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Chapter 7: A Box Of Primeval Stones

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fifteen minutes passed very quickly.

The liquid spirit essence had already formed a small lake at the bottom of the acupoints.

Although it was not much, Fang Yuan was already satisfied.

This thing could be used as his trump card.

[Your Moonlight Gu’s super cultivation state has ended!]

[Your Moonlight Gu’s level has increased!]

[Your Moonlight Gu has gained a skill, ‘Recharge!’]

“Hmm? You’ve gained a skill?”

Fang Yuan was a little surprised.

Not every increase in level could result in a skill gain.

The Moonlight Gu, the Bloodthirsty Gu and the Drunken Gu had not gained a skill when they hatched to level one.

If not for the Drunken Gu being able to brew wine with its own talent, it could be said that it was completely useless.

He did not expect his luck to be so good.

The Moonlight Gu had a skill when it reached level two.

Fang Yuan immediately opened the interface and looked at the details of the skill.

[Recharge] : the Moonlight Gu can add the power of the cold moon to any object, increasing its lethality.

It was a decent ability.

Just like when he played online games in the past, it was like blessing his weapon.

Fang Yuan looked up at the moon in the sky, feeling a little greedy.

“It would be great if I could enter the super cultivation state a few more times.”

“That way, the Moonlight Gu would be able to catch up and surpass the Iron Skin Gu.”

The Moonlight Gu was the best of his four Gu worms based on its growth potential.

Leveling up a few times and gaining a few powerful skills was more realistic than anything else.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan sat under the moonlight for half a night, but this notification did not ring once again.

“Forget it, maybe the Moonlight Gu is full.?I’ll wait until the next full moon and see what happens.”

Next, he took out the black canvas that was wrapped around the Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod, intending to research whether the Iron Skin Gu could also enter a super cultivation state.


Suddenly, a book dropped from the canvas.

Fang Yuan then remembered that Zhou Yin had given it to him earlier, but he had forgotten about it.

“Hmm? Nine-turns Rod Technique?”

The heavens really followed up with the prayer.

He did not expect Zhou Yin to be so meticulous, giving him gifts in complete sets.

It was a good opportunity to cultivate!

Fang Yuan started to immerse himself in it, starting to cultivate according to the book.

As the name implied, the nine-turns rod technique had a total of nine stages.

Each stage could double the power of the augmentation!

One turn doubled the power, and there were nine rotations!

It could be said that this was a very simple and arrogant rod technique.

However, it was not so simple to practice.

After an unknown amount of time, Fang Yuan finally mastered the first revolution of the nine-turns rod technique.

With a light wave, the worm rod carried a trace of spirit essence and produced a dull rumble when it rubbed against the air.

A large rock not far in front of him was the target of the attack.

It was directly smashed into pieces by this force and broke into countless small rubble.

“So fierce.”

Fang Yuan sighed and stretched his back.

He had not slept for a few days and could barely open his eyes.

Although he was a cultivator, he had not reached the realm where he could live without eating, drinking or rest.

After tidying up, he went back to his room to sleep.

The sun rose.

Uncle Fu knocked on the door, saying that Fang Wen Heng was looking for him.

Fang Yuan took care of his personal hygiene and walked all the way to the main hall.?He saw that his big brother, Fang Cheng, was also here.

“Yuan’er, you’ve been cultivating in seclusion for the past two days.?How’s your progress?”?Fang Wen Heng took a sip of tea and asked.

“It’s not bad.?I’ve just broken through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.?It’s all thanks to the box of resources that you gave me two days ago.?Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to advance so quickly.”

“Second layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm?”

Fang Wen Heng smiled in relief when he heard this.?He knew that Fang Yuan wasn’t chased out by the sect, so he was happy in his heart.?He said, “Since that’s the case, then use more.?Cheng’er...”

Fang Cheng understood, so he opened the box on the table beside him.

Immediately, green light shot out, illuminating the entire hall.

Inside, there were primeval stones the size of quail eggs!

Roughly, there were at least several hundreds of them!

Fang Yuan immediately thought of his parents’ conversation.

Clearly, these were the wealth that he had planned to use for his brother to start his family.

There were so many primeval stones.

If he brought them back to the Gu Immortal Sect, he might even be able to buy a Bronze or even Silver grade Gu worm.

Fang Wen Heng pointed at the box. “Yuan’er, take them, buy whatever you need, cultivate well.”

Fang Yuan’s heart was moved for a moment, but he quickly steeled himself and rejected.?“Father, the family is in such a difficult situation now.?Let the shop maintain its daily operations.”

“The family is in a difficult situation?”

Fang Wen Heng was stunned, “Who did you hear it from?”

Asking this, he looked at Fang Cheng.

But Fang Cheng also looked at him blankly.

Fang Yuan sighed lightly, saying: “Father, I heard your conversation with Mother that night.”

Fang Wen Heng finally understood.?He coughed lightly and his tone became stern, “If you heard it, you should accept it.”


Fang Yuan did not speak.

Fang Wen Heng was silent, and after a long time, he spoke: “Yuan’er, you know that you are the only one in our family who entered the Gu Immortal Sect to cultivate the Gu arts.”

“As the saying goes, if you want to become strong, you must have wealth.”

“If you really want to improve our family’s situation, you should cultivate quickly and make a name for yourself.”

“After we have a reputation, even if our caravan doesn’t have any experts to guard them, those little rascals won’t dare to act rashly.”

Fang Cheng ridiculed from the side, “What if we run into a mutated beast like this time? It won’t recognize us...”

“Yuan’er definitely has a way.”

Fang Wen Heng turned to look at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan thought for a moment and said, “If it’s just to avoid the sudden attack of the mutated beast, it won’t be difficult.?The sect has a special talisman that can conceal aura, and it can be exchanged with sect contribution.”

Fang Wen Heng smiled when he heard that.?“Since that’s the case, Yuan’er, you should understand my painstaking efforts.?Take it.”

After that conversation, Fang Yuan no longer put on airs and directly pocketed the box full of primeval stones.

With these primeval stones, Fang Yuan was confident that he could break through one or two layers in a short period of time.

Seeing Fang Yuan take the box, Fang Wen Heng nodded in satisfaction and said, “Alright, there’s nothing else.?Yuan’er, you continue to cultivate.?Cheng’er and I will go to your uncle Shi Hao’s place to take a look.”

Fang Yuan asked, “How’s Uncle Shi Hao’s injury? Is his life in danger?”

“He won’t die.?It’s just a drop in his cultivation realm.?Maybe he’ll be able to get out of bed and walk in two days.”

“In that case I’ll visit him then.”

“Alright, you go and cultivate.”

“Farewell, Father.”

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