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Chapter 26: No time for cuddling

Although Marvel’s words told the couple that he would get close to them, he didn’t take a step from his initial position. Swathed in his purple cloud, Marvel patiently waited while triggering more mushroom monsters around him.

Many of them directed their anger at him. However, similarly to the mush rain, Marvel rendered their indignation useless.

But that exact move piqued Alex’s interest.

How could a mere level nineteen player maintain such a defense for?

“Even if his INT stat is overly abundant, he shouldn’t be able to keep this skill for too long,” Alex whispered to his girlfriend. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

Olivia smirked, “Sounds just right.”

They exchanged glances, then threw themselves in Marvel’s direction.

In their current predicament, the couple could take two options at most. Well, other than the third one, which was dying together, Alex and Olivia could either; go for the caster or dwindle the mushroom monster’s numbers.

It didn’t take long for them to reach an understanding.

Marvel was a much easier target!

For them, going against one mushroom monster took around a minute. It was pretty long in the battle where one mistake cost lives. Now, the mushrooms were everywhere, to say nothing of the villain constantly drawing them closer.

And then, as far as Marvel was concerned, he was a player.

He was much more vulnerable than a simple monster! Other than his limited resources, Marvel was one of the newbie players. Yes, he had a talent and good luck since he’d conquered the dungeon.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t a new player.

Alex’s sword also should inflict more damage on Marvel. After all, Alex’s swordsmanship came from a legendary class, and its grade was S.

No dungeon conqueror had announced their rewards openly. They also hadn’t revealed their classes, items, and grades. Other than their first grand achievement, nothing was known.

“You save me some trouble,” Marvel’s smile and jarring tone remained the same.

He lifted his hands, pointing them at the incoming couple. Marvel redirected all mushroom monsters’ acid at Alex and Olivia in the next second. In short, he threw the monsters’ indignation at his enemies!

Alex and Olivia narrowed their eyes, their rush not halting at all.

After Marvel’s skill reached them, both cut down acid as if their speed and strength didn’t matter at all.

Olivia and Alex’s bodies warmed up with excitement in that short exchange. Their focus sharpened. They shrank distance from their enemy. That adrenaline rush froze the mush rain’s negative effects, allowing their stamina to keep up with their plan.

Albeit shocked, Marvel didn’t let anything transpire on his face. He continued leveraging the forest and its inhabitants, throwing and hurling poison toward his enemies.

But then, Alex increased his speed, nearly teleporting toward him.

His eyes wide, Alex shouted in a thrill of the moment, “Your weaknesses are so obvious, Marvel! Let me tell you something! I can see those acid bolts as clear as the sky!”

His sword rose, then he promptly lowered it down. His blade cut through the villain’s dense poison as if butter, leaving Marvel beyond shocked. If before he could maintain his composure, now, Marvel’s face turned into a comedian.

His lips quivered, and he took a step back, “Fuck! You aren’t a normal player!” He thought he had an easy couple to test his skills, yet the truth was different!

Alex smirked in triumph, then jumped behind.

In his place, Olivia hopped in. Her spear howled in lightning, and she quickly performed her fastest and strongest combo.

And as Marvel excelled in poison, his stats such as defense, stamina, and vitality were indeed low. Once he got exposed, the gap between him and Olivia crumbled. Her spear hurt him, pain twisting his face.

But even though Marvel felt a genuine pain, he still managed to hail his hand, “You are going down with me then, girl!”

Like a second-rate villain, Marvel wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on the hero before his demise. In his eyes, Alex was one of those heroes.

But as his hand burst out with purple mist, going after Olivia, Alex’s quick reflexes kicked in.

He wrapped his hand around Olivia’s waist, bringing her closer to himself, “I guess that’s why my left hand is free. I have to keep my girl safe.”

He looked down on Marvel, whose face scrunched uglier. For obvious reasons, Alex’s smile looked arrogant and condescending.

For the guild leader, that kind of expression was a scar to his pride.

Contrary to Marvel, Olivia wore triumph all over her. She clenched her spear, then shoved it into Marvel’s heart, thus, inflicting the critical strike!

Her lightning skill and spearhead drove Marvel insane. He felt a pain that reminded him of his dungeon struggles.

But back then, he was a much different person. He wasn’t testing new skills, and he wasn’t as arrogant as now. Therefore, he didn’t miss the glimpse of survival. That eventually turned into a successful dungeon conquest.

However, at this moment, Marvel faced the legendary class and his girlfriend, whose talent was on par with Alex.

“You laughed at us for not studying this leveling ground… Look at yourself now. You failed to research the mushroom monsters, lowering their overall strength. Unlike them, you can’t hide the acid bolts in the heavy rain,” Alex lifted his sword as he revealed Marvel’s weakness.

He genuinely smiled, pleased with this victory, “Next time, think twice before attacking someone.”

Marvel howled, “You damn bastard! Next time, I will humiliate you two so much you will never enter this game again! I will fucking melt your clothes, expose it to the whole world and make you scream in agony!”

Alex chuckled, “So much for the Vile Evil.”

Initially, Alex wanted to end Marvel’s life with a slash. His HP was so low that this one slash would be enough. However, since Marvel shared his plan for their second meeting, Alex decided to show him the gap between them.

[Shattering Thrust]

[-999999 HP!]

[You have killed Marvel Levram Lv. 19]

“How?” Marvel’s lips let out that one word before his death. His voice was so lost that he sounded cute in his last moments.

Olivia laughed, but just for a few seconds, “Are we going to die, handsome?”

Alex glanced into her eyes, “We won’t. I don’t want to see you dying even once, nor do I want to take a break anytime soon.”

[You have equipped the Medusa’s Apprecitance Robe.]

[Mush Rain no longer affects you.]

“It feels so good to get back stamina and agility!” Alex loudly exclaimed, nearly moaning.

His girlfriend looked at him oddly with a smirk, “That sounded sus.”

“Maybe because you are still in my grasp?” Alex replied with a broad smile, making his girlfriend less worried and more cuddly.

Alas, Olivia couldn’t cuddle yet!

“I will make an exit route now,” Alex let her waist go, then looked ahead of himself.

For a second, he felt like he saw a thousand eyes looking at him. The small mushroom monsters blocked his way from all directions, even the sky!

They were literally everywhere!

In this plight, Alex’s smile didn’t waver.

He darted forward like a bolt, heralding an epic escape route!

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