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Chapter 9: Instant Kill In The Same Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The few of them were stunned, especially Song Yuanhong, who was leading the group.

It was as if they did not expect Fang Yuan to make a move after just a few mocking words.

This was not in line with the etiquette of a large sect like the Gu Immortal Sect!

In fact, Fang Yuan was a famous profligate young master in Yunding City.?As a transmigrator, he was very free and easy, and did not follow any rules.

However, the Gu Immortal Sect had many experts and strict rules, so they had to learn to endure and keep a low profile.

After putting on an act for ten years, now that he was back home, he could finally let go and show his true nature.

When it was time to be strong, he could not be a good person.

In the Fang clan’s territory, how could he let these rascals bully him?

What a joke!

If that was the case, Fang Yuan did not need to cultivate, and he might as well just be a coward.

Song Yuanhong was obviously a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong.?Seeing Fang Yuan’s stubbornness, he thought he had friends in?the Gu Immortal Sect.

He softened his tone, and he was not angry at being provoked like this.?He explained: “Second Young Master, don’t be angry, I am following orders.?This batch of goods is too valuable, so I have to ensure their safe delivery.”

Fang Yuan sneered: “Why didn’t you ask if the goods were safe when you placed them with us?”

“Didn’t you just see that our Fang clan has a peak Foundation Establishment Stage Gu master in Yunding City?”

“Now that he is injured, you think our Fang clan is going to decline, and you want to extort some money?”

He seemed to have hit on the nail on the head, and beads of sweat formed on the scholarly young man’s forehead, “We...?we definitely don’t have such thoughts.”

“What does it have to do with me?”

Fang Yuan snorted, “I will give you two choices now.?First, I will beat you all to the ground, everything will be the same, and then you will apologize to my father and brother; second, you can cancel the order, leave half of the goods behind, and get lost!”

“How can this be?”?Song Yuanhong frowned.?“If this is the case, I will not be able to explain myself when I go back.”

Fang Yuan rubbed his fists: “It seems that you are planning to go with the first option.”

“Hey, kid, don’t be too arrogant!”

A burly man was unhappy, he stood in front of Song Yuanhong.?“I want to see how powerful a mere outer sect disciple of the Gu Immortal Sect can be.”

The scholarly young man frowned.?He pulled him to the side and whispered: “This second young master has nothing to fear, he might have some backing.?Let’s not offend him, we can think of a way to escape.”

“Yuan’er, don’t be rash.”?Fang Wen Heng did not want to fight, so he quickly tried to dissuade him.?“You have been isolated while cultivating for many years.?You have never walked in the world, so you don’t have enough experience.?Don’t fight with these people.”

“Don’t worry, Father.?They can’t do anything to me.”

Fang Yuan chuckled.?“Come on, let’s go!”


The Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod immediately sensed something, and a whistling sound came from the backyard.?An ancient-looking rod shot out and landed in Fang Yuan’s hand.

“I have no intention of fighting with the second young master.”

Song Yuanhong was uncertain.?The more arrogant Fang Yuan was, the more he did not dare to act rashly.

Fang Yuan swung his rod and pointed at them.?“I’ll say it again.?If I win, shut up.?If you lose, leave the goods.?Do you dare?”


A burly man stepped forward and pleaded with Song Yuanhong, “Mr.?Song, promise him.?I don’t believe that this little bastard can be that powerful.”

“No…”?Song Yuanhong was still hesitating.

Fang Yuan looked at him contemptuously.?“Alright, I don’t have a backer.?Even if I do, this is between us.?It has nothing to do with anyone else.?No one will interfere.”

Song Yuanhong’s eyes flickered.?“If that’s the case, then I’ll let a few of my subordinates spar with the second young master.?If the second young master wins, the Fang clan will still be in charge of this escort.?If the second young master loses...”

“I’ll give these to you.”

Fang Yuan threw out a bag containing the remaining primeval stones from his cultivation.?There were at least dozens of them.

Fang Wen Heng still wanted to say something, but Fang Yuan had already taken the lead and walked into the courtyard.?The four burly men he had brought with him followed closely behind.

One of them chuckled.?“Just watch.?His aura is only at the fifth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.?I alone will be enough.”

The three burly men looked at each other, nodding at the same time as they retreated, giving them space to fight.

The burly man who was fighting looked at Fang Yuan contemptuously.?He was already a sixth layer Foundation Establishment Gu master.?Facing Fang Yuan, he did not even need to use his full strength.

He could crush Fang Yuan with just a finger.

The difference between Gu masters was huge.

In a battle between different realm layers, the result was obvious, unless the opponent was a peerless genius, where not only was his talent good, his Gu worms were also extremely powerful, and he had countless high grade resources.

The burly man waved his hand and casually released a basketball-sized spider Gu worm.?He did not take any further action and was completely unprepared.

Song Yuanhong began to count down.





The terrifying spider Gu roared and suddenly spat out a spider web, intending to trap Fang Yuan.

Its sharp teeth glowed with a dark green light.

It was obvious that it was a poisonous Gu worm.

As long as one was trapped and bitten by it, one would definitely die without an antidote.

However, Fang Yuan was not afraid.?The other party had underestimated the enemy and had already lost half of the battle!

With his liquid spirit essence, he was not afraid of any opponents of the same realm!

In the next second, the Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod shone brightly.?A cloud of worms formed from a countless amount of spirit essence gushed out and directly tore the spider web into pieces.?With the momentum, it pulled the burly man in.

Fang Yuan’s figure flashed, turning into a ray of light as he charged into the cloud.?The rod moved with his heart, sweeping out with great force.


Without even using the power of the nine-turns rod technique, the burly man with the strength of an unknown Foundation Establishment Stage flew out, crashing into a corner of the distant courtyard wall, unconscious.

The surrounding burly men were all shocked by his fierce attack.

“What is this thing?”

“What majestic spirit essence energy. This… is a fifth layer Foundation Establishment Stage Gu master?”

“The Fang clan’s second young master is so strong? Impossible, right?”

Song Yuanhong frowned slightly, and his expression was somewhat solemn.

Fang Yuan’s performance was far beyond his expectations.

He knew that his subordinates would be defeated.?After all, they were from a wild background, so there would be a gap between them and the disciples of a large sect.

However, he did not expect that his subordinate would be defeated so thoroughly and so cleanly.

With just one strike, he was beaten to the point where he did not know if he was dead or alive.

In fact, Song Yuanhong faintly felt that Fang Yuan had not used his full strength yet.

Song Yuanhong could not help but feel apprehensive.

The few burly men did not even dare to speak.

Not to mention them, even Fang Wen Heng and Fang Cheng, who were his family members, were shocked when they saw this.

Was Fang Yuan so fierce?

He had defeated a burly man who was even higher in layer than him with a single move.

Even the so-called elites of the royal family might not be able to do it, right?

Moreover, Fang Wen Heng, who had sharp eyes, saw that.

The spirit essence in the body of the burly man who was sent flying had already dried up, and there was not a single trace left.

What did this mean?

This meant that Fang Yuan had a terrifying ability to absorb spirit essence from people!

Such a method was simply too terrifying.

“You dare to act pretentious with just this little bit of strength?”

Fang Yuan kept the worm cloud and glanced at the corner of the wall.?He snorted softly, “You can’t even withstand a single blow.”

As he spoke, he looked at the others.

“Save your time..?All of you can attack together.”

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