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Chapter 29: Red Toad Gu, 100,000 Primeval Stones

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was uncommon for someone to buy seven stones at once in the quarry.

Fang Yuan’s and Li Tongzhou’s generosity naturally attracted the attention of many people.

A group of people surrounded them, wanting to see their luck.

“You two don’t look familiar, is this your first time here?”

An old gambler looked haggard, but his eyes were unusually sharp.?He stared at the few pieces of material Fang Yuan had chosen.?“May I know how you chose the stones? Do you have an explanation?”

Fang Yuan answered casually, “It’s indeed my first time here.?We picked based on lucky color.?There’s no reason behind it.”

The old gambler looked disappointed.?He shook his head and didn’t ask any more questions.

Li Tongzhou was unhappy.?He frowned and asked: “Uncle, why did you only ask him and not me?”

“You chose black material.?Those who know better will know that there are no Gu worms inside.?Those stones are all wrong.”

Li Tongzhou was shocked.?He carried the stone and squeezed out of the crowd, shouting that he wanted to return the goods.

At this time, another person walked out, asking: “This is your first time here, why don’t I help you open the stone?”

Fang Yuan shook his head and refused, “No need.?I have to open my lucky stone.?Otherwise, it won’t work.”

The people around laughed and didn’t care.

“Okay, be careful.?Don’t hurt the inside.”

Fang Yuan didn’t say anything.?He carried the first stone and walked to the place where the stone was cut.

He picked up a special tool and began to cut it.

When he was only halfway done, a faint red pattern appeared.?There was a small hard sphere wrapped in it.

Obviously, there was something.

“Oh? You’re lucky.?It’s actually red jade.”

Seeing this, someone couldn’t wait any longer.?He took a step forward and asked, “My man, I’m willing to pay ten thousand primeval stones.?You don’t have to open the rest.?Just sell them to me.”

Ten thousand!

This was already three times the reward for the blood lotus.

But Fang Yuan only said three words coldly, “Not for sale.”

This person probably thought he was a fool.

Just the hard sphere that was revealed had already multiplied the value of this stone.

Even if someone casually asked for a price, it would be at least twenty to thirty thousand primeval stones.

This person offered ten thousand.?He was not sincere at all.

Thus, Fang Yuan continued to open the stone.

When the last part of the hard sphere was peeled off, the Gu worm’s full appearance appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Red Toad Gu?”

“This thing is rare.”

“That’s a good sign, he has some skill.”

The group of people whispered to each other.

Clearly, since the first stone had produced such a rare Gu worm, it made them extremely excited.

Fang Yuan observed the details of this Gu worm, then shook his head and raised it up high.

“The starting price for this Red Toad Gu is fifty thousand.?Each increment cannot be lower than two thousand, the highest bidder will get it!”

“fifty thousand!”

The person who wanted to buy it but failed immediately raised his hand.

“fifty-two thousand!”

“fifty-four thousand!”

“fifty-eight thousand!”

“seventy thousand!”


The bids rose one after another.

Soon, the bid reached eighty thousand.

Even Fang Yuan did not expect that.

He had casually called out a price, but so many people actually responded.

In fact, although the Red Toad Gu’s battle strength was not very strong, because it was extremely rare and its skin color was very auspicious, many superstitious merchants had a kind of obsession towards them.

It was just because the Red Toad Gu symbolized wealth!

Thus, this price was hyped up to more than eighty thousand primeval stones and did not stop.

It was only until the bid reached a hundred thousand primeval stones that the rate of increase slowed down.

In the end, it was sold to a middle-aged merchant for a hundred and eight thousand primeval stones.

Fang Yuan received the primeval stone box that was much taller than him, pretending to be calm as he stored it in his storage space, and started to open the second Gu stone.

His hands were shaking!

It would be a lie to say that he was not excited.

A hundred thousand!

The goods he delivered for his family last time were only worth so many primeval stones.

But now he got them in less than half an hour?

Fang Yuan felt that none of this was real.

But the facts were right in front of him.

No wonder it was said that gambling with stones was a knife to heaven and a knife to hell.

These words were not groundless.

He remembered that he bought the first stone for a thousand primeval stones.

