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My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 272 - Arrangements

Chapter 272: Arrangements

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As for those elders who had been hesitant when facing Fang Yuan earlier, when the Gu Zhenren appeared, they were already feeling a little guilty. But after Gu Zhenren’s two sentences, they couldn’t help but admit defeat and follow the sect master.

“Mm, sect master, you don’t have to worry about this, I will send a message to my disciples to tell them to come back tomorrow night.”

The elder who spoke first immediately said.

Following that, the other elders also spoke.

“Right, right, please don’t be concerned, I suddenly remembered that my first disciple has a teleportation Gu formation that is unique to our Gu Immortal Sect, he can come back tomorrow morning.”

“Right, right, I also just remembered, my disciple has a special movement Gu worm. It is very fast, and he can return to participate in the sect competition soon.”

Right now, Gu Zhenren did not need to ask. The elders who were not willing to participate in the sect competition had already requested to return to participate.

At this time, Gu Zhenren also continued.

“Very good, since all of you can come back and participate in the competition, that would be the best. However, there is still one thing I have to remind all of you.”

When Gu Zhenren saw that all the elders present had expressed their stance, his emotions hadn’t changed as he continued to speak.

And this was when Fang Yuan was deeply moved. This was the true ability to not show one’s true colors!

To be able to turn the world upside down with a wave of his hand, this was a true expert. This was what he truly needed to learn.

“Sect master, please speak!”

The elders at the side immediately said. They might not put Fang Yuan in their eyes, but towards the sect master Gu Zhenren who had ruled them for their entire lives, they were filled with fear and respect.

Hearing the Gu Zhenren’s instructions, they could not help but become nervous. They were afraid that he would kill them to set an example.

“Haha, you don’t have to be nervous, I recently received some news. About three thousand kilometers southwest of our Gu Immortal Sect, there is the Bewitching Ancient Abyss.”

Earlier, because of the chaos of the abyssal demons, our Gu Immortal Sect and Gu Demon Sect had retreated, but recently, I did receive some news. Those abyssal demons seem to have other plans.

“Immediately spread the news and investigate this matter, see what is going on in this Bewitching Ancient Abyss, and should we organize a large-scale attack?”

Gu Zhenren’s words caused everyone present to be stunned. It was not that they did not know what the situation in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss was like before.

But since they had already left the Bewitching Ancient Abyss, it was definitely because it was dangerous inside. If they went there now, they would be courting death.

Just as everyone was shocked, Gu Zhenren continued.

“The information shows that there are some abyssal demon conspiracies in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss, so try your best to investigate. If you allow the plans of these abyssal demons to develop, it might affect the safety of our Gu Immortal Sect! ”

“This is also a precaution, ah, also, elders, please work together to deal with this matter.”

Just as Gu Zhenren instructed the various battle arrangements, no other elders dared to object, but at this time, Fang Yuan suddenly thought of another matter, thus, he quickly said.

“But Master, our Gu Immortal Sect’s sect competition is about to start, if we send other teams to the Bewitching Ancient Abyss to explore the abyssal demons’ scheme, wouldn’t our Gu Immortal Sect be too empty?”

At this time, who would have thought that Gu Zhenren would continue.

“Oh, I had this worry before, but now that the scheme in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss has just begun, the powerful abyssal demons are still at the bottom, and the abyssal demons above are not very strong. I am giving you all this mission.”

“Sect master, please speak!”

The Gu Mo branch master stepped out, saying with a righteous expression.

“I think that for this sect competition, we can choose to hold it at the Bewitching Ancient Abyss. Not only can we train our disciples, but also because truly powerful Gu masters can only grow after undergoing the tempering of blood and fire.”

“I feel that our Gu Immortal Sect’s growth environment has been too peaceful, so I still feel that everyone should be vigilant.”

“Ah? That’s?”

Hearing Gu Zhenren’s words, Fang Yuan could not help but be flabbergasted.

But Gu Zhenren said it as if it was a matter of course, as if it was the truth.

“Also, I have another thing to tell you. There might be a large number of Gu Demon Sect disciples participating in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss’ abyssal demons’ scheme.”

“Thus, in this sect competition, we will not use conventional methods to determine the winner.”

The sect master, who seemed to have completely ignored the elders’ embarrassment, continued to speak like he was adding fuel to the fire, putting pressure on the Gu Immortal Sect elders.

“Ah, I wonder what master Gu Zhenren is talking about? Since we are not going to use conventional methods of competition to determine the winner, then what method should we use?”

An elder asked at once.

“Ha ha ha, since I have brought up the Gu Demon Sect’s name, I think you should understand!”

“Our Gu Immortal Sect and Gu Demon Sect have been enemies for generations. Since I chose a place with the Gu Demon Sect present, the final result of this sect competition will be determined by the number of Gu Demon Sect members killed!”

“Of course, the difference in strength and status of the Gu Demon Sect disciples can also be accounted for in the number of points. You can discuss this yourself, I will not participate.”

“However, you need to be careful. Even though this is the beginning of the Bewitching Ancient Abyss’ abyssal demons’ scheme, you must not underestimate your enemy!”

“Thus, this time, the Gu Mo branch, Cheng Tian branch and Si Lu branch will send out a hundred disciples each. The other branches will send out disciples according to their own circumstances. I think a total of around six hundred people will do.”

“Alright, alright, that’s all I have to say, all of you need to be careful! Since I can tell all of you about this, I hope all of you can cooperate with Fang Yuan to carry out this matter!”

“This is a grand plan that concerns our Gu Immortal Sect for a thousand years. If anyone has any abnormal thoughts, I will personally deal with them when I return.”

Gu Zhenren’s final words were like a threat, but also like encouragement, he actually ended the Thousand Mile Communication Gu’s communication with Fang Yuan.

At the next moment, the projector-like light screen in front of Fang Yuan disappeared. Fang Yuan also stretched out his hand to keep the floating Thousand Mile Communication Gu in his body.

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