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My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 270 - Sect Competition

Chapter 270: Sect Competition

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this moment, the Cheng Tian branch master seemed to have gone mad. He completely disregarded his own appearance and dignity as he pounced in front of Fang Yuan and grabbed his hands.

“Alright, alright. Cheng Tian Branch master, you should also pay attention to your body. After all, you are already old. Why don’t you just leave these matters to your subordinates?”

Fang Yuan was also very considerate of the Cheng Tian branch master’s age, thus he said this.

But to his surprise, the Cheng Tian branch master said with a firm tone.

“No! I can’t do that. This is my lifelong goal. Now that I have a chance to achieve it, how can I let others do it?”

“Even though they are all disciples of my Gu Immortal Sect, how can I stay out of this matter of enriching the glory of the entire Gu Immortal Sect? No, I will be the one in charge of this matter in the future!”

Fang Yuan, who felt that he could not convince the Cheng Tian branch master, laughed bitterly, before speaking to him.

“Alright, alright, then you are in charge! You have to control your emotions first!”

Seeing that the Cheng Tian branch master had returned to his position, Fang Yuan continued.

Since he had made up his mind, let’s continue discussing the contents of this proposal, the concrete implementation plan, as well as its steps.

“Alright, alright, I will report this to you first. In our Gu Immortal Sect, there are actually quite a few of these materials you mentioned, but they are not in large quantities.”

“Among these materials, the most important ones are moonlight grass seeds, sunlight sunflowers and starlight fruit tree. We only have a dozen or so of them left for emergency use.”

“Since we have already decided to go with this plan, I will ask my disciples to prepare more of the related materials. You can rest assured about this.”

“Whether it is getting them in the nearest small town, from the other forces of the Yan Shen Empire, or directly buying them, we can do it even if we have to sell everything!”

Looking at the Cheng Tian branch master who was so excited that he was about to dance, Fang Yuan quickly responded to his thoughts.

“In that case, elders, do you have any other thoughts or suggestions regarding this proposal?”

“If you do, I hope that everyone can mention them now. If everything is settled in this meeting, then the next step is to coordinate production between the various branches. When that time comes, there mustn’t be any obstructions! Otherwise, if I hear about it, there will definitely be punishments!”

Fang Yuan still thought of some bad things, and he quickly spoke to the other elders, peak masters and branch masters.

“No, no, why would we tamper with a proposal that has huge benefits to the Gu Immortal Sect! And I believe that the other elders would not do anything like that!”

Even if there were one or two scum, I believe that the law enforcement hall disciples and the Si Lu branch master would not let those traitors off.

Another elder beside him quickly said, and his words also attracted the approval of the Si Lu branch master, who was sitting on Fang Yuan’s right.

In the Gu Immortal Sect, the Si Lu branch controlled the law enforcement hall and related punishments, as well as the sect’s rules and regulations. They only cared about the sect’s rules and benefits, and they looked down on relationships.

Seeing that his second proposal had received everyone’s approval, Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction. He planned to continue with the next proposal.

“Alright, since this second proposal has received everyone’s approval, let’s continue with the third proposal of this meeting.”

After this second proposal was approved by everyone, Fang Yuan continued.

“Oh, I wonder what other thoughts you have, Fang Yuan, tell us!”

The Gu Mo branch master was also looking at Fang Yuan expectantly.

It was because Fang Yuan’s two pieces of information and experience had greatly encouraged the hearts of all the Gu Immortal Sect elders!

At this time, even though Fang Yuan had not mentioned his third thought, they were already looking forward to it.

At this time, in this meeting room, all the peak masters and branch masters who had come after Fang Yuan’s second confirmation message were feeling extremely lucky.

This was a meeting that could greatly boost the morale of the Gu Immortal Sect. When they thought about how they actually did not want to participate in it previously, it felt like a huge sin!

But thankfully, Fang Yuan had sent them a second confirmation message earlier, and in this second message, they had made the right decision to come to the meeting!

Otherwise, whether it was the first piece of great glory, the recognition from the Yan Shen Empire’s Yan Shen Saint, or the second piece of Gu worm that could greatly increase the speed of the middle level disciples’ gathering of spirit essence in the initial stage, they were all very happy.

But now, the same provider of the two pieces of information actually had a third suggestion, so they could not help but look forward to it.

“Everyone, as far as I know, our Gu Immortal Sect has not held a sect competition for ten years!”

“And according to the usual rules, our sect competition is held once every ten years, but this year, I plan to hold it now, do you have any ideas or suggestions?”

Fang Yuan looked at the elders present and said slowly. Even though he knew that his idea was a bit rash, it was based on the Gu Immortal Sect’s tradition from the past few thousand years.

“I hope that our Gu Immortal Sect disciples, after being inspired by these two events, will be able to work together and fight for the lead in the sect competition.”

“Of course, as the first disciple sect master, I will personally participate in this sect competition.”

“Peak masters, branch masters, elders, if there are no other objections, after the meeting ends, please start selecting disciples and prepare to participate in this sect ceremony.”

At this moment, another elder sitting in the middle of the right side of the Si Lu branch master suddenly said.

“Fang Yuan, can we postpone this for a while? Because most of our branch disciples are still out in the capital of the Yan Shen Empire for the next quarter’s material purchases, they might not be able to return to the Gu Immortal Sect in the short term! ”

“Yes, yes, Fang Yuan, most of our branch disciples have gone out for training. Even if I send a message to all of them to come back now, it will still take more than a month of preparation time for them to come back.”

Another elder also stood up and said.

And there were many who were in a similar situation to these two elders. About a third of the elders present stood up and told him about their branches’ current situation.

As for the reasons, there were all sorts of reasons, but the final conclusion was the same, they could not gather their disciples to participate in the sect competition in the short term!

“Alright, elders, you must be very clear about the Gu Immortal Sect’s situation, I will not explain anything to you, but since you said that you cannot participate in this special competition, you are going too far.”

“Even if you have a certain number of disciples in your branches, and your disciples have missions related outside, that is all your own idea, and according to the Gu Immortal Sect’s tradition, the sect competition is a matter of time and the number of people.”

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