With a single slash, the price increased by a hundred times!

He did not know what kind of surprise the second stone would bring him.

The second Gu Stone he bought also cost a thousand primeval stones but was much bigger than the first one.

After cutting the thick edge, two rays of light, one black and one white, flashed in the center!

“Oh! Another one!”

“Your luck is not bad.”

“This light, if it is not the Yin Yang Gu, it should be the Black And White Boars, right?”

“It should be close, and this light is bright and full.?It is definitely not a dead Gu.”

“Brother, you are rich.?Whether it is the Yin Yang Gu or the Black And White Boars, they are both priceless treasures.”

The crowd was in an uproar again.

Everyone looked at Fang Yuan with envy as he opened the stone step by step.

No one felt that this was his first time, that he was a fool who did not know anything.

Either he was a loved by the heavens and was extremely lucky, or he was a big shot who knew some special identification technique and came here to make a fortune.

Everyone was leaning more towards the latter possibility.

At this time, they could not help but think that since Fang Yuan had bought a total of five Gu stones, could they all contain Gu worms inside?

Fang Yuan’s second Gu stone was completely opened.

There were two hard spheres inside.

This was definitely not the Yin Yang Gu.

When Fang Yuan cracked open the hard spheres again, it confirmed everyone’s guess.

It was indeed the Black And White Boars.

Between the two, be it the Black Boar Gu that could greatly increase strength or the White Boar Gu that could cultivate defense, they were both harder to come by than the Red Toad Gu.

It was not because of how strong they were at this stage.

It was because they could be used as fusion Gu worms, fusing with other Gu worms and eventually evolving into a higher form!

The White Boar Gu could fuse with Fang Yuan’s Iron Skin Gu, becoming the Jade Skin Gu.

Their value was reflected here.

“Brother, are you still auctioning these two Gu worms?”

The merchant who bought the red toad Gu asked loudly.

Fang Yuan shook his head, “I need these two Gu worms for myself, so I won’t sell them.”

Saying so, he pointed at the remaining three stones on the ground, “It is already late and I should go back.?Do any of you have any interest in these three stones?”

The group of people immediately raised their hands to signal.


Fang Yuan could not give them to everyone, so he could only say: “Then continue the auction, everyone can freely bid.?The highest bidder will get it, there is no limit to the base price and the number of bids, starting from this piece.”

“I will bid three thousand!”

“I will bid three thousand one hundred!”

“I will bid four thousand!”

“You raised it so fucking much!”

“I am willing, what do you care?”

“Fuck, I will bid eight thousand!”


The bidding was still intense.

This was also the confidence that Fang Yuan gave them after opening two top grade Gu worms.

In a short while, the three stones were sold at twenty-three thousand, eighteen thousand, and thirty-six thousand.

If there was nothing inside the stones, they would suffer a huge loss.

Fang Yuan knew very well that there was nothing inside.

This was also his way of doing things.

Picking two stones that would definitely produce Gu worms would cause a controversy, and then picking three stones that seemed like they would produce Gu worms to confuse the public.

After all, if all five stones were sold, it would be too outrageous, and people would target him.

Therefore, after collecting the money, he immediately pulled Li Tongzhou, who was still entangled with the stone vendor, and left.

“What’s the matter, I haven’t settled the score with that brat properly!”

Li Tongzhou’s face was filled with indignation.?“He actually didn’t refund my money.?He’s too shameless!”

“Alright, it’s not like you don’t know about this kind of stone gambling.?Once the stone is out of their hands, it’s impossible to give it back to them.”

Fang Yuan comforted him.?“Don’t mind it.?Just treat it as a small loss.”

“So many primeval stones...”?Li Tongzhou still felt a little pained.

Fang Yuan directly handed a bag to him.?“Here, take it as a tip for your information and for leading the way.”

Li Tongzhou opened the bag and saw that it was full of primeval stones, at least hundreds of them.?He immediately started to flatter Fang Yuan.

“Senior Fang is so generous!”

“Senior Fang is awesome!”

“Senior Fang, do you need girls? How many girls do you need to warm your bed with?”

Fang Yuan could not stand it anymore and kicked him in the butt.

“Get lost!”

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