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Chapter 4: Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After reporting to the guard, the head of the martial arts hall, Zhou Yin, came to welcome him warmly.

“Brother Fang? Long time no see.?How is it? Did you break through?”

“I just broke through not long ago.?Speaking of which, I still have to thank you, Zhou.?If it weren’t for you supporting me with those spiritual herbs, with my talent, I might not have reached the tenth layer of Qi Refinement in ten years.”

Fang Yuan’s expression was sincere as he put his arm around the other party’s shoulder.

“Why are you and I speaking so politely? Come, let’s go in and sit!”

Zhou Yin directly brought him to the inner hall and asked the servants to pour tea and prepare snacks.

He was not old and looked to be in his early thirties.?He was only a few years older than Fang Yuan.

The good relationship between the two of them started a few years ago.

At that time, his master had passed away.?All the disciples coveted the various resources in the martial arts hall and wanted to split the inheritance.

However, they did not expect that their master’s will was to leave everything in the martial arts hall to Zhou Yin to manage.

He wanted the other disciples to follow his orders.

However, Zhou Yin’s prestige was not enough.?The other disciples were not satisfied at all.

At that time, the matter was very big.?Even people from the inner sect came out to ask questions.

Zhou Yin did not want his seniors to be punished because of this.?He did not want any inheritance and gave it all to his seniors.?He only took over the martial arts hall that his master had invested countless years of effort in.

At that time, he was penniless.?He could not even afford the daily expenses of the hall, let alone save up primeval stones that he needed for cultivation.

Fang Yuan felt that Zhou Yin was worth befriending, so he borrowed some money from his family to support Zhou Yin.?As a result, the two of them formed a good relationship.

After that, Zhou Yin survived the most difficult period.?He was grateful to Fang Yuan.?Not only did he return the primeval stones, but he also helped Fang Yuan collect some cultivation materials to help him break through.

After the small talk, Fang Yuan started to talk about business.

“Zhou, do you have any suitable weapons?”

“Sure, the martial arts hall doesn’t have much else.?I have enough weapons, leave it to me.?What type and grade do you want?”

“I’ll take a look.?Let me try one.”

“Leave it to me.”

Zhou Yin patted his chest and didn’t ask for the sect’s permission.?He directly pulled Fang Yuan to the inner hall’s weapons room and took out an ancient sword.?“Try it.”

Fang Yuan took it and touched it, then shook his head and handed it back.?“It’s too fragile.?It can’t withstand my spirit essence.”

The grade of a weapon was like a Gu worm.?It was easy to break if it was not in line with one’s realm.

“This is the best White Stone grade weapon...”

Zhou Yin suddenly slapped his forehead, “Look at me, I forgot that you broke through.?Let’s go, the weapons here are no longer suitable for you.?Let me show you the high-grade weapons.”

The so-called high-grade weapons were only Black Iron grade and Bronze grade weapons.

After all, they were only outer disciples, so it was impossible for any good weapons to appear.

Zhou Yin let Fang Yuan test his hand and take whatever he saw.

Fang Yuan naturally would not hold back.

In this world, weapons like sabers, spears, swords, and axes were mostly used.?It was not that there were no unpopular weapons with unique shapes, but their grades were relatively low, not even Black Iron.

There were still a few mainstream weapons.

[You are equipped with the Seven Star Sword.?The Iron Skin Gu can rely on it to obtain a certain amount of support.?Estimated cultivation efficiency will increase by 40-47% . ]

Fang Yuan frowned.?It was a little low.

Then, he changed to another one.

[You are equipped with the Three Elements Axe.?The Iron Skin Gu can rely on it to obtain a certain amount of support.?Estimated cultivation efficiency will increase by 20-34% . ]

This was even lower.

Fang Yuan tried them one by one, but the results were very disappointing.

In the huge room, there were over a hundred Black Iron weapons, but none of them could restore the Iron Skin Gu’s cultivation efficiency to 100%, and the highest was only 62% .

Looking at Fang Yuan’s expression, Zhou Yin could not help but scratch his head, “It can’t be that none of them are suitable, right?”

Fang Yuan shook his head slightly, his eyes sweeping around the room, suddenly his gaze fell on an unremarkable stick in the corner.

Zhou Yin immediately went over to help him get it.

After blowing away the dust on it, a very simple and exquisite pattern appeared before their eyes, glowing with a silvery-white light.

Could this be a Silver grade weapon?

Zhou Yin had a doubtful expression on his face, “I don’t remember there being such a stick in the hall...”

Since he could not recall it, he might as well not think about it, but Zhou Yin still happily passed it to Fang Yuan.

“Here, give it a try.”

[You are equipped with the Nine-turns Adamant Worm-manipulation Rod.?The Iron Skin Gu can rely on it to gain a certain amount of support.?Estimated cultivation progress will increase by 100% (upper limit)]


Fang Yuan immediately felt the difference.

The rod was cold to the touch.?The moment Fang Yuan grabbed it, the Iron Skin Gu in his acupoints resonated and turned into a stream of light that entered the rod.

[Your Iron Skin Gu (Black Iron) has received support and has successfully cultivated a weapon combination skill, Worm Cloud Bind!]

[Worm Cloud Bind] : uses spirit essence to summon the worm cloud to protect oneself.?Within a certain range, the worm cloud can be used to attack the enemy.

The Iron Skin Gu has changed again!

Although its grade did not increase, after possessing the worm rod, it obtained a brand new skill.

Moreover, it was not a purely defensive skill.?It had a certain degree of lethality.

Zhou Yin seemed to have noticed the changes in Fang Yuan’s body, and he smiled lightly and said: “Looks like this rod is very suitable for you.”

“Indeed, my Gu worm entered by itself.”?Fang Yuan nodded and asked: “How much is this rod?”

“There is no need to talk about money between us.”

Zhou Yin quickly waved his hand: “It’s yours, don’t stand on ceremony.”

Fang Yuan was a little embarrassed: “This rod...?its grade is not low.”

“It’s also your fortune.”

Zhou Yin obviously did not care about it, and as if he thought of something, he turned around and took out a book from behind the counter, giving it to him along with a canvas: “Wrap it up when you go back, don’t let anyone see it.”

“Don’t worry.?I’m planning to go home later.?I won’t be going back to the sect for a while.”

Fang Yuan also knew that taking the sect’s resources for free was a serious crime.?If he were to be pursued, he would definitely implicate Zhou Yin, so he said, “If anyone asks about this rod, I’ll just say that I got it while I was out training.”

“There’s no time to lose.?Why don’t you go down the mountain now and I’ll help you deal with the follow-up matters?”

“Then...?I will be troubling you.”

“No need to be so polite.”

With Zhou Yin helping Fang Yuan deal with matters like leaving records, he did not need to run around the sect anymore.

Immediately, Fang Yuan left the Gu Immortal Sect and rented a carriage in a small town not far from the sect, heading towards Yunding City, where his house was.

He walked along the great path, wearing the Gu Immortal Sect’s clothing, so no blind Gu master dared to cause trouble for him.

After all, the Gu Immortal Sect was a famous sect within a radius of a thousands of miles.

No matter who it was, they would not easily provoke him.

Thus, wearing such clothes saved him a lot of trouble.

However, Fang Yuan was not arrogant.?He preferred to take the shortcut.

This world was not peaceful, and walking alone in the countryside easily invited robbers.

It was the probably the first time that Fang Yuan was going down the mountain, so it was better to be careful.

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