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Chapter 13: Charm

Alex and Sara returned to Deathwill’s Castle.

Both of them thought that Celia would welcome them with open arms. However, the little girl was caught by a certain cat woman.

“Let me go! Let me go! I want to see mom!” Celia cried as she thrashed in Schnee’s arms.

She couldn’t escape her at all.

Schnee just kept hugging her, pinching and pulling Celia’s cheeks. Since Celia was a cute girl, it wasn’t odd for Schnee to not hold back. However, she should have already let her go, shouldn’t she?

After all, Sara and Alex were already before them.

But Schnee just lifted her eyes and stared at both of them with a peculiar smile.

[You have met your husband, Alexander Deathwill.]

[You have met your wife, Schnee Deathwill.]

Fortunately, as she did lift her chin, her back straightened, so Celia no longer felt immense pressure on her little head.

Other than high strength, Schnee’s chest was so big that Celia couldn’t raise her head at all!

“Mom!” Celia finally got her freedom.

She skipped her way toward Sara.

Sara took out one of the new items she had looted from the hungry demon.

It was an egg.

[Demon Egg.]

While Alex found it a little weird to give a demon egg to children, Sara was absolutely fine with it. That demon egg would hatch into a trustworthy companion to protect Celia from all dangers in Sara’s absence.

But more than anything, Celia would get a close friend to accompany her 24/7.

“What is it?” Celia asked as she held the egg carefully.

Sara smiled widely, ruffling her daughter’s hair, “It’s the demon egg. If you carefully take care of it, the egg will give you a friend.”

“Will it be a horse?!” Celia’s eyes twinkled as she imagined the demon horse.

Her dream, which Alex already knew about, was to get an epic horse. All dullahans had their own companions, the undead battle horses.

Celia’s dream was to get a unique white horse, just like her plush toy, Kubo.

Sara knew that it was unlikely for the egg to become an undead horse, so she awkwardly smiled and lied, “We don’t know what will hatch.”

“Okay! I will take care of it!” Celia held the demon egg dearly.

Alex stared at them with a warm smile, ‘I guess that’s normal for them… I actually forgot that Celia wants to have an undead horse… Undead horse or demon horse; there’s hardly any difference.’

He again saw the difference between kids from his world and the game world.

But as Alex held sleeping Stella and stared at the mother-daughter duo, the other person in the castle made her move.

[Schnee Deathwill has cast one of the charm skills on you.]

[She can not charm you due to your legendary class.]

As those two messages appeared, Alex widened his eyes. He didn’t move, to not expose what he just saw. Instead, he clicked on the second message and read the explanation.

[Elias Deathwill follows the old customs. He values loyalty and expects his women to believe in him wholeheartedly. Their trust in him must be doubtless. Therefore, women of the same surname can not charm you or use any other mind skills on you.]

‘This hypocrite’s skill has helped me greatly here,’ Alex commented inwardly.

But as he stared at the system message, Sara noticed his lost eyes.

She asked in a soft tone, “Are you okay, Alex?”

“Ah, yes… I suddenly feel a little weird, though,” Alex scratched his hair, awkward like never before.

He wasn’t a good liar, but he hoped he would be able to cover Schnee’s scheme.

Sara faintly smiled, “Check your system. It has all information about you. You should see what has gotten into you.”

Even stuff like [Headache] would get recorded by the system. It would inflict debuffs, depending on the headache’s severity.

Sara alluded to it, so Alex clicked on the system.

He once again lied, “Let’s see… Uh… It shows questions marks.”

Unbeknownst to Sara and Alex, Schnee inwardly sighed with relief.

But at the same time, Sara’s worry deepened. Even Celia looked at Alex with big eyes, staying silent in her mother’s arms.

Sara touched Alex’s forehead, “Your mana flows calmly… I also can’t sense any evil energy within you…. But to make sure that no other hungry demon marked you, I will prepare the cleansing bath for you.”

“Thank you,” Alex faintly smiled, but he inwardly felt terrible.

He knew that the sisters’ resources were limited. So due to his lie, Sara would waste one of them.

As Alex wasn’t fond of it, he inwardly cursed at Schnee.

“Schnee. When did you return? I am glad you are fine,” Sara turned her eyes toward Schnee, who had been on the ground with her tail frozen.

Schnee smiled widely, “I returned an hour ago. Sorry for taking this long, big sister.”

She pushed her big chest up to show off who was actually the big sister. Then, she stood up and faced Sara with a sneer.

“But it looks like my absence was in your favor,” Schnee turned around and went to her room.

No one could enter that room, even the master of Deathwill’s Castle.

Sara stared at Schnee’s back.

She found Alex’s words suspicious.

Inwardly, Sara whispered, ‘I would’ve noticed if the hungry demon marked Alex. In her Ultimate Skill, Stella would be even more sensitive toward it. In other words, Alex shouldn’t have any evil energy within himself.’

Her eyes gleamed, ‘Alex shouldn’t have any thoughts about Schnee yet… Celia also wouldn’t come close to a person with an evil heart.’

Kids were sensitive toward bad people. They would instinctively tell whether a person had bad intent or not. And like the undead, Celia should be able to sense evil much better than other kids.

As for Alex and Schnee, it was their first meeting. Even if he knew about Schnee’s sadistic tendencies, he shouldn’t be thinking of splitting the sisters apart.

If he had such an idea, he should first learn more about Schnee; and not lie about some unknown disease.

He sounded stiff and odd, too.

‘Schnee… You also should talk with him first, even if you don’t like the idea of being his wife,’ Sara sighed.

That day, Sara prepared a unique bath. However, it was not the cleansing bath. It was a bath that helped Alex regenerate his stamina faster.

The resources came from Sara’s pocket. That kind of unique bath was one of the rewards Sara usually gave herself after arduous work.

She didn’t have many of those ‘bubbling pills’, so she tactfully held back every time. Before the Deathwill’s Castle event, that relaxing bath was her regular bath, though.

It was an immensely relaxing bath, so Alex felt great. He didn’t know what that bath implied, still thinking that Sara wasted one of her precious resources.

But he took that as the present and promised to reciprocate in the future.

He logged out with such a relieved expression that Sara and Celia laughed out loud.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Alex!” Celia waved her hand.

Sara also whispered soothingly, “Good night.”

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