned about their current professions, such as guild leader and so on.

And then, Tomo Homie and Alex reached the school gates.

“So crowded… Why is there just one entrance?” Alex sighed, eliciting a nod of approval from his homie.

They entered the queue leading toward their school. Alex and Tomo Homie couldn’t even spot their other friends in such a crowd! 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

But Tomo Homie’s eyes noticed a particular lady.

“Look at her, Alex,” he whispered.

Following his gaze, Alex noticed a second-year student. He knew about it from her uniform and the people around her.

However, no one really wanted to stay too close to her for some reason. There was a small gap in the whole queue. She stood emotionlessly. Her apathetic expression sullied her beautiful looks.

Alex whispered back, “Dancing Shadow?”

“Yep. It is her. I didn’t know we had a wealthy peep in our school. Don’t they usually go to private schools?” Tomo Homie replied.

He wouldn’t mention your ordinary wealthy peep. That lady was one of the dungeon conquerors. In fact, she was the most mysterious one as she had managed to hide most of her information.

But because of that, many assumed that she had an assassin class.

And that was the truth indeed.

Alex asked, “If she is really an assassin, then revealing her class seems slightly off…”

Tomo Homie shrugged, “Well… I went down to the second years’ floor a few days ago, and I found out that she has no friends at all. If she also has no wealthy peeps as her friends, then it makes sense, right? She wants to find a party.”

“Have you asked her, then? You have, haven’t you?” Alex smiled.

His friend nodded, “I have… She asked me about my class… I just told her that I am your average healer… She kept her indifferent eyes and asked quite a weird question.”

“Don’t keep me in suspense,” Alex elbowed his friend, forcing him to spit out the weird question.

Tomo Homie chuckled, “She asked whether someone has bullied me in the game. So I told her a nickname of that bastard who lured monsters at us during early levels.”

Alex rolled his eyes, then laughed.

Their conversation about the game continued as usual.

Little did they know that certain lady covertly glanced in their direction. That was no one other than Dancing Shadow.

Although she stood in silence and alone, deep inside her, Dancing Shadow wanted to approach Tomo Homie and say one thing.

[I killed that player a hundred times for you.]

But she couldn’t approach them, for she was pretty shy.

